In Conversation with Linda Frum (audio)

McGill student Linda Frum upset the establishment by writing the first honest guide to Canadian universities

Linda Frum In Conversation

Photography by Yvonne Berg

In 1987, McGill student Linda Frum upset the establishment by writing the first honest guide to Canadian universities. Twenty-three years later, Frum is a Canadian Senator and a mother whose teenagers are about to pick  schools. She spoke to Maclean’s editor Cathrin Bradbury from her home about what’s changed on campus since 1987, what hasn’t, and what should. To read the entire interview, pick up a copy of Maclean’s 2010 University Rankings issue.

On why kids need to grow up:

On why teaching kids “how to learn” is the wrong approach:

On why students should pay attention to the aesthetics of potential campuses:

On why she no longer believes universities need “less money”:

On why she loves the idea of liberal arts foundations, but fears it’s a lost cause:

On what she thinks still holds true about Western and Queen’s:

On which schools are undervalued and the ignorance of Canadians about each other:


In Conversation with Linda Frum (audio)

  1. Does Ms Frum have any idea how elitist and out of touch she sounds? Thank god the girls at her private school got to hang out on the manicured grounds and wear their cute school uniforms…. Special. Her 'insights' are irrelevant to the vast majority of those who want to make informed choices about a university education. Nice suit in the picture though.

    • Believe it or not, but the suit looks good because of the colourful background. All of the background colours are complimentary colours to her dark blue suit and her pink top. In addition, the playfulness of the background make her seem more playful also. Very complimentary picture.

      • I hadn't taken that into account – very insightful…. I sense a possible a pre or post hair flip in the second shot.

  2. I was unpleasantly surprised at her lack of empathy for men in regard to the male shortage on campus….she seems to be of the opinion that when women made up well below 50% of the students at universities it was a terrible time for women and wonderful for men…and now that the situation is reversed, its still terrible for women and wonderful for men…as I read this I had to do a double take at the odd logic, and quite frankly such a comment is in my opinion misandrist and therefore anti male in nature.

  3. UBC- Okanagan is not mentioned. They have different enterence requirements and different degrees/ faculties eg. BComm vs B bUs Management etc etc. OOne is small and one is huge.They are 300 miles apart one in Kelowna one in Vancouver.__Apples and oranges??????

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