Infographic: The Senate scandal in tweets

The #SenCa scandal as noted on Twitter


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Infographic: The Senate scandal in tweets

  1. Interesting how “Twitter” only seems to care about the Conservative part of the scandal, and basically ignored the Liberals involved. Just further proof that the losers who spend their days on Twitter have a hard-left bias.

    • Hey I’m a hard left loser and I’m sticking with the Macleans’ blogs!

      • Agreed, twitter is for twits and clouded with too many self important narcissists.

  2. People need to grasp the problem; abolishing or reforming the Senate involves the electoral system, and changing that is even more complicated.

    The First by The Post system gives a PM the opportunity to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons, which means that he (or she) can pass any legislation. And the PM doesn’t need a majority of the popular vote to win, which was the situation when Harper won.

    This means, that for 5 years, the PM is a dictator who can do anything, pass any legislation, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him (or her). The Senate provides that backstop, because the legislation passed by the House goes to the Senate for review, amendment, or return to the House before the legislation can proceed to the GG for Royal Assent. This means that abolishing the Senate forces a necessity to reform the voting system.

    The best option is a Proportional Representative Voting system like one used in Australia or New Zealand. There, majority governments are impossible. Each party in an election wins a number of seats in the House proportional to the popular vote derived in an election. With this system, Harper would not have a majority, and no other PMs would either. Governments would have to function like a permanent minority by cooperating with other parties to pass legislation. And because no parties can win a majority, they will cooperate; there is no majority to scheme and manipulate to win in a subsequent election.

    A Proportional Representative voting system would create a situation where a Senate is superfluous and that would permit abolition. New Zealand has abolished their Senate, but only after reforming their voting system to a Proportional one.
    Imagine how difficult it will be to make such fundamental change here. We know Quebec will oppose proportional voting, unless it favours the Separatist Cause, or fosters the belief that Quebec can remain a separate culture, but for the rest of us, it would make abolishing the Senate doable without losing our freedom.

    But, ask yourself, how likely is it? Such change needs a government willing to pass legislation that would reduce the power of a PM. Yes, it seems far-fetched, particularly this government, but without this kind of change, we cannot abolish the Senate. Harper will never do it, whatever he may say in a campaign.

    The Liberals or the NDP might do it. The Liberals under Justin might try because they are a minority in the Senate and their leader says he wants “to change the way politics is done in Ottawa.” The NDP might do it as long as Quebec can be persuaded that their position in Confederation will be strengthened, not weakened.

    Think about it, because whether or not the Constitutional hurdles can be overcome, there are practical ones far more daunting to consider before holding up that banner in favour of abolishing the Senate.

    • If you mean by “backstop” , that they all have their hands up, palms forward, in a salute, then I suppose that could be interpreted as a “backstop”.

      That being said, I am inclined to agree, after seeing what is happening in the US of A that if we were to have a malevolent PM,. something should be in place to restrain him, as ineffectual as the Senate may be.

    • Not really complicated, just a mater of how many corrupt politicians do you have to beat down to do it.

      If it were a pay raise, they would have it done in 2 weeks. Really boils down to how corrupt our politicians really are, as there is no rational and tangible justification to keep a useless senate.

  3. If we had leadership representing the people that make this country work, they would abolish the senate. Forget the expense and tax cheats, forget trying to make the dinosaur political club functions and proper, just eliminate the useless senate.

    Abolishing the senate is so simple even Ottawa might get it right. Just takes some leadership….

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