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Who loves Iran?

Ahmadinejad attempts to rally expatriates



Canadian invitees to conferences hosted by the Iranian government this spring and summer, aimed at burnishing the country’s image, included a former candidate for the Green Party of Canada and Ontario, as well as a University of Alberta professor.

On Aug. 2 and 3, more than 1,000 Iranian expatriates were welcomed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the “Grand Conference of Iranians Living Abroad” in Tehran. Successful and well-placed Iranians were identified by Iranian embassies, and then offered an all-expenses-paid trip to the conference, with a side trip to a tourist destination. Organizer Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh said expats are exposed to negative images about Iran because of “lying media organizations outside the country.” The conference would correct this misconception. But according to Potkin Azarmehr, an Iranian blogger based in London, its purpose was to demoralize Iranians “by hiring and bribing a mish-mash of sycophants and turncoats, to say to the Iranian people, despite all their suffering and sacrifices, Ahmadinejad’s administration and not them enjoy widespread support outside Iran.”

The Tehran conference followed an earlier gathering in May in the city of Shiraz, geared toward encouraging foreign investment. Among Canadian delegates was, reportedly, Akbar Manoussi, chair of “clean energy education” at the Willis College of Business, Health, and Technology in Ottawa. He ran federally for the Green Party of Canada in 2008, and for the Green Party of Ontario in 2007. He was, until recently, CEO of the Green party’s Ottawa-Vanier riding association.

Manoussi’s online Green party profile for the 2007 campaign says he is “secretary general” of the “Iranian Scholars Association of Canada”—an organization that appears to exist only on the Internet, and to which few, if any, of the many recognized Iranian academics in Canada belong. He is also identified as “director general” of the “Iranian Cultural Centre” in Ottawa, which shares the same address as the Iranian Embassy. According to a CBC online profile of 2008 election candidates, Manoussi was an advisory member of the RCMP’s “cultural diversity committee” in the National Capital Region. He is listed among foreign participants on the May conference website, and an Iranian journalist now living in Canada told Maclean’s that a colleague had identified Manoussi in photos of the event. One week after he was contacted by Maclean’s, Manoussi emailed and said he was in Iran and would consider responding to an interview request when he returned to Ottawa. In his email, he claimed to be president of the “Canada-Iran Friendship Council,” which received a letters patent from Canada’s Department of Industry in 2007, but which shows up on Internet searches only among lists of Manoussi’s credentials and affiliations.

Davood Rafiei, an associate professor in the department of computer science at the University of Alberta, attended the August Tehran conference. In an email to Maclean’s, he said he did so because he wanted to explore the possibility of co-operating with Iranian universities.

His attendance “was not (and should not be treated as) politically motivated in any form and does not support the practices of Ahmadinejad’s government,” he wrote. “In fact, I am against the handling of the latest presidential election and the treatment of protesters and political prisoners. I also have reservations about the economic and the foreign policies this government is adopting. The same view was shared by many other participants I had a chance to speak to in the congress.”


Who loves Iran?

  1. [Manoussi] ran federally for the Green Party of Canada in 2008, and for the Green Party of Ontario in 2007. He was, until recently, CEO of the Green party's Ottawa-Vanier riding association… He is also identified as “director general” of the “Iranian Cultural Centre” in Ottawa, which shares the same address as the Iranian Embassy.

    Wasn't Mr. Fadden of CSIS trying to tell us something through the CBC's Brian Stewart a few months back?

    • totally,all Iraniansin Ottawa know this bastard, his brother is also an agent Ali Manoussi.

  2. So a witch hunt has started in west to locate sympathetic Iranians just like the witch hunt for Japanese during World War II and Russians during early years of cold war.

    • You mean you saw Michael Petrou and me building the internment camp off the highway in Algonquin Park last weekend? I told Michael our top secret plot might get exposed if he publishes a simple report that might put these useful idiots in a negative light. But noooo. Mumbled something about a reporter's mandate, he did, and contribution to an informed population, and blah, blah, blah. Way to go Mike. We're busted. Will Home Depot take the razor wire back if the package is opened?

      • Funny. Your type of journalists/propagandists were not in short supply in Nazi Germany, WWII and Cold war USA. The other funny thing is that you as a democracy claimant have basically nullified yourself by writing this homophobic piece, if some one does not agree with you, it does not give you the right to attack their characters and promote the policy to raise up public xenophobic emotions towards them. That is equal to hate. And who gave you the right to judge another nation? According to many western polls, Ahmadinejad was to win and that is why he won. At worst the election was controversial not more, but alot of elections in western world were controversial too. And one thing more if Ahmadinejad won he was very much well with in his right to put down an attempted coup by the minority. And that is what he did. I am sure if this situation was to happen in Canada, RCMP would put down the coup too. Make no mistake, Canada almost pushed the native inhabitants of the land into extinction in order to make more room for white people. Learn some truth and your history. Also learn that Canada had supported operation Ajax against Iran. Canada was one of the principal supporters of Saddam against Iran. So I do not think with such a track record it gives you any right to ridicule another nation's ambitions. It shows you and your friend are fascists or are in process of becoming one.

        • Wow. A few words of truth constitutes a witch hunt? Did Michael advocate imprisonment or execution for treason to these dopes, um, dupes of the Iranian regime? Nope.

          Looks like you have a lot to learn about democracy. Exposing stupidity is a fundamental part of a free press in a democracy. Stick around, you might get used to it.

          And I won't even bother trying to dissect where the homophobia and xenophobia are supposed to lurk in the piece above, because you're just making sh!t up.

          Oh, one other operation Canada not only supported, but undertook: Go ahead and google Ken Taylor for a little history of your own.


          • I know what democracy is and where racism starts. Hitler was democratically elected. And xenophobia creeps slowly and gets out of control. Just like the T4 program. Do not try to regress into your shell now. The whole piece is xenophobic. It starts from the title: Who loves Iran. For starter I do so do tens of millions more. Iran has a population of Jewish minorities and depite the fact that Iran does not recognize Israel officially, the Iranian Jews are allowed to go to Israel and come back and many do regularly through a third country. But even in Iran no newspaper has ever published a xenophobic piece titled: Who loves Israel and then starts to single out the supporters of Netanyahu amongst them. See the difference. That difference is the border between sanity and fascism.

          • And one thing more about Ken Taylor. He might be a hero to you, but he was a fascist to Iranians. He helped likes of those who had orchestrated operation ajax to get away and in the process they got away with a huge amount of cache of dollars to the tune of several hundred million dollars belonging to Iranian oil ministry all which was taken to Turkey before being flown out on a private 707. I am sure they did not teach you at the school that Mr. Ken Taylor was actually working for CIA and the not the Canadian government and was instrumental in stealing large amounts of money from Iran. But that is not surprising if you read the history of white nation. From John Forbes opium trade to Engineered famines of Bengal by UK.

          • Do go on. I will just sit back and enjoy the show.

            Actually, why don't I get things started:

            1. Iran's graciousness towards its Jews is a marvelous model for the world to appreciate. So why the "third country" business?

            2. Israel has nukes and nobody in the neighbourhood is terribly worried. Tell us, how are Iran's neighbours looking forward to the *cough* peaceful energy purposes objectives of Iran?

          • He's got you on white guilt for natives, Hitler and Nazi comparisons, and even a charge of homophobia! I think that's a Godwin personal best

          • 1. Because there is no direct flight between Iran and Israel just just like there is no direct air route between US and Iran, and Iran and Canada.

            2.Are you really sure. Have you asked how Jordanians, Syrians, Turks, Iranians or for that matter Lebanese are feeling about it. Oh, I forgot fascists like you mean by neighborhood the other fascist neighbors and not other homo sapiens sapiens. Good. A recent poll says that Arabs through out the region think that a nuclear armed Iran is healthy for the region since it would balance out the nukes of Israel. Only white fascists have used nukes in history. And only white fascists have threatened to use them against Iranians.
            You propaganda is not effective anymore. By trying degrade and categorize other races you are only degrading yourself further and further in this enlightened age. It is not three hundred years ago when your forefathers used to trap colored homo sapiens sapiens, kill the males, use women as slaves and rape the 6 year old girls for fun. We have come a long way since that time, and it is time for you to move on too.

        • Are you talking about the Quebecois here? A minority with the rights of a majority.

          On the whole you are an idiot. You know nothing about Iran, apart from what you have read in books.

          • On the contrary I have lived there so I know well what I am talking about. By the way most books written in western countries are inherently anti-Iranian in nature. So there is little one can learn from them. But there are ofcourse other venues through which one can learn. For example did you know that due to Iranian government's high spending in education and R&D in the past 2 decades has made Iran into having the world's fastest growth rate in science and technology. Read this Canadian report: http://www.science-metrix.com/30years-Paper.pdf

    • Watch out everybody! It's Smith Wordok, swinging through Macleans magazine with his shiny new Globalization Studies diploma from the University of Lethbridge! He's going to teach us all about how imperialistic and racist we are! Hooray!

      • Hahahaha, shiny new diploma? That was funny. Is that the best you could come up with? Uh, you white supremacists are so desperate that you will cling to any string of pseudo-rationality left in your bankrupt ideology, in order to belittle others. The "shiny diploma" one was funny indeed. But it will do little to hide your dirty neo-colonialist, fascist ideas of yours. You have been exposed along with the author of this article. White supremacists a few decades ago used to go around freely, but then they had to "hide" their true identities and wrap their ideology for public expression. It all happened due to increased public awareness about your evil deeds. The next step is going to be exposing you fascists hiding behind wraps and making your despicable ideology of hate public. That is the only way to confront fascism. In its infancy. Search, detect, expose. Just like vampires you fascists can stand up to the light (of truth). Exposing you will terminate your inferior supremacist ideology.

        • Typo correction in above post: " That is the only way to confront fascism. In its infancy. Search, detect, expose. Just like vampires you fascists can NOT stand up to the light (of truth). Exposing you will terminate your inferior supremacist ideology. "

        • LOL

          Who wants to tell Smith that Iran translates as "land of the Aryans"? Anyone?

          Ergo, if criticism of the Iranian government really WERE racist — as criticism of the Iranian regime has nothing to do with race, and has everything to do with its atrocious politics, it isn;t racist — white supremacism would be an awfully strange accusation for it.

          Frankly, the accusations of racism are simply pathetic: as is necroposting, Smith.

          Game over. You lose.

    • How about if we called it a witch haunt of the Nazi's?

  3. Expatriates should be encouraged to return to live in Iran if they support that regime, we don't need them in the civilized world.

    • right on!! i'll second that!!

    • hahahaha so revealing of the exact type of democracy you believe in…as in, if you don't agree with them, send them somewhere else or they must be uncivil. I say, speak for yourself. You are clearly the one in dire need of some civilization.

      • you are welcome to join them. :-)

      • Perhaps you believe Canadian democracy should include stoning women? and an Evin prison in Canada? Hatred of a group of people as government policy? – No thanks.

  4. Ahmadinajed is going to heaven. He was one of the students who abducted the American embassy in tehran. he was a huge fan of Ayatollah Khomeini, who in 1980 said,: "We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world."

  5. Jim Reed, CBC, gives Iran excellent ink.

    When The Nuclear Game Gets Weird – Iran – Israel-And The Blind Americans http://www.reedwrites.ca/current-affairs/when-the

    -Israel began its quest for a nuclear capability immediately after the establishment of the Jewish State in 1948.
    -The United States of America turns a 21st century blind eye to the undependable Pakistan and the arrogant India, both of whom possess the bomb

    Lawrence Cannon, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Should Shut Up.
    -Cannon says he's troubled by reports of intimidation of opposition candidates offices by Iran's security forces.
    -Cannon claims that he has ordered Canadian embassy officials in Tehran to be vigilant
    -Incumbent President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been declared the winner. Was there fraud? Possibly. Does it matter? No.

    Canada, reject those expenses
    -Pres Ahmadinejad differs from all the rest only because he's prepared to run with his loopy views while the microphone is on.

  6. I voted for him. He's a great president and finally someone who speaks the truth.

    • Nothing like Holocaust denial and war-mongering to tickle your fancy, eh?

    • to ghalat kardi… liar! LoL

      • So you got your favourite "president", go and live there now and enjoy listening to him telling the "truth"

    • Dina, I voted for him too. Good for you! They can say all they want, but from the comments I have been reading on this page, I find it very insulting that these people claim to believe in democracy but are really so quick to trash anyone who thinks differently from western media.

  7. This is a great program, unfortunately, most ANTI-Iranians, aka the self-haters and the fellow racists, are so brainwashed and hateful of anything Iranian, that they are just quick to demonize Iran for EVERYTHING it does. I wonder what they would do with themselves if they didnt have Iran to blame for everything in their failed lives.

    • It might help if Iran didn't do so many things that are utterly reprehensible.

      Zahra Kazemi, Neda, just for starters…

      • If you want utterly reprehensible, try Israel. But of course you wouldn't mention that, you are Jewish. So the holocaust in Israel is just fine, right?

        • The difference between Iran and Israel is that they wait until terrorists are firing rockets into civilian settlements before fighting back.

          Nothing at all reprehensible about that.

          Not at all like assassinating random women during a political protest, or beating and raping a photographer to death in a prison. Or sending out police to beat unarmed womens' rights protesters. Or stoning a woman to death rather than allowing her to go into exile. THAT's reprehensible.

          As for being Jewish…


          That's right, I'm Jewish. I'm one of those ultra-rare Irish Jews. We wear our Yamakas under our little green leprecaun hats.

          • Haha, you don't like how Iran beat, tortured and murdered a Canadian photographer? Jew! We've got a Jew here!

            Patrick Ross? Or Patrick Rossenbergenstein?

            It's times like these when I have difficulty drawing a clear line between being anti-Israel and anti-semitic. There is a line, obviously, but I think it's exploited more than many liberal thinking Canadians (like myself) would like to believe.

          • Oh, tust me. It gets worse.

            Check this out: http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/08/27/irans-expat-ou

            It's Smith Wordok LYING and claiming that Zahra Kazemi tried to kill an Iranian police officer.

            I almost had to use my secret Jew powers (that I don't have, because they don't exist) to detect THAT little fib.

      • The same goes for Canada. Ever heard of extermination of natives. Ever heard of Chemical alley. Ever heard of Robert Dziekanski. Ever heard about Keyvan Tabesh. That is just for starters.

        • Riiiiiiiiiight.

          Starting off with the fact that the worst of the stuff you referred to — the alleged extermination of natives — isn't even remotely true, there's still a big difference.

          When Zahra Kazemi was beaten and raped to death in an Iranian prison, the Iranian government tried to cover it up.

          When Robert Dziekanski was tasered, there was a full public inquiry into it.

          Big difference.

          But the distraction tactics are pretty much the best you're going to manage, so by all means keep it up.

          • Extermination is not true. That was funny. White people killed over 500 million people in Americas, Oceania and Africa and have not yet even apologized let alone compensated for the crimes despite the fact that the wealth which was accomulated by these crimes are still moving down the inheritance lines in places like Canada. Zahra Kazemi died a tragic death but to allow her death become a cause for the most fascist nations on earth to invade Iran is ridiculous. Actually she had done a crime for which she was in prison. I do not know what would happen to a Taleban sympathizer who gets close to lets say a max security prison in US and hideous starts taking photos. For Iranian gov. she was considered of such a risk. But Mr. Dzierkanski was completely innocent and dehyrated. There you go. The public inquiry was a white wash with no one handed a punishment deserving of the crime committed, the same inquiry had happened in Iran and the people involved actually atleast lost their jobs. That did not happen in Canada. Big difference. It is you who is distracting people from your crimes in order to launch another criminal invasion on yet another nation. Fascists like you are now exposed and have to place hide except in their own circles.

          • Interesting. The last time I checked, there were still plenty of natives out there. Are you pretending this has changed?

            I'd be interested in seeing where this "500 million" figure comes from. I think I already suspect where it is, and I expect comedy gold as soon as you pony up with that.

            You seem to be treating the death of Zahra Kazemi as some sort of accident. We can all safely remain assured that women are not beaten and raped by accident. As for the crime she allegedly committed — taking pictures of Iranian police brutalizing protesters. Yep, that's SOME crime she committed.

            And taking pictures of a prison? Even then, not a crime.

            Any Taliban sympathizer — such as, evidently, yourself — who cares to could drive by an American federal penetentiary on the highway if they wanted to. No one's arrested for that.

            Was Dzienkanski completely innocent? Well, he WAS throwing furniture around in an airport. That isn't completely innocent. The amount of force used to subdue him was excessive, but subduing him was entirely justified.

            The difference between Canada and Iran is that in Canada the law investigated these matters. In Iran, the law refused to investigate the rape and murder of Zahra Kazemi — and, by the way, the fact that you would defend the rape and murder of a woman speaks VOLUMES about the kind of despicable sleaze you are — Iranian officials refused to investigate. If the Iranian coroner hadn't tipped off Canadian officials that she had been beaten and raped, it's entirely possible that we may have never known what happened.

            That being said, we DO know what happened: we know that Iranian prison guards beat and raped Zahra Kazemi to death, and that the regime you're currently schilling for tried to cover it up.

            Shame, shame, shame, Smith.

          • First of all the biggest supporter of Taliban is you and people like you who trained financed and organized them all through 70s to 90s, it was only when they bit you back that they became the bad guys. So stand corrected on that. And try to penetrate a max security facility and see what happens to you in States. US has the highest rape rates in their prisons in the world, specially the blacks who rape the whites, I wonder why. How do you know Kazmi was raped, were you among the rapists? The law did investigate her death and it became apparent that she had become agressive and had to be subdued, the amount of force was a little bit more than she could handle but nonethelss it was right to subdue her, just like Mr Dzienkanski. The difference was Kazmi was actually arrested for trying to penetrate into a high security prison while Mr. Dzienkanski had not yet even entered Canada and was standing in international lounge, where he was killed.

          • Thank you for demonstrating your ignorance so splendidly.

            No one could have possibly funded the Taliban during the 1970s or 80s, as the Taliban did not yet exist.

            The Taliban came together as a political/military organization long after the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan ended, as a militia dedicated to fighting the Mujahideen after they raped a Pashtun villager.

            The first documented activities of the Taliban didn't take place until 1996.

            By the way, there's something extremely different about the rape rates in US prisons and the rape rates in Iranian prisons. In Iran, it's prison guards raping political prisoners. In US prisons, it's inmates raping one another.

            Very different.

            As for the "subdue" argument, are you really trying to suggest that it was necessary to rape Zahra Kazemi in order to subdue her? We know Kazemi was raped by prison guards because they were the only ones who had access to her — and the Iranian coroner leaked his report to Canadian officials after he found evidence of rape.

            You like to fling around vapid accusations of racism. But you may well be the worst mysogynist I have ever met.

            You really are just a disgusting individual — a lunatic, through and through.

          • There is no distinction between Taliban and Mujahedin. Mujahedin were made up of dozens of groups. Even Taliban today call themselves Mujahedin and all of their leaders have fought soviets on your training. Alqaeda was actually made by CIA. Truth is out. And only neo-fascists like you have trouble to digest it. There is no dispute that all the Taliban and Alqaeda are made up of Salafi/Wahabi ideology who are extremely against Iranians. Much before you even could spell Taliban, Iran was fighting and all the while in those times US was protecting them, by warning Iran to stop fighting Taliban, even American pipeline companies in those times were courting Taliban. And did you know that Wahabism was actually put in power and promoted by UK after they dissolved ottoman empire. One "Col. Lawrence" was even going around with them blowing things up in a frenzy which would by today's definition would constitute terrorism of highest order.
            In US prison guards not only rape but also allow others to enter prison to rape and even kill. No need to white wash it here. US has the largest population of prisoners in the world and the largest rapist demography in history of mankind. At least read some facts before posting nonesense.
            Rape story for Kazemi was concocted in western press in order to politically pressurize Iran in to submission and steal resources of that country. It is an old trick of racist governments and has been use for the past 500 year. If you are so much for compensating Iranians out of your love for them, perhaps you can start sending 10 million dollar checks to all the families of those one million Iranians who were killed and maimed by Saddam's aggression with your support just like the ten million dollar checks you got from Libya for the Lockerbie bombing. After all humans are humans right. Oh I forgot you fascists do not believe in absolute equality of humans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeY05iS5iv0

          • Smith, Smith, Smith.

            I don't know what's more hilarious here: your desperate, frustrated accusations of fascism (in defense of a demonstrably fascist state, no less), or your simple disregard for factual argument.

            The Taliban can call themselves Mujahideen all they want. It doesn't change the facts regarding their inception. It doesn't change the fact that the Taliban didn't exist until at all until the early 1990s, and so couldn't have been funded during the 1970s.

            Al Qaida was NOT created by the CIA. There is not a single shred of evidence to support such a claim.

            Moreover, your claims regarding prison rape in the US are utterly laughable. First off: you seem to assume that prison rapes perpetrated between prisoners in the US mitigates the rape of Zahra Kazemi BY PRISON GUARDS. Seeing as how we are talking about two things that couldn't possibly be more dissimilar, your arguments in this regard will get you absolutely nowhere.

            Especially when you blatantly lie about the incident.

            First you claim that Kazemi tried to kill an Iranian official — a blatant lie. Now you try to pretend it just never happened. That's doubly a lie, especially since you were bothered enough by this factual incident to lie about it.

            You have to be one of the most contemptuous and pathetic specimens I have ever had the pleasure of besting online.

          • Patrick,

            You are discrediting yourself by denying the genocide against the indigenous population of North America.

          • There exists strong basis for an argument that the United States waged a genocide against its aboriginal population.

            There is no basis for such an argument in Canada.

            As for "discredit", your friend discredited himself when he lied and claimed that Zahra Kazemi attacked an Iranian police officer.

          • Patrick,

            The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Aricle II states:
            In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such:
            a) Killing members of the group;
            b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
            c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part;
            d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
            e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

            a) Canada did not kill Indians on the scale or as systematically as the Americans
            b) Comparative Analysis of health outcomes for aboriginals and the general population
            c) Reservations
            d) Sterilization
            e) Residential schools

            So while Canada does not meet the criteria for a, it can most certainly be argued Canada meets the criteria for b, c, d, and e despite your flippant dismissal.

          • Fenian,

            Sorry, bro. It's very clear that, even with the help of this particular convention, you can't define genocide.

            Let's look at the UN definition of genocide a little more broadly:

            "The Convention defines genocide as any of a number of acts committed WITH THE INTENT TO DESTORY, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group, and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

            Killing members of a group is not nearly sufficient to declare an act to be one of genocide. There has to be intent to destroy that group, in whole or in part.

            Not only is your argument for the following: c and d, factually non-existent — and not at all consistent with cases of genocide — but your arguments regarding b and e are also classically weak, and also not consistent with cases of genocide.

          • Patrick,

            So reservations do not exist and sterilization of natives never happened?
            I'm sorry to disabuse you either of your ignorance or your willful blindness, but both are demonstrable facts. As a typical conservative apologist, I understand it is difficult for you when reality does not conform to your narrow ideology.

            I don't feel it is necessary to prove the intentionality of the ethnic cleansing and denial of treaty rights which are the foundation of the reserve system in Canada.

            As for sterilization, you may want to refer to the Sexual Sterilization Acts passed in Alberta and BC in 1928 and 1933 and their application within the residential school system and native communities.

            It is clear that the assimilation policy of residential schools was intended to destroy aboriginals as a group, and the history of poor physical and mental health amongst aboriginals due to Canadian policy is equally clear.

            You call for a broad view of the UN definition of genocide, and then apply as narrow an interpretation as possible. Your desire to see Canadian history in some bucolic light does not negate an appalling genocidal record which is standard among colonial settler societies. As someone who claims to be Irish, I find your cavalier abrogation of systemic abuse of an indigenous people particularly repugnant.

          • *snicker*

            The eugenics program in Alberta WAS, indeed, a great and terrible thing.

            However, more than simply aboriginals were sterilized. Moreover, those who were sterilized were sterilized because they had already been institutionalized for criminal conduct or mental illness.

            Therefore, these individuals were NOT sterilized because they were aboriginals — which is what you need for your genocide argument.

            As for reservations, it's clear that you don't know what reservations are: they are self-governing territorial enclaves, that are mandated under the very treaty rights that you refer to.

            As a lunatic far-leftist, I understand it's difficult for you when reality doesn't conform to your narrow ideology.

            You don't FEEL it is necessary to prove intentionality?

            Well, that's your problem. The convention is quite clear on this.

            The historical work on residential schools demonstrates that the schools as they were conceptualized, and the schools as they were administered are actually two very different things.

            The administrators of residential schools often violated the legally-mandated limits they were subject to. This was on a range of different subjects, ranging from nutrition to permissable discipline.

            The out-of-control environment that soon pervaded these schools wasn't a product of government content: it was a product of governmental negligence.

            You accuse me of narrowing my interpretation of the UN convention, but then you admit that you yourself don't feel the need to adhere to it in your own analyses. That's an act of hypocrisy.

            It certainly doesn't help that the episodes you refer to, when judged against their full historical context, in no way constitute acts of genocide, even under the convention.

            You are just plainly wrong — your Globalization Studies degree has clearly served you very poorly in terms of ability to judge the world in an accurate manner.

            Besides, aren't you supposed to have blamed capitalism for this by now? Just sayin'.

          • Aboriginals were overrepresented in cases brought before the Alberta Eugenics Board and they suffered a higher rate of sterilization. Also, the history of aboriginal institutionalization is replete with systemic racism which denotes intent.

            I didn't feel it necessary to prove the conditions of life within the reserve system are the deliberate intent of Indian Affairs historically because it is so patently obvious.

            Your attempt to absolve the government of responsibility for the genocidal practices of residential schools through the plausible deniability of negligence is erroneous. Article III of the convention lists complicity in genocide as a punishable act.

            Your arrogant assertions do not efface the genocidal legacy of Canada.

            Your desperate attempts at smug condescension would almost be comical if they weren't so pathetic. Your Ayn Rand certificate has rendered you an onanistic captive to her megalomaniac rantings. Also, I think your need to use caps for emphasis is a reflection of overcompensation for certain shortcomings.

            Feel free if you want to deny the economic motive for colonialism. Just sayin'.

          • Aboriginals are also overrepresented, proportionally, in various other criteria that were, at the time, used to determine mental deficiency: criminality, mental illness, drug use, alcoholism, etc.

            There are environmental causes for many of these things — many of them are the UNINTENDED consequences of the residential school system.

            Of course you don't feel it necessary to prove that the conditions of life within the reserve system are the deliberate intent of Indian Affairs. Nor did you feel it necessary to prove that Canada held any genocidal intentions.

            It helps that you cannot do either of these things.

            For example, in order to claim that the conditions on many reserves are intentional would overlook the billions upon billions of dollars Canadian governments, federal and provincial, have spent trying to solve these problems.

            Your arrogant assertions, bassed on an ideologically self-serving interpretation of the facts, and a self-indulgent interpretation of the UN convention for the prevention of genocide do not accomplish your goal of articifically inventing a "genocidal legacy of Canada".

            YOU want to lecture ME about condescension? You, who uses condescension as a substitute for a rational or factual argument? You, who labels an argument restricted to facts and a proper interpretation of the genocide convention to be "comical" and "pathetic"?

            You have comical and pathetic all wrapped up. You evidently aren't even smart enough to be embarrassed about it.

            That you would resort to a "certain shortcomings" argument really only says more about you than it says about me — and I suppose it tells us all what's REALLY on your mind.

          • "the great din of our legislation has been to do away with the tribal system and assimilate the Indians in all respects with the inhabitants of the dominion, as speedily as they are fit for the change."
            Prime Minister Sir John A. McDonald addressing the Indian Act in the House of Commons, 1876 http://www.accesstomedia.org/change/resuces/ntvcd

            "I want to get rid of the Indian problem… Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic and there is no Indian question, and no Indian Department, that is whole object of this Bill."
            Duncan Campbell Scott, Superintendent of Indian Affairs 1920
            Scott was referring to the official government policy of 'aggressive assimilation' that mandated residential schools for aboriginal children. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duncan_Campbell_Scot

            Interesting. Top government officials describing the genocidal intent of their policies. Quite a remarkable artificial invention.

            Sorry, cash injections after the fact do not erase a history of genocidal practices.

            Feel free to provide any of the so-called facts to which you refer which buttress your supposed proper interpretation of the genocide convention. Unless you consider a declarative statement such as "The historical work on residential schools demonstrates" without providing any substantive proof from these sources sufficient.

            I am truly crestfallen by your estimation of my intelligence. I'm only embarrassed by your jingoistic, benighted insistence on 'refudiating' the historical record to maintain the myth of a virtuous Canada.

            Keep using caps, also. It really adds to the validity of your argument.

          • *snicker*

            Political and civic assimilation — which were the stated goals of the residential school system — are not genocidal.

            Try again. Try harder.

            It occurs to me at this point that we're just operating on two separate wavelengths here: one of us (myself) is restricting his arguments to facts and reality. The other (you) is peddling fiction and living in a fantasy world.

            To date, the best sources you have to offer are… what? A broken link to a PDF file and Wikipedia.

            In an academic environment, citing non-existent PDFs or Wikipedia is a way to get yourself instantly discredited. (Mind you, you've already discredited yourself, so I suppose it hardly matters.)

            You must realize at this point that after your pathetic antics regarding the caps-for-emphasis matter, there's no reason in the world to take you seriously — and I emphatically do NOT take you seriously.

            Personally, I'm not in the business of wasting my time trying to debate such topics with lunatics who will refuse to debate them in good faith, and are incapable of doing such properly even if they would.

            You've lost this debate. I know you won't muster any integrity, but I DO wish you would muster some dignity and get on with your life.

    • So anybody whom hates the Iranian regime is a racist?

      "I wonder what they would do with themselves if they didnt have Iran to blame for everything in their failed lives."

      I wonder what people like you would do with your lives when you didn't have the West and Jews to blame for everything in your failed theocratic dictatorship.

      • That is right. When you start to generalize people because of their believes and political orientation, then you become a racist. Straight forward. That is what happened in Nazi Germany. Read the history of that country.

        • Some political orientations are inherently racist. Criticism of ideological racism, and the people who follow it, is not racism.

          • Racism is only inherent in white societies and is not found in oriental nations like Iran or China. Criticism of orientals by a member of a nation with a huge racism baggage is what constitutes neo-fascism. I am not surprised if many on this blog are actually moonlighting between out right neo-nazi forums. Very typical language.

        • Unfortunately for you, Smith, you're confusing political criticism with racism.

          The Iranian regime (it's government) is a political construct — not a racial construct. Therefore, criticism of the Iranian government is NOT racism.

          Nor can you raise any logical argument that suggests otherwise.

      • The truth is that the racist card is the only thing they have to play.

        Given that it isn't even REMOTELY logically coherent is just a little detail that these people have excused themselves from having to address.

        After all, the Iranian state — THE STATE — is not a racial entity. It's a political entity.

        However, these lunatics realized a long time ago that "racist" is one of the worst things you can call someone — being revealled as a racist leads to a near-immediate social ostracism. So they exploit the label in order to try to intimidate their adversaries into silence.

        It's a cowardly tactic, but then again, these people are cowards. Not to mention that once you get these folks going on any topic, an accusation of being Jewish — as if this were such a terrible thing — will quickly emerge from their mouths. In other words, THEY are the racists.

        • No. I can prove that people like you are racists. While you are so quick to distance yourself from racism but the reality stands here. Your actions constitute racism. Calling us lunatics is another proof. Did you know when your forefathers used to go to Africa and Americas for hunting (humans), they used to rationalize to themselves and to their public back home that they are doing a favor to the prey. They use to concoct stories of barbarism and man eating prevalent in those societies and that how they were not "civilized" and out to be killed. Rationalizations like their STATE is barbaric was their favorite line, and all the while the stupid public never asked them if they are so barbaric how come they are not in London and Paris killing us instead of us being there to kill them. The answer was obvious and the same rational goes here. I guess the high time has reached for an international tribune to be formed in order to compensate the victims of those crimes form India and Africa to Iraq and Americas by redistributing your ill gotten wealth accumulated since that time.

          • No, Smith, you can't prove what isn't true.

            The only reason why you fling around these weaponized accusations of racism is because you can't win this debate on your own merit.

            You've already lost, so the accusation of racism is your last desperate, pathetic gambit.

            And that's all it is, really: it's cowardly, and it's pathetic.

            Calling you a lunatic? I think you've missed the point of my comments. I'm not calling you a lunatic, but rather brining it to your attention that you are, in fact, a lunatic.

            Your self-aggrandizing fantasy of calling an inernational tribunal is just further evidence of that.

            Have fun in the funny farm.

        • And one thing more. The stigma of being Jewish only exists in European cultures and has no precedence in places like Iran. So first get your facts right. As has already been argued in academia the phenomenon of perpetual, culturally ingrained racism only exists in white societies. That is a sociological fact.

          • See, Smith, that's interesting. Because one of your cohorts was on this very website insinuating that I'm Jewish just last night. He voiced it as an accusation — as if it were a bad thing.

            There's clear racism underpinning that attitude.

            "That is a sociological fact"

            Prove it. Lunatic.

          • That was not me. Check it out again. Probably you were talking to some one in Germany who happens to be here for fun. It is funny for some one who is holding democracy to his chest accuses opposition lunatic. I am sure you will find by listening to Hitler, he used to use the same derogatory street level language for his opponents. Trying to prove your superiority over another for whatever reason is called fascism. You fit the bill.

          • I'm fully aware it wasn't you — that's why I poitned out that it was one of your cohorts. I'm almost willing to bet that it was a friend of yours.

            Apparently, you need fascism defined for you, because you have no clue what it is.

            I don't need to prove superiority to you, either. I AM superior by mettle. It certainly helps when you continually demonstrate yourself to be inferior by the same matter.

  8. I hope Rafiei told Ahmadinejad to his face what a tyrant he is.

    • Ewww. You clearly don't even know what a tyrant is. I also voted for him. Why don't you worry about your own country's elections and stay out of Iran??? Don't you have some wars to start?

      • My country's elections have been just fine.

        Iran's elections? Fraudulent.

        Which would make you an apologist for electoral fraud. Enjoy that.

        • You mean because your "elected" officials were bought off by who?? Good one. What fraud do you speak of, what makes you so certain, do you have any evidence or are you just full of hate and propaganda? Media-brainwashed perhaps? Her point is…worry about your own country and stay out of Iran my dear. I guess if the election didn't go the way you wanted it to…claim fraud? That's funny. ALso funny that in the US, when Gore one the vote, Bush was selected as President, yet I don't see you bitching about that. Just stay out of the Middle East, will you? I am sure you have some more wars to fight and people to bomb but TRY to stay out of Iran for now?? Ok? Ok.

          • *snicker*

            You realized that deflecting criticisms by accusing the critic of being hateful has become passe, don't you?

            As for evidence of the election fraud in Iran, it's well-documented:

            As for propaganda, it seems that one of us IS spreading propaganda. You're trying real hard to pretend it isn't you, but let's face facts: you know you're full of BS.

          • Patrick, you surely are not going to use PBS to support your claim of election fraud!?!! The Western media is completely biased about Iran. There is nothing good about Iran, according to the Western media. You can hardly find an article in the Western media that has anything flattering to say about Iran. People are bombarded daily by hateful stories about Iran. Eventually, it seems inescapable that people will believe almost anything evil about that country. Now, Western governments are actively seeking to ruin the country economically. They are even talking about destroying the country militarily. I pray that somehow Iran is able to maintain it integrity and foil all the evil plans of its enemies.

          • First off, a question: how many different names are you going to use? I suggest you stick to one.

            Now, let's address your complaints of a bias against Iran. If the western mdia is biased against Iran, it's because the facts are biased against Iran.

            We are, after all, talking about a state that indiscriminately murders dissidents. We are talking about a state that savagely whips homosexuals and then publicly claims that there are no homosexuals in Iran. We are talking about a state that would rather stone a woman to death than allow her to go into exile in Brazil.

            Stop whining, stop crying, and look your government in the eye for what it is.

          • Actually Iran's elections were much finer than even the USA. That is for fact. Just because the corporate western media is manufacturing "facts" for you people in order to make your small racist minds ready for another blood bath of another ethnicity does not mean it has be agreed upon by every one. People like had even supported operation Ajax. Lets have a look at facts, here to debunk you once and for all and put your racist ambitions for invading other nations and stealing their wealth to an end. Read this: http://www.campaigniran.org/casmii/index.php?q=no

  9. Agree 100%

  10. From the comments published here one can gather that there is a concerted effort on the part of the supporters of the Islamic Republic to undermine and belittle the hurt of its victims during the past 31 years. The Iranians who oppose the Islamic Republic meanwhile, are far less organized, but far more genuine in their grievances. Very few of the names of the victims are familiar to the Western world, such as Zahra Kazemi, Neda, etc. But there are millions more whom you will never know or hear about. What the Western World must realize that the Iranians who oppose this regime share with the West in values. The same values that allows the supporters of the Islamic Republic free speech to comment here, while the likes of us will not get the same treatment under the regime they support. The Western world must stand up for its values unapoligetically, and support those who share in their values. The Western world must realize that it is time to let go of cultural relativism. And support only that, which they want to have for themselves.

    • It would be nice if you people add to the name of Zahra Kazemi other names such as Keyvan Tabesh and countless natives who have been killed by Canadian forces.

      • *snicker*

        Ah, yes. Keyvan Tabesh. Who came after a police officer with a machete, and was killed in the act.

        So, so, sad. I'm shedding elephant tears as we speak.

        • The same can be said about Zahra Kazemi who was trying to kill an officer.

          • With a Canon, or a Kodak? Or was it the ever-deadly Polaroid?

          • Now you're just making stuff up.

            It takes a specially committed sockpuppet to lie about something like that.

  11. Ohhh, I am sorry… let's apologize for Keyvan Tabesh who was killed by direct action of brutal racist police in day light!! Why don't you start your list of apologies for the hundreds of thousands your government is actively killing??? But wait…not a peep about those, right? And I suppose that is civilized…not reprehensible??? (eg. Support of Canada as a part of western coalition for Saddam against Iran, eg. extermination of natives by Canadian government.)

  12. Nope. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But we can mock them and denounce them (for their stupidity and their complicity in providing legitimacy to a despotic regime) all we like.

    Now, if they try to send these creeps centrifuges or cash, that's another story. But in a free country, anyone can "sympathize" with whomever or whatever they please. And the more they do it openly, the better, for it lets us know they are idiots.

    • Bingo.

      Although I must say, despite my better angels (I'm sure they're down there somewhere), that I'm a bit flummoxed by the existence of people who once thought their home country so unlivable that fleeing is their only (or at least best) option, but now when granted the freedoms we all cherish, think the country they fleed is the most awesome place in the world and any criticism is unwarranted or bigoted or better directed elsewhere (often Israel, with a shocking degree of regularity), while fervently demonizing the country that they've fled to as a bastion of imperialism, racism and oppression. Surely, that is the right that our legal system grants them, and I would do nothing to limit their rights in that regard (though their original home state surely would), although the phenomenon does make me uncomfortable. It really does startle the worst part of my character and make me think an appropriate response in certain cases might be "well, maybe you should go back, if it's so perfect there and oppressive here", as horrible as I feel for thinking so.

      Then again, many things make me uncomfortable, so I doubt I'll lose sleep over this one.

      • Olaf, you need not feel horrible for thinking so. This is Canada. They can't get us for our thoughts. Yet. I think. They can get us for our deeds.

        Deportation of Canadian idiots for their idiocy? No. Inviting them to take up residence elsewhere if they really believe this hellhole of freedom is so bad? No problemo.

        May you sleep just fine tonight, friend.

        • Amen to that!

  13. Actually regime sympathizers have as much right to live in Canada as you do if not more. Since they did not come to Canada as part of ethnic cleansing program to kill natives and grab land. They came there legally.

    • Precisely how, Smith, would sympathizers for a tyrannical regime have MORE right to live in Canada than someone who recognizes the pervasive fascist evil that Ahmadinejad represents?

  14. I agree with the sentiment behind the idea, but not necessarily the idea.

    Unless any of these inviduals are non-citizens involved in criminal acts. In which case, let's send them back to the Tehran they love so dear.

  15. Iran Smells Funny

  16. Smith Wordok…you are one of the only few people with knowledge of history and the ability to think critically…how do i get in contact with u?

    • Thanks for the compliment. And sorry for the late reply. Mail me at smithwordok@yahoo.com

  17. oh and this guy Patrick Ross who clearly has nothing to do other than post all day…seems to be a total obsessive compulsive creeper. Can he get a life other than obsessing over Iran? Or maybe a job? That should do the trick.

  18. well there are some Iranains anti-regim, anti-islam and pro human rights and free speech like these people in http://www.rottengods.com we should support this kind of people who value human rights not rights to tyranny!

    wouldn't it be better we give people questionnaire and make sure they value universal values rather than show green lights whoever shows green cash or some documents?!

  19. The incessant demonization of Israel in the mass media prevents us from realizing that what we are dealing with is a global campaign of bloody conquest.-the Jews are not trying to kill us but the jihafist are trying and may well succeed. Islamic leaders and preachers regularly and openly brag about how they are planning to conquer our lands, defile our women and wipe out our civilization. But are Canadian lefties concerned?

    Muslims really do believe that the time has now come for overthrowing the West and putting Islam into the global, dominant position it should have according to their scriptures. They will spare no efforts, including nuclear war, in achieving this goal.

    The Iranian president has quite openly stated that “Islam will soon rule the world,” which implies that they will have to destroy or subdue the West. Al-Qaeda strategists have earlier outlined a schedule for awakening the Islamic world and crushing the West, with a timeline stretching over the coming fifteen to twenty years.

  20. Waging a Politically Correct war against Muslims to make them love us and adopt democracy has to be the stupidest idea anybody has come up with. As columnist Caroline Glick points out, Arab societies are “strong horse” societies where everything boils down to being perceived as the strong horse. The Western world will prevail as long as we are seen as the strong horse and Muslims fear us more than they hate us. Now we give them absolutely no reason to fear us, therefore they despise us.

  21. Muslims respond only to force, even in their own societies, as Wafa Sultan so correctly describes in her brave and brilliant book A God Who Hates. You have to forcefully puncture their always-inflated Muslim egos and make sure they understand that attacking us will gain them nothing, or worse, will be outright counterproductive. It's the only way to deal with them. That goes for other enemies and potential rivals, too, but for Muslims in particular.

  22. The entire West has an “I'm a brainwashed fool, please kick me and squeeze me for money”-sign on our backs. Nobody respects that. We're the sick man of the world and the joke of the planet. This will not change until somebody forcefully pushes back. If the current crop of Western leaders doesn't have what it takes then new leadership will be required. Either that or the West will be finished.

  23. Rather than unfairly attacking Israel we should thank Israelis for having served as brave frontline soldiers against the global Islamic Jihad for generations. They are fighting our fight, and we spit them in the face for it. The truth is that Israelis have shown remarkable restraint and civilized behavior compared to the consistently uncivilized behavior of their enemies

    entire article found here

  24. That's all awfully rich coming from someone whose idea of a devastating argument was a "certain shortcomings" remark.

    You've clearly picked your sources based on their specific bias, and the works of these nature generally have one key weakness: they wilfully overlook the masses of historical records that demonstrate that the governments of the day mandated sound and humane stewardship of the pupils of residential schools.

    Just as you yourself choose to refuse to acknowledge these facts — after all, they don't support your argument.

    Your "final solution" argument is laughable. If you can't tell the difference between the Residential School system and the Holocaust, you are historically blind, and clearly wilfully so. Moreover, you will not be afforded the luxury of applying a Nazi meaning to this phrase retro-actively. You may attempt this, of course, but it will only undermine what is rapidly becoming extremely thin will to take you seriously.

    I have, at no time, needed to offer so much as a single source to counter your arguments — in fact, spending that amount of time on your arguments would be granting them far more justification than they are worthy of.

    Simply put, I'm not going to waste that much time on you. Not to mention the detail that you, as the individual who is making a claim, is responisble for providing sources to prove it. The burden of proof is on you — and it always amazes me the extent to which lunatics like yourself never accept that little detail.

    I suggest you go annoy someone else. You are not being taken seriously here, and I simply refuse to waste my time giving your lunatic views any amount of serious attention.

  25. The Khamenei regime's own declaration of dedication not to Persia but to a 7th century interpretation of Islam – a repudiation of both the civilization which Persia cradled in infancy, mentored in adolescence and counselled into adulthood; and its descendent, the emergent global secular humanist community struggling to free us all from dogma – and emancipate its science and wisdom from its terrible slavery to theocracy and militarism.
    Obcene and ironic that this culture – secularity's childhood home – again invaded is having its ancient soul raped by a savage inhumanity.

  26. The Khamenei regime's own declaration of dedication not to Persia but to a 7th century interpretation of Islam – is a repudiation of both the civilization which Persia cradled in infancy, mentored in adolescence and counselled into adulthood; and its descendent, the emergent global secular humanist community struggling to free us all from dogma – and to emancipate its science and wisdom from a terrible slavery to theocracy and militarism.
    Obcene and ironic that this culture – secularity's childhood home – again invaded is having its ancient soul raped by a savage inhumanity.

  27. Canada should open a security file for all these "Canadians" who go to the "Confernence of Iranians Living Abroad" especially someone like Manoussi who runs for public office in Canada….what an IDIOT!