How much does medical school cost?

First-year tuition for academic year 2010-2011


Gaining acceptance to medical school is the first hurdle. The next challenge is paying for it. The figures listed below show first-year tuition for academic year 2010-2011.

Tuition Canadian Students Tuition International Other Compulsory Fees
Alberta $11,714 N/A $1,043
UBC $15,457 N/A $208-$865
Calgary $14,600 N/A $793
Dalhousie $13,818 $21,078 $908
Laval $3,240/$8,879 $25,317 $714
Manitoba $7,499 N/A $984
McGill $4,825/$13,224 $37,705 $2,553
McMaster $20,831 $108,546 $737
Memorial $6,250 $30,000 $1,140
Montréal $3,102/$8,501 $24,239 $1,355
Ottawa $18,117 N/A $902
Northern Ontario $17,200 N/A $1,750-$2,050
Queen’s $18,228 N/A $912
Saskatchewan $12,276 N/A $697
Sherbrooke $3,170*/$9,494 $25,582 $1,081
Toronto $18,424 $51,051 $1,509
Western $17,722 N/A $973

Two Canadian tuition figures are listed for schools in Quebec: the first applies for residents of Quebec; the higher figure is charged for students from outside the province. *Tuition for residents of Quebec or New Brunswick.


How much does medical school cost?

  1. Tuti

  2. hi my name is luay and iam american from texas-dallas and i want to know whats the situation of the americans students in canada do we have the same rights like the canadian studens or not

    • ur a different country doorknob, how would you have the same rights? typical american mindset,,, please arrive at the border in june with your ski’s

    • nice try. there is big different being Canadian and American. lol

    • Luay, in Canada we have two native languages. English and French. Clearly you cannot speak English, so by any chance do they teach you French in Texas that I am not aware of?

      As an American you will pay international tuition (international means you are not Canadian, not sure if you are familiar with that term or not as I know most Americans think America = world). Most Canadian med schools only accept Canadians. They are also A LOT more competitive than US schools. Getting into any Canadian med school usually requires the same stats as Harvard med, Yale, UCLA etc. (ie you need low to mid 30s MCAT, and a 3.8+).

      My advice, as it would be doing the world a favor, is to apply to Texas schools and only Texas schools. Please dont ever leave the US

      • Wow I thought Canadians were nice people, but maybe that is just a stereotype.

        • hey im appalled myself, in my 16 years here ive never heard shit so rude. Chris you are really rude.

          • Awful. And worse the people who gave thumbs up. That makes them worse than him.
            Some people are ignorant and scared. I feel sorry for them. They should learn to put on their big boy pants and deal with their insecurities. It makes Chris look like a scared little person.
            How small and pathetic.

        • I know. Disgusting. These people keep crawling out of the woodwork. Pretty soon everyone is going to think we’re all a bunch of rednecks. Whatever graces we earned over the last century are being destroyed by people like him.
          Crap like that usually stays in rags like the Sun…

        • i am Canadian but I feel ashamed that Canadians are representing themselves like this. Hey my fellow dumbass Canadians, remind yourself we would lose in any war without an alliance with the Americans. P.S. many Canadians go to med school in America. Represent your Nation in a proper manner.

      • Chris – the only reason someone would go to Canada to practice medicine is because they can’t get into the US programs. Why would anyone go to Canada to practice medicine? A lot more competitive than US? Are you educated?

    • Ugh, I just read Chris’s comment.
      Please disregard it. While he could have answered your question in a civilized manner, his brain, trapped in its 8-year old mentality state, decided instead to beat up on you because of your name. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common here.
      Canadians of the new generation are losing the manners of their parents.
      I apologize, no one deserves a response like that and I hope you were able to find information.

      • as rude as chris was he is 100% correct about the difficulty of getting in,

        • my point wasn’t about the how hard it was to get it, but the manner in which he spoke, which by civilized society, is completely unacceptable.

  3. luay you are an international student, not canadian…

  4. Be from any where we are human study do your license exam which is not easy pay your debt .that is it

  5. I am a canadian citizen living in america do you think i would be considered a canadian student if i went to a medical school in canada or would i pay international fees

    • are you in the states on a visa? i was living in the states on a visa for about a year, and when I applied, I was still considered a canadian citizen because that is where i claim taxes.

  6. It’s ironic how McGill being the best if not one of the highest ranking med schools is the least expensive out of all.

    • As much as people crap on Quebec, they actually are pretty generous to their citizens. The laws are geared more towards protecting their citizens/people than protecting other entities.

  7. what do you mean when you say tuition international? other nationality?

    • You will be considered an international student if you do not have Canadian residency or citizenship.

  8. are these tuition fees per year ?

    • Yes, these are yearly tuition rates.