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Will sell organs for cash

Selling human organs is illegal, but would money be an incentive to get donors?


Last year, 285 Canadians died while waiting for an organ transplant. At last count, another 4,660 are staring at the same fate, desperate for a donor to save their lives. Yet despite so many public awareness campaigns (and the odd tweet from celebrities like Justin Bieber) donation rates in Canada are essentially the same today as they were in 2006: dismal.

A new study out of Alberta is asking the inevitable—but controversial—question: is it time to start paying people for their lungs, kidneys and hearts?

It is illegal, of course, to buy and sell organs or human tissue. But if the latest research is any indication, Canadians are willing to at least explore the idea of financial incentives—whether it be cash, tax breaks, or reimbursed funeral expenses. “It’s a difficult subject to broach, but I think we could get over that,” Dr. Braden Manns, the study’s co-author, told one newspaper reporter. “With the current system, where we ask people to come forward out of the goodness of their heart, we are clearly not getting enough organs.”

The researchers surveyed 2,004 Canadians, 339 health professionals, and 269 people affected by kidney disease. Members of the public were most open to the payout plan, with 70 per cent supporting the concept for deceased donors and 45 per cent saying it’s acceptable for living donors. (Health care workers were least receptive to the idea, at just 14 per cent.)

How exactly would it work? What would be the going rate for a healthy lung? Would such a program mostly attract the unsavoury and the desperate, such as drug addicts? Those questions are for another study. But Mann is certain about one thing. “We’re not talking about buying and selling organs in a hotel room in a shady area of Calgary,” he said. “What we’re talking about is a third-party regulator that would offer compensation.”

And if that regulated market ever becomes a reality, it could prove to be a literal life saver.


Will sell organs for cash

  1. As someone who is waiting for a kidney myself for almost 4 years now, I would gladly pay whatever it took to get off dialysis and start to live a normal life again!

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  2. In the US we have a euphemism for organ sales! Organ Procurement Fees is how those sales are referred to in our so-called non-profit world here. As a kidney recipient myself I knwo the anguish of the long wait. I found my altruistice, non-related, living donor on the Internet. After 7 months of testing the date for the surgery was set. Transplant center staff knew the source of my donor. As we waited at our respective OR doors on gurneys the transplant was suddenly stopped. Only through local, national, and international media attention did I get that life saving kidney.
    Those of us who get those precious organs are so grateful. However, I wanted to see more people join me in that renewed life. The organ procurement fees in the US are outrageous. I don’t begrudge anyone an honest living. But! A non-profit organ procurement organization manager being paid $800,000.00 annually plus bonuses. The largest such agency in the US takes in more than $150 million annually in revenues from ‘donated’ organs. These agencies here have created the bottle neck for organ transplants.
    Read my friend Dr. Sally Satel’s thoughts on a regulated market for organs as well as that of Dr. David Henderson, a fellow Canadian. He writes brilliantly on Kidneys Family and the Economy. Long waits for organ transplants would dry up within 3 years. In Canada then the wait might be for operating room times being available!

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    • Are you people seriously trying to sell you heart???? some of you are 20 years old, and totally healthy you say, but then you’re going to sell your heart for some money. and die….. and not get to spend the money anyways….this entire thread is a perfect example of the above article, you people hear a soft sound that they may start paying people for organs.. through a 3rd party system with compensation, not just straight up sell your organs, much less on a response thread. I mean come on people, you don’t wanna donate it for free, then you don’t really wanna donate it at all, your just being persuaded into wanting too, to with a cash dollar amount. Talk about shallow. Save your organs for your family, your sister, uncle, or YOUR CHILD!!! You might feel pretty stupid when you sell off all your organs and a family member 5-10 years down the road needs it, but you SOLD it to some rich stranger, you’ve never even met, nor are related to!

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