How smart is your city? -

How smart is your city?

Find where your community stands on the Composite Learning Index


The Canadian Council on Learning has scorecards for over 4,500 cities and communities in Canada with five years worth of results and trends—plus interactive maps and charts to help you compare your city/town to one next door or one on the other side of the country. Find your city/town now.

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How smart is your city?

  1. Congratulations Saskatoon you always were on top of it and were the Ukrainians pride even though we may not all be responsible for your success.
    A rural Manitoban-

    • Actually Saanich B.C. is #1 in the rankings and the most improved …all you have to do is actually look under the entrie tab section for highest rank and most improved. By the way, I am from Saskatoon and I am not Ukrainian…not every one is of this particular European origin…Saskatoon is actually a city with incredible diversity and the major ethnicity is no longer Ukrainian…perhaps years ago but time and progress marches on. Congrats Saskatoon no matter what for beating out the many so called/self defined more 'culturally rich' cities such as Toronto and Montreal!

      • It really isin't diverse its preaty bad accually.

  2. Waterloo, ON won the "World's Most Intelligent Community" in 2009. How could Waterloo not be on the top of this list?

    • Obviousley because its decreased silly.