Is Omar Khadr coming back to Canada?

The answer from Ottawa is an emphatic ‘no’


More than eight years after being shot and captured on an Afghanistan battlefield—at the tender age of 15—Omar Khadr could be on his way back to Canada. Or not. It all depends on which source you believe: the anonymous kind, or the prime minister.

The ever-unreliable Khadr rumour mill started churning again this morning when Al Arabiya, a news channel in Dubai, reported that a settlement has already been reached: in exchange for pleading guilty to terrorism charges, the station said, the Toronto native will be allowed to leave the notorious U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and serve the remainder of his sentence (whatever it is) in a Canadian jail.

Nathan Whitling, one of Khadr’s Edmonton-based lawyers, would only say “that there is a potential deal in the works” and refused to provide further details. But “unnamed sources” are filling in the blanks. According to the Toronto Star, the deal was proposed by Khadr’s defence team and approved Wednesday night by the convening authority for war crimes tribunals at Gitmo. The National Post goes one step further, saying Khadr will plead guilty to all charges he faces—including murder—and will serve eight more years in prison, seven of them in Canada.

What does Stephen Harper make of the rumours of Khadr’s imminent return? Not true, he says. “Khadr (is) facing serious charges in the U.S.,” said Dimitri Soudas, a PMO spokesman. “These serious charges would have to be addressed in the U.S. Therefore there is no such agreement.” Lawrence Cannon, the Foreign Affairs minister, was equally adamant. “The rumour is not correct,” his office said.

If Khadr really is coming home, it’s safe to assume that the feds would know something about it. Ottawa and Washington have a longstanding treaty that allows Canadian citizens convicted of crimes in the U.S. to serve their time on home soil, but any such transfer would require the government’s blessing. And according to the relevant legislation, the International Transfer of Offenders Act, Ottawa has a wide range of reasons to deny such an application. Prisoners can be refused if they are deemed “a threat to the security of Canada,” or if they “left or remained outside Canada with the intention of abandoning Canada as their place of permanent residence.”

In the case of Omar Khadr—the son of a notorious al-Qaeda financier, and a boy (now man) who allegedly tossed a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier—both of those clauses could easily apply.


Is Omar Khadr coming back to Canada?

  1. Omar Khard must be sent to Afghanistan for trial. He killed and terrorized people in Afghanistan and Afghanis deserve to see justice being done.

    • Hmmm. Alternatively, a foreign country invaded Afghanistan (unprovoked by the government of same) and a heroic teenager did his best to defend his country of residence.

      I have never understood how a country could send their soldiers to invade another (a definite act of war), and then claim murder when one of their soldiers gets killed. Soldiers get killed and/or maimed. It's the inherent risk of the profession of arms.

      • Hey, Old Codger, there was an incident back on Sept. 11, 2001 that may have something to do with why the Chretien Gov`t sent Canadian soldiers to Afghanistan. We live in a crowded civilized world where we must depend on all those folks around us to be well-intentioned people.
        So after 911 we had to decide—tolerate massive incidents of terrorism around us and hope we aren`t at the sporting event when the bomb goes off—-or try to snuff out the base of the terrorists in Afghanistan.
        We rightly chose the latter and we expected to meet with bloody resistance from the cowardly Taliban ( a tiny percentage of the people of Afghanistan ).
        We did not expect to have the Khadrs to follow us from Canada and fight along side our enemies and kill our soldiers and those of our allies.
        So save your "heroic teenager " bull$hit for your own circle and expect to be called out again if you continue to naively misunderstand recent history.

        • Blue – The UN, wrongly, authorized the invasion of Afghanistan to hunt for Al Qaeda. We found that they were not there.

          Also, let’s remember a couple of things:

          – There is no such group as Al Qaeda; this is a CIA name. Al Queda translates as “the data”. So there is no such beast.

          – Once they found out that Osama bin Laden was not in Afghanistan the invasion was over and should have been taken out directly.

          – The USA has committed multiple massive war crimes.

          – The purported hijackers were alleged to all be Saudis except one. Logically we should have taken task upon Saudi Arabia where these terrorists began.

          – The CIA is a terrorist group that has committed violent crimes around our world since it changed its ways in 1953.

          – All CIA agents and assets must be brought to trial.

          – How do you manage to consider the Taliban cowardly? This is just a stupid analysis.

          – If anyone is naive it is you. You continue to ignore the reality of civilian killings by, mostly, the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. You also ignore the history of the CIA terrorists in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

          – The USA is cowardly through its use of drones delivering payloads that are killing innocent Pakistanis. You also ignore the gravity of the cowardliness of the Americans who fly drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan from Creech Air force base in Nevada about 20 miles from Los Vegas.

          -You also ignore the genocide by the Americans and the British using weapons and amour made of U-238 (Depleted Uranium). Because of the birth defects rising to incredible rates Iraqi women have been warned off of having babies.

          – and so much more.

          • You live in such a fantasy world I`m hesitant wasting another second on you. But I`ll just say this—-above you say the actions of the terrorists in flying full planes into office buildings in New York or indiscriminate placing of IED`s around Afghanistan is not the actions of a cowardly group.
            You seem to think the Taliban are a heroic group.
            Almost all Canadians will disagree with you.
            If you still live here, you may want to reconsider—-sounds like you may be more comfortable in a country other then the one we have established here.

      • "A heroic teenager"? You sound like a Jihadist.

      • Your "heroic teenager" committed an act of treason against his home country and her allies.

      • If you have an issue with why we are there then you can take it up with the UN. This is a UN sanctioned mission and one actually requested by the Afghan people and the we are still there at the official request of the Afghan government. So we pretty much have all the right in the world to be there.

        Terrorist organizations and combatants without recognizable forces are also not giving the same protection under the Geneva Convention as a combatant (I.E. the soldier he killed) thus making it murder and not dissimilar from murdering a law enforcement officer.

        As for his country of residence? Let him claim Afghanistan as his country of residence and be subject to their laws and punishments. Would save the rest of us a lot of tax payer dollars and would give scum like him something he deserves.

        • The original invasion wasn't really sanctioned by the UN. The UN approved the establishment of the new government and the mission to support it. Khadr isn't charged with any act of terrorism. He's mostly charged because his father was SUSPECTED, although never charged with possibly financing it.

          Fighters with irregular armed groups, like everybody who was fighting in Afghanistan against the Russians, then each other and then the Americans, including the US original Afghan allies, and all the insurgents fighting ever since, don't have as many entitlements as soldiers under Geneva, but they aren't automatic war criminals either, a Bush fiction. Even the US government doesn't seem to really believe it anymore. Why is nobody being charged in the deaths of the 5000 other US soldiers (lots of others too) killed by similar fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq? Or if they are, who are they. What are the cases? Not the few other Gtmo prisoners charged for fighting in Afghanistan.

      • Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda are Saudi Arabians that invaded Afghanistan. NATO troops that went to Afghanistan are sanctioned by the UN to free the Afghans from the Saudi Terrorists. As a Jihadist, you might want to twist facts, but boy you are so far out!

        • The same people who fought the US invasion of Afghanistan fought the Soviet Union invasion, with US/West support. They were credited with helping to bring down the Soviet Union. Khadr's father became involved in the fight against Russia, leading him to bring his family to the Afghanistan region and eventually involve Omar Khadr in the next war.

          Maybe so many of these people turned against the West because they were always religious extremists, or dedicated to an independant Islamic Afghanistan, and once they vanquished what they saw as the threat of Godless communists they went on to try to vanquish what they saw as the threat of Godless western liberals, lead by US. The majority of Afghans probably were not concerned about global politics at all, but the group of foreign fighters with Osama in a prominent role, were.

          There's nothing you can do to change convinced radicals, but you can do a lot to persuade other people not to join their cause. The Omar Khadr case is an example of something that works really well for anybody promoting hatred toward the West in general including Canada, the US in particular.

      • Blimey! A terrorist sympathizer -worse, a terrorist 'apologist'. I hope they hunt you, track you down then kill you, Mossad style. Alternatively you could spare them the trouble and kill yourself you miserable sod.

      • Where do you live under a rock?  If your from Afghanistan that would not be far from the truth.   Of course the men there think they are enligtened and the women should live under a rock.   You really don’t believe that country had nothing to do with 911 and talk about hatred!   They should be the poster picutre for it.   The poor females who are born in that country haven’t got a chance.   You don’t care about that because its free for all fuck time for you.   Now we know why they like virgins and covering up females.  Its because they are abusive perverts?  And insecure abusive perverts.   They act is up creep.   Hate?   You have no idea.   You like a society where the men pat each other on the back and turn a blind eye, don’t you.   I think you  guys should do us a favour and cover yourselves up.   Were sick of looking at you.

        A Canadian woman who can tell you to go fuck yourself, with having to by law fuck you.   You don’t begin to realize how creepy you are.

    • Omar Khadr will only plead guilty because it’s become his only option. If you had paid attention 8 years ago you would remember that an American soldier at the firefight reported that Omar Khadr did not throw the grenade that killed the American soldier because he had been shot in the back first; before the American soldier was killed.

      PM Harper likes to tout the rule of law but this is just not what he does. If he were to have promoted the rule of law Omar Khadr would be home today.

      Mch has been said about the killed American as being a medic. This is untrue though he may have had some medic training. He was a combat soldier.

      Meanwhile, as the Americans and the Canadian Tories illegally confine Omar Khadr for 8 years and did subject him to torture and severe isolation Khadr, until now, continued to steadfastly claim his innocence. The fact of the matter is that he was a boy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      It is most likely that the American was killed by one of his buddies’ grenades.

      Those of you suggesting that he should be deported to Afghanistan are really the fools of the day. Omar remains a Canadian born in Canada.

      Canada should be prosecuting the people at Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre for the torture of Omar Khadr. To not do so would be a traitorist act by the Canadian government. Anyone following the activities of the soldiers at GITMO already know that grievous torture was being done by the guards and kept it hidden for a long long time. To listen to one stupid American judge saying otherwise is foolish.

      PM Harper has been harping about rules of law and the rules of law in Omar Khadr’s case are the Geneva Conventions for the most part. If PM Harper were to follow the rules of law then Canada would have had to have brought Omar Khadr home. If PM Harper were to follow the rules of law the Canadian government would have taken the USA to court for its activities of torture.

      If Canada were to follow the rules of law we would be taking the USA to court for massive war crimes. But, when it comes down to brass tacs, Harper hasn’t the guts nor the will to follow the rule of law and demand it of all NATO members in this American war.

      • Terrorism apologist much? You vile sub human putrid troglodyte. I hope you and all your apologists kins get cancer and die..

        • Such intelligent commentary.

          Shame you do not believe in the rule of law and due process.

          Javol Herr Commadant!!!

    • Omar Khadr did no such things in Afghanistan. If you’d bothered to pay attention you would know this!

    • Khadr isn't charged with killing or terroizing people in Afghanistan. Did you make that up? He's charged with fighting the US military after it invaded the country he was living in, recurited into the war by his father when he was 15.

      • Not invaded. The U.S. and NATO were INVITED by the Afghan Government.
        As of this date I don't ever recall the Afghan Government requesting NATO leave. On the contrary.
        I guess it depends what side you are on Diana whether it was an invasion or an invitation. Taliban or the lawful Government of Afghanistan.

        • I don't think you know what the sides are, actually. The objection to the way Khadr was treated has nothing to do with that, but you are wrong about it anyway. The Taliban was what passed for a government in Afghanistan, with little international recognition, and most Afghans were likely fed up with it by 9/11. The US invaded, on grounds of self defense, which doesn't require UN approval. They and allies joined with the Northern Alliance rebel forces and quickly removed the Taliban from Kabul but they continued fighting in the countryside. There was good support from Afghans and wide international support, including from NATO, for a UN sanctioned military and development mission to set up and support a new government. An interim government was soon established and Karsai was nominated to lead it, in the middle of the summer of 2002, during the two months Khadr was in the insurgency.

          None of that was particularly controversial. It was Bush's decisions on the rounding up and treatment of prisoners that was controversial.

    • I agree, he should have to go a deal with his like kind, that should be perfect.  They should send his family with him.  What a bunch of ingrates.

  2. "What does Stephen Harper make of the rumours of Khadr's imminent return? Not true, he says. “Khadr (is) facing serious charges in the U.S.,” said Dimitri Soudas, a PMO spokesman. “These serious charges would have to be addressed in the U.S. Therefore there is no such agreement.” Lawrence Cannon, the Foreign Affairs minister, was equally adamant. “The rumour is not correct,” his office said."

    <sarcasm>And, after the UN Security Council campaign, we can trust that all of these gentlemen know exactly what the truth is and we can have full confidence in what they say.</sarcasm>

  3. If there is a "deal" to send him back to Canada and face (only) 7 years here in prison (which I have no faith he'd actually be forced to serve here)…I'd say leave him there and let him face trial.

    Faisal Shahzad would seem to be an appropriate neighbor for Omar.

    • The man you refer to was an adult who made an independant decision to do what he did. That's not true of Omar Khadr. I find it odd you don't comprehend the difference. We're not talking about kids knowing that certain things are wrong and certain things are obvious crimes. We're taking about a complex situation involving war. It seems you know nothing about war or politics.

      It is ludicrous to suggest Omar Khadr should have known it was wrong to fight in a war when his father and everybody around him thought it was right. It is even more ludicrous to suggest he should have known it was crime. Eight years after the fact legal experts are still arguing about if or what kind of crime it was, and under what law, and on and on.

      I think people like you are so full of prejudice and hate you forget how to think straight.

      • My 3 year old niece 'figured out' what it meant to die when she lost her dad.

        The 9 year old boys that can be seen on YouTube taking turns learning how to saw off a bound and gagged mans head knew exactly what was happening to the man, and that he would die. They also didnt seem all that disturbed at taking part, scarily enough. The world is obviously far more horrific and crafty than you have the mental capability of grasping.

        Rather than blah blah blah 'you must hate so much' like you seem to endlessly resort to, why not look things up first and see if this whole charade of 'he was a child, he knows not what he does' thing is even feasible. Would you like to have the URL on YouTube to see things for yourself? Would you like a quote from someone of studious authority on the possibilities instead? I can assure you with MY authority on the matter, it was not doctored, rotoscoped or otherwise 'faked' footage.

        I wont trifle you with the genders, religious backgrounds or ideologies of said 'head slicing off' boys, wouldnt want to confuse your delicate sensibilities. Might upset your maltose sweet apple cart of illusions.

        Anyone of any age should be held responsible for their actions no matter how monumental, not pandered to the way your narrow minded responses always lavish on this particular boy.

        • I can't argue with your charges against Khadr or anybody else. I've always been talking about what the US government charged him with, as on their web site, and how they ran their trial, assuming he might have done it all. You and a lot of others here seem to have your own trial, or witch hunt, going.

  4. I would rather he will be deported back to Pakistan or Afghanistan and serve his sentence there.

    • You can't deport people to countries of which they are not citizens. There is no reason for the countries to accept them. Khadr can't be deported to some country because his parents decided to move him there when he was a very small kid.

      Khadr never in his life had a choice about where to live, and not a lot of chance of avoiding the war either.

    • he is a Canadian citizen, he should be allowed to come home

  5. Keep it up Harper. Let him spend his time in an Afghan jail.

  6. Omar Khadr isn't even charged with terrorising people, or committing any act of terrorism. See charges at DOD web site.

    He's also not charged with any war crime under international law. That's why we never heard of supposed war crimes such as his. See article by law professor David Glazier.

    The Harper government has mislead Canadians, in order to satisfy their own hateful supporters.

    If there really is a plea deal, and the offer has been reported before, it means the US government has the sense to know it has no case, and the decency to be embarrassed by the whole affair.

    • Khadr faces LIFE in jail, in the USA, if found guilty.
      That's why after saying he would never plea bargain, Khadr is looking for a deal that includes Canada's weak laws.

      I hope somewhere in that bargain, Khadr is made to agree to not sue the Cdn govt,
      if not, leave him in a US jail for life.

      • It's the US government that's looking for a deal. If they thought they had a case, and if it didn't embarrass them because it's so disgusting and stupid, they would go ahead with it.

        Don't forget the US has announced in other cases that if they think somebody is dangerous they will keep them locked up even they're proved innocent in a court, based on the AUMF passed by Congress, which gives the President the right to do that.

        The US has nothing to lose by going ahead with this case, but, if the reports of a plea deal are correct, it means they know it's a bad case and they know what it does to their reputation. Only the Harper government is too stupid to know what it does to ours, or too hateful to care.

      • You can thank Harper for the law suit. They're the ones who already spent a million fighting the courts. They're the ones who ignored the Supreme Court declaration that they were a party to the illegal treatment of Khadr by the US, contrary to Canadian and international law and principles of fundamental justice.

        They're the ones who ignored the majority in Parliament and a host of national and international legal and human rights groups.

        They're the ones who ignored the former PM when he said he was wrong not to request repatriation, based on subsequent information (like court orders).

        Thank them if you're worried about what this has cost you.

      • The US government is looking for a plea deal because they know they have a weak case in a phony trial process that people all over the world, except for a few ignorant people, recognize as wrong.

    • Diana1976 says : he's also not charged under International Law…Chief Prosecutor Jeff Groharing for the U.S. Govt. states Mr. Khadr is charged with ''Murder in Violation of the Laws of War '' under International Humanitarian Law, Groharing also goes on to state …Khadr describes ''himself '' as a Terrorist praying for Al-Qadea., and his intentions were to kill as many Americans as possible…and I suppose you did not see the Pictures of Omar proudly carrying and displaying his trophies of the severed hands and feet……

      • Kadhr is entitled to his day in court, just like anyone else. Holding him for eight years without remedy is itself a violation of the basic principles of justice…he should have been tried and sentenced long ago…clearly the evidence is not airtight. Can you link these photos – it's the first i've heard of it?

        • kcm : I agree that eight years is a very long time, this whole thing should have been over years ago….Photo link : Google.. Omar Khadr, scroll down until you find '' images'' of Omar this one…there used to be a lot of links with explanations of the these photos and others..Just a heads up ,they are graphic ! good luck.

          • Yeah that's pretty graphic. But it is a picture, there's no indication the were "his trophies." I also see images of Kadhr and Gitmo residents being abused. The whole mess is appalling. I'm not one of those who claims he's just a innocent boy, but enough is enough. If it can't be proven he murderd anyone then we have to start the process of rehabilitating a young man who's made bad choices and had an even worse upbringing. He's suffered enough given his age. I believe he's repudiated his earlier views – every one is deserving of at least a chance of reform. Let's remember nothing, nothing has been proven against him in open court. Good lord! how is it so difficult, given the resources lined up against him, to at least provide a fair trial?

        • The photos are phony. Somebody picked up a photo of a Taliban guy from the RAWA web site. It's even labelled RAWA 1998. The guy looks different and older than Khadr even when he was 15, in the US military photos, let alone when he was 12.

          It's almost as if there's some hate campaign of lies going on. Gee, I wonder who could be responsible for that. Maybe the specialists in hate and lies and smear campagns, i.e. the present governemnt or their party or their supporters.

          • god…not only a miserable disgruntled anti establishment kinda gal, but a conspiracy theorist and retard as well. Ive had enough of you. too bad there is no 'ignore' thumb here, your mentality is almost as disturbing as omars

          • I have no trouble ignoring you. :-)

          • … or reality.. or common sense.. or omar's detailed confession… your mentality is far worse that his, that was about the only thing ive been wrong about so far….
            no wonder why the negative rep number, you've pissed off and annoyed enough people apparently… Im sure they weed out retards like you soon enough

          • Diana is Omar's mum.

      • He is charged with "murder in violation of the laws of war" but there's an argument over what laws of war the Congress meant. Instructions with the original Bush order specified that one of these crimes was killing of a privileged belligerent by an unprivileged belligerent, which appears nowhere in IHL. The Congress was vague about it in the MCA, just referring to laws of war. The Manual hints that this doesn't have to mean international law of war but they don't say what it does mean. Some speculate it means US common law related to law that was used against people in the US. You could kill a soldier by unlawful means, illegal weapon, or perfidy, but he's not charged with that. He conveniently said a whole raft of things under years of interrogation before ever seeing a lawyer.
        I've seen that picture but I never saw anything to say it was Omar Khadr, just people claiming it. Have you?

    • He has just pleaded quilty to 5 charges in the states including murder. Get your facts straight before saying there are no charges against him. He may not be charged with war crimes as Canada was not at war. Oh that is right he was fighting for Afghanistan.
      It is time for the Canadian Government to stop allowing dual Citizenship and if you live in another country for over a period of time you give up your Canadian Citizen. Many countries already are banning dual citizenship.

    • oh please…dont you feel like a moron for so fully sucking into the propaganda on his behalf? Do people like you have nothing better to do than obfuscate and spew your anti-government-establishment-citizenship rhetoric? Especially after Omar let it all spill out?… he can do that because NONE OF IT will ever be able to be held against him or face justice for, as per the sweetass plea deal his turdball Ebney lawyer got for him…

      way to go ebney, arent you just the Man to go to if you are a hardened, silent type terrorist/criminal (also see toronto 18 deal… only 38% of sentence to serve before parole or release).

      I would like to see them tie you up in a room and force you to watch Omar playing around with those dead mens severed limbs, again and again and again, until you grew a spine and got half a whit. Who knows, maybe you find that sort of thing perfectly acceptable, non illegal, non disturbing behaviour, regardless of the murderers age.

      • grrr… that wasnt directed to you CJCJ, the website failed to link the comment to 'diane' and her "lets all just snuggleLove Omar' froth again. That has happened enough times that I feel remiss for not quoting verbatim or using names. My bad.

  7. Think about it , if khadr had not been caught by the Americans forces , this poor "kid" from Toronto would still be in Afgnanistan,perhaps attacking Canadians forces. Think about it real hard , BEFORE you
    show sympathy . By the way ,Canadian law is clear ,you CAN be judged as an adult for serious crimes. But Canadian law does NOT extend beyond our borders . That's internationally accepted. He did what he did, and at fifteen you ARE comsidered an adult on the battle field , That's what the Geneva convention clearly states.
    Stephen Harper has been Prime Minister for 4 years in a minority government , Khadr's return is so repulsive to Canadians, Harper need only apply the law to refuse his re-entry to Canada. And for once he'll have my VOTE !!!.

    • The Geneva Conventions says no such thing. Harper mislead people on the Child Soldier issue. Read the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Children Involved in Armed Conflict. The name is almost as long as the law, why it has a nickname, Child Soldier Law. Prosecuting someone like Khadr is contrary to the intent and undermines the law, why UNICEF complained. Canada signed this law and normally promotes it. Not any more I guess. No wonder Harper was snubbed by the UN when he tried to get a seat on the SC. This is only one issue where he made us look bad internationally.

  8. Omar Khadr is a vile creature who I find offensive for calling himself a Canadian. That goes for the rest of his bottom feeding family. They all openly speak of how much they hate Canada and Canadians but are not too proud to suck the welfare out of us. The only reason they came back here was for the younger one to get free medical aid when he was crippled fighting and maybe killing NATO soldiers. Charge the whole lot of them with Treason. Ship the whole lot of them back to wherever they came from in the middle east.

    • The whole family isn't on trial in this case. You make a good argument why it's ridiculous to charge Omar Khadr for fighting in a war, considering he was raised by those parents in that place, mainly, and was recruited at 15 by his father.

      • Let me guess. Poor Omar was only 15 and didn't know what he was doing. It's all daddy and mommy's fault and we should bring poor Omar home to Canada and give him welfare and benefits for life. A lot more than he wanted for the Afghan people he and his kind were oppressing and murdering.
        Unfortunately at one point he will get back to Canada and enjoy all the benefits of a free society. No doubt he will write a book called "Poor Omar" and how he was treated by the infidels. People like Khadr should be stripped of their Canadian Citizenship as they do not deserve it. When you take up arms against your own country it's called TREASON. Look it up in The Criminal Code. Ever wonder who the owner of these limbs was that Khadr was showing off for the camera with and how Omar and his buddies came by them. Hopefully the poor guy was dead before they started sawing.

        Omar Khadr took sides with the Taliban who strip people of their basic human rights, murders them, oppress women. Ever read reports from RAWA? Now Omar wants all the rights afforded him from Canada that was fought for by Canadian Soldiers in blood, the same rights he and his Taliban buddies are trying to deprive from the Afghan people.
        Omar should be put on the next flight to Afghanistan and turned over to Afghan authorities to stand trial under the same Government the Taliban are trying to bring down.
        Omar Khadr knew full well what he was doing and revelled in it. Now he is in a cage and he wants the same rights he was trying to deprive others off.

        • The RAWA site includes the original photo of the guy with the hands from 1998 (nothing to do with Khadr).

          RAWA does have quite a sympathetic article on Khadr from Koring.

          A legal group proposed a treason trial to the government but they didn't bite. It would mean a fair court trial.

          The Afghans have many bigger fish to fry, and try, than a low level fighter involved in the insurgency for 2 months 8 years ago. It would make even more sense to try him in a normal American court.

          • The first site you suggest I could not find the photo you are referring to. The photos I have access to clearly depict Omar Khadr with 2 severed hands tied together and he is proudly displaying them. AND it is Khadr.

            Koring another bleeding heart like yourself wrote a sympathetic article on Khadr. NOT RAWA.

            You are throwing links on here with no foundation. Smoke screen.

            You are quite right, try him in a normal American Courtroom, preferably in Texas.

          • The link from RAWA was about the photo. Here's the photo itself at the RAWA site.

            Why do you suppose RAWA posted Koring's article if they didn't like it?

            The point of references is so people wont think you just make things up, not that I think you would do that. :-)

            A Texas court is better than a kangaroo court. I'm glad we agree. Canadians generally are such sheep. If Americans heard an American citizen was being given some second class justice in another country, in a weird system reserved for "aliens" only, they'd be furious.

          • there was video tape of that as well which was A LOT harder to refute (as opposed to one frame removed and supposedly photoshopped for Dianes satisfaction), but I cant find it online now. Ive noticed there are several links and things deleted since the broil up around this little turds trial date.

            Maybe Conspiracy-Theory-Diane isnt all that far off, only in this case its for the protection of the khadrs (just where have those weekly rants and raves of momma K gone to anyways? been awful quiet since the main ranting years ago…. cone of silence…witness protection plan… alien abduction? hmmmmmmm, more like protectionism, but conspiracy theory is so much more exciting and hard to substantiate, lets go with that)

        • Second Part of Above Message:

          What a Bagram interrogator said about Khadr after he was first captured is pretty much my impression.

          "Corsetti told Shephard that Omar Khadr was no terrorist. "Honestly, he seemed like a young kid who got swept up into something because of his family ties and never got the opportunity to make a choice for himself whether it was right or wrong."

          For documented background, not made-up imaginings, see Michelle Shephard's book, "Guantanamo's Child".

          • Guantanamo's Child. Give me a freakin break. Shephard is another bleeding heart like yourself. Maybe you are Shephard. Might explain your artsy fartsy attitude towards terrorism and the people who commit it.
            Let all just give them a big hug and sing around the campfire singing Kumbaya.

          • Bet you never read it. Bet you never read the RAWA site either, just looked at the pictures.

          • I have contributed money to RAWA and read their articles and am on their email list. Great organization but don't think for a moment that they are condoning what Khadr and his buddies did and are doing.
            By the way the pictures are Omar Khadr with the hands and the feet.
            Bet when Omar steps off the plane in Toronto you are the first screaming groupie with a placard waiting to wash his feet and kiss his A$$.

          • You have yet to provide any link to your photos or any proof they are of Omar Khadr. I'm waiting.

            Your attitude seems totally different than RAWA. They are what people like you wouldn't normally like, a left wing organization. Can't you see that?

            If they don't have any sympathy for Khadr, how come they posted an article sympathetic to him. They choose what they post.

            You seem to cling to your preconceived notions no matter what facts are in your face. Try and open your mind. It might feel good. I get the feeling you've been brainwashed.

      • Where do you get off hating Canada and being such a terrorism apologist anyway ? Don't kid yourself you're not defending civil liberties or anything like that. You're just an armchair terrorist sympathizer.I think deep down you realize that.

        'Diana' if that's even remotely close to your real name doesn't exactly seem like a palestinian terrorist name. So why the hate for your own country? Where did your hate for human kind came from? Was it some deep trauma? Were you differently born? Were you molested? Perhaps you stand out in the street? Provoking snickering as people pass you? I mean, what??? I'm wondering why someone cease to be a human and become a terrorist sympathizer. Do you hate life so much? Do you hate the world so much that you would rather destroy it? Do you ever think how many were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks? In the mean time instead of projecting your own hate remove yourself from the gene-pool, monster.

        • Do you have a problem with western democratic/Canadian principles like giving accused people a fair trial in a normal court within a reasonable length of time, following rules recognized by "civilized people everywhere". Julie sounds like a Canadian name to me.

          • Diane not only are you boring and droll but you keep bouncing in and out of your reality distortion field. Stick to one thing and atleast pretend to know what you are talking about… its all about bad bad S. Harper or is it the impossibility of teens being responsible for anything or is it the failure of trials being wrapped up IN YOUR time frame, not others? Which is it? or actually what the hell is your point? not having one, and not being clear about anything, again I regret there is not an 'ignore' button by your name on here somewhere.

            Your parents really did think smoking dope was a good form of birth control, didnt they?

  9. Harper is so wrong on this, fighting the court orders for repatriation and declarations of illegality of the process, causing a multi-million dollar civil suit, defying the majority in Parliament, ignoring a host of legal and human rights groups, ignoring the UN (UNICEF), apparently ignoring even hints that the US might welcome a repariation request.. All to please his supporters, including all those right wing supposed Christians who have no compassion for a 15 year old raised in a war zone and recruited into the war by his father.

    • You are forgetting the rights of the REAL Canadian citizens to live in safety. He is a terrorist plain and simple. Why you are so protective of him I do not understand. As for regarding his age, see my other comments.

      • On the issue of the danger to Canadians, I don't think US or Canadian authorities, are going to endanger us by by letting somebody loose among us who they think has the slightest chance of being a danger. The present conversation is more about where Khadr will be in prison.

        He isn't even charged with ever committing an act of terrorism. Fighting in a war his father believed in, and committing terrorism, or committing any crime, are entirely different things.

        Try to imagine yourself in his place. You've lived much of your life in a war zone. Your father is a war hero from a previous war and he believes in the present war, as do all the other people around you. You're a 15 year old guy, and you have a choice between staying home helping your mother with the house work and younger kids, or joining with other men in the war, and maybe making your father proud of you. You get to join the war and two months later, foreign soldiers that you've been taught to fear, ask you to surrender to them, along with the women and children. So, you're not going to fight?

        • He had lived in Canada! That makes it a very different scenario from which your describe. Plus, he could be a danger because our laws are lax and he might get out after serving only 5 years, and in my books he is a terrorist, and in addition to that he committed treason.

          • His father got involved in Afghan causes when the Russians invaded and through the civil war that followed. He brought his family to live mostly in that region not long after Khadr was born. They made visits back to Canada. Khadr had only one year of school in Canada, grade 1. The rest was in/near Afghanistan. He was raised mostly in a country that had been at war for decades evern before the American invasion, among family and others who thought it was right to fight in the war, and his father arranged for him to get into it. I suppose, under those circumstances, you would have figured out everybody around you was wrong about a war.

            Khadr also didn't attack Canadian or American troops. American troops confronted him and others and they refused to surrender.

            Only because of when he fought and who his father was, Khadr is singled out among thousands of insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq to be prosecuted for fighting in a war in which thousands of soldiers died. Nobody is being prosecuted in their deaths.

          • You are skewing the facts. You also neglected to mention that his father was a terrorist. In 1995 Ahmed Said Khadr was arrested for his role in the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad.

            "Khadr also didn't attack Canadian or American troops"? Give me a break. Placing land mines is an attack.

          • If you don't like my facts try finding your own. Read Wikipedia. Khadr's father was arrested. Canada asked them to give him a fair trial. The Pakistanis didn't give him any trial. They let him go. (Ahmed Said Khadr). Read about the fire fight too.

            Khadr's father isn't on trial. Khadr's father is the reason Omar Khadr is on trial for joining the war. The fire fight and bombing happened because the US military tried to arrest him and others they knew were insurgents. Canada signed the land mine treaty but the US didn't, by the way. Look up David Glazier – Omar Khadr. He's a law professor. Read about all the charges and why he says each one including the land mines charge is not a war crime.

            Nobody says Khadr wasn't in the war, like tens of thousands of other insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan where 5000 US soldiers died, and many others, and more were wounded. Can you find where the US is prosecuting anybody for the deaths and woundings of all the others, or is Omar Khadr paying for all of them.

          • If he indeed is, I suppose thats the price you pay for being a Martyr.

          • We could go on about this for a long time, and I simply cannot invest more time into it. As my final comment to you, I want to say that he is responsible for all of his actions including treason, killing another man (the one we know of, maybe there are more), and terrorism. Therefore he will have to live with the consequences. If the government begins to consider allowing him back to Canada, I WILL be talking to my MP and expressing my concerns.

            By the way, I still think your name is not legit!

          • My final comment to you is, feeling as you do, it seems absurd that you would expect any other country to take responsibility for him. You can't just deport a person like some people would drop off a pet they don't want any more. The other country has to have some reason for accepting the person.

            I don't think your name is legit either. I think you're just pretending to be a patriotic Canadian when, in fact, you have no idea of what the country has always stood for.

    • good god you never stop do you…the tripe and irrelevant points you rag on about is amazing. Are you some sort of a disgruntled, miserable old hippy or something? Why not to protest outside Parliament hill where your vile seems to actually seem aimed towards, instead of finding any excuse of a topic on the internet to bash Stephen Harper about. geezuz. Lame.

      Better yet why not join momma khadr in rantings and ravings against western society, god knows everyone must have failed you to warp you THIS distinctly.

  10. The Khardr family should be deported.

    • The Canadian government is actually doing the opposite. It wont let them leave. Wants to keep their eye on them I think, and rightly so. It's about being responsible.

      • Diana I can assure you that if the whole Khadr family wanted to leave Canada most Patriotic Canadians would be ecstatic and chip in a few bucks of their own for their one way plane ticket out of here preferably somewhere on the far side of the globe.

  11. Khadr and his family if just an example of cittizen of convenience.
    Happily receiving welfare and free health care but being full of hate against Canada and canadian universl values.

    Deport them all! They do not belong to western world.

    • Forget the tired conservative talking points and start thinking for yourself.

  12. How about compassion, I know what he has done is horrible but all this hatred and an eye for an eye has to stop somewhere, I feel for him, understand and applaud PM Harper for being gutsy and showing no tolerance, but it breaks your heart, he is a victim too!

    • Finally somebody with a reasonable post.

      • Thank you!

    • Compassion is exactly what is needed here. But, not for Khadr or his kind. Compassion should be directed to the family of Christopher Spears, the medic that Khadr killed. Compassion should be directed towards the family of the victim that had his hands and feet and head sawed off and proudly displayed by the dirt bag in question. Compassion should be directed to the young girls who have had acid thrown in their face just for daring to go to school and try to get educated. Compassion should be directed towards all women oppressed by the Taliban. Compassion should be directed to all the people and their families that the Taliban have slaughtered over the years just for wanting a little more in their poor lives.
      The real victims here will be the Canadian public if this terrorist is allowed back into our society to roam free and indulge in all the benefits of a free life that he deprived others off. OmarKhadr and the word compassion do not belong in the same sentence.

      • Then bring him to trial (a fair trial) and if he's found guilty then he can be punished in whatever way is appropriate (and rehabilitated if possible although that seems doubtful). I'm not saying he shouldn't be punished but we can't just throw people to the dogs; we have rules and we have to follow them or else we're no better than the despotic middle east countries that you're preaching about.

        If the Americans can't prove he's guilty than he shouldn't be in prison and if they can than they should do so at a trial. That's all I'm saying.

      • I respectfully disagree, I read this some where years ago,
        " Someone must risk returning injury with kindness or hostility will never turn to godwill, I love to prelude any future conflict by emanating love and kindness"

        I know it might sound to hippiesh to you, but look at what Ghandi accomplished with love, compassion, kindness, peace.

        Now, I am not saying that he is free to do such a terrible acts and then just get a clean slate, there are man laws to follow and he broke them, but his circumstances are tragic too, he is most likely spend a good portion if not the rest of his life in jail, but even then, he does deserve compassion, kindness and forgiveness, that's stronger than any punishment he receives, other wise is a vicious circle of hatred that will never end!

    • The Medic this twat murdered was attempting to exercise compassion. He died living his compassion. The REAL direction of the inference should be 'how about a lil compassion from the murderers and terrorists', or is that too much to ask?

      we tried compassion and it failed, more than once in this timeline. It was used against us as a sposed hateful embodiment of an enemy, and the Medic was the closest man who happened to pay the ultimate price at that time.

      Heres an idea, why dont I link you to the Medics picture, and why dont you show his family some compassion? No, didnt think you would go for that. shame.

  13. I don't know whether he committed the crime or not but that is what courts and trials are for. He should have had a fair trial years ago and been either appropriately sentenced if found guilty or released if not.

  14. I hope there is some reasonable plea deal in the works. I expect Omar Khadr might actually rather stay in prison than go along with a guilty plea based on some warped mixture of ideas about war and crime.

    Also, people get institutionalized in no matter what kind of prison they have been locked up in. They can be afraid to leave.

    I hope he has the courage to try to find a new beginning in life. I hope the government and Canadians will find the sense of decency which Canada used to stand for, and give him a chance.

  15. Khadr has been tortured by the U.S. and Sh– refuses to consider having him in Canada. SH has disgraced us all over the world including in this matter. That young man is the only westener left at Gitmo!!! He apparently has lost the use of one eye, has difficulty walking and has been water boarded etc. because war rules do not apply as it is not on US soil!! Sh– lets lies and corruption carry on in his minority gov. I wonder why he insist on being a tiger in this matter? Compassion is supposed to be one of the major assets of born agains, he certainly does not show it. I wonder what Christ would say? I think the words were "Let those without sin cast the first stone" That certainly leaves Sh out. Also the Master said, suffer the little children to come unto me….. Harper is a 2 faced rt. wing fool like all other conservatives. The mid road is for me!!!

    • Right on, Betty. You don't know how sick I am of these so called Christians who stand for anything but what Jesus did, and against everything Canada always stood for. I feel like they are disgracing both my religion and my country. It's so hard to know what, if anything, can be done about it, though.

    • Christ would forgive a repentant man; one who repents and DOES NOT RETURN to his sin.

      Christ would tell him to repent from that obviously sick twisted mentality and lifestyle to be forgiven, otherwise die in his sin whenever, however he dies (old age or like his father, a terrorist dying in terrorist activities). Or did you through in the Christ comment to merely get something else to be vindictive about, like so many do? Off topic, much?

      Omar repeated more than a few times he 'gets by' in the delight of the knowledge he murdered an American, and a Medic no less… he neither recanted his Al Queda membership nor his murdering, bloodthirsty ways (or did you not get the part about photos of him joyfully playing with severed human limbs).

      He has proven himself a very effective liar. In spite of bleeding hearts around the world who got sucked into the fairy tale he was 'tortured', he in fact would have babbled anything they wanted within the hour if that happened or if he was really innocent. Hardened criminals and zealots cave in as well, it takes just a while longer is all. Turning, as he did years after capture, is not a sign of continued torture either. Again, softies would rather get sucked in by the babyface approach than the fact this terrorist would murder them for his koran. Mostly all gagged and stifled until AFTER the plea deal, no less. Dont you special interest groups feel good about your 'certainties' of innocence now….sheesh.

      Christ has no part in this discussion at any rate, unless you are fully prepared to counter the ideological religious ramifications of Koran 9:5 and what it means, religiously, to Christians… and why lil sweet murdering Omar wants you and westerners to die unless you personally convert to islam. If this was all about 'his homeland' (ha right, what a sham, isnt home supposed to be 'Canada'?) and how badly he feels for his peeps, I fail to see why he and his family managed to end up in Canada unless for the very obvious Land Of Convenience status; the land of pink under bellied arm chair self righteous moral objectors of everything patently sane in life.

      I hope you arent one of the sponge-toffies who sympathize with the martyrdom, killing and terrorism supporting rants of his mother as well….

  16. A lot of posters here are seriously fact challenged whatever side their on.

    The people who are sympathic to Khadr because of basic human decency seem kind of confused and lost.

    The people who viciously oppose him seem like they're either the victims of some campagn of misinformation or part of it. I can't figure out which.

    I think media outfits like McLeans need to a better job of informing people about the basic facts of the case.

  17. Hahaha, salud, thanks!

  18. This case has stirred up so much hatred it's depressing. Thanks for your posts. :-)

  19. IF he is allowed to come to Canada he should be told he must sign a legal form which would retain it's legality forever stating he cannot sue Canada for anything at all.

    I am sick and tired of these situations where there is an issue outside of Canada where someone is in trouble – Canada rescues them – then they sue us for megga buck.


    • jeanne; a committed liar and self confessing terrorist and murderer would honor that? would it be worth the paper it was printed on? hardly. He would sign it sure, fully convinced inside he was going to break that contract at the first chance. Dont get me wrong, I fully agree with you, only many times more intensely.

      funny how omar lies for years about things, makes up all these wonderful stories, professes such snowy childlike innocence….and people sucked it in and believed it…

      yet now when he admits it was a lie, he delights in the fact he murdered atleast one american, video tapes of him making IEDS (without the force of strangers as claimed), plays with dead mens hands, agrees he committed everything he was charged with, and is giving clear detail of the matters of each charge (something he couldnt do if he only said he was guilty for the sake of getting off, therefor he actually IS guilty, with his own evidence to back himself up with)… the same stupid sheep are still sticking to omar's gooey-goodness propaganda instead. I can bet your bottom dollar he will say or act on his desire to continue killing Americans at the first opportunity, and we will still see the likes of Diane gushing at how wonderfully cuddly and fluffy he is.

      The "pretend sweet omar" is so much nicer to believe in than self confessed terrorist murdering horrific omar… so lets all pretend in the fantasy version shall we?

      the day he even respects the law here or even contemplates turning into a citizen of THIS country instead of a warring one, is the day those fantasy fairies fly out his butt….

  20. What I'd like to know is why parents are allowed to drag Canadian children to God-forsaken countries ,involve them in all sorts of vile activities and then waltz back here without having to give so much as a good excuse for their reprehensible neglect.I think Omar Khadr belongs in a psychiatric institution to be deprogrammed and his mother should be the one going to jail for a good long time.

  21. Your all idiots. I suggest you take the time to actually read about his case. There is insufficient evidence to support any of the claims being made against him. This was not a person who was raised to do anything but hate.
    Under Article 11 subcategory 1, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
    “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.” Omar Khadr has been refused not only this right but also his fundamental rights as a human being and moreover as a Canadian citizen. All his rights have been forcefully denied and violated by the American government since his arrest in
    July of 2002, by American forces at the age of 15 in Afghanistan. Since being detained and sent to the infamously notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Mr. Khadr has been physically, mentally and emotionally tortured at the hands of American soldiers. The environment that Mr. Khadr has spent being incrassated in has subsequently damaged him mentally and emotionally causing him to develop post-traumatic stress disorder and to become suicidal. This young man has been suffering inhuman treatment for the last eight years at the hands of the United States government that prides itself on equality and justice. Where is the justice for Mr. Khadr? With conflicting eyewitness reports, missing files and insufficient evidence his trail has been postponed a copious amount of times. More than eight years after being shot and captured on an Afghanistan battlefield he has yet see justice.

  22. I wonder if we could convince the Americans they they should keep him. It's for sure our crew in Ottawa will give in to his side as always. They care not what the majority of "the people" think. Me say, if he is guilty, leave him there. He will most likely sue when he gets back and the feds will pay out our $$$ as usual.

    • There'd be no reason to sue if Harper had obeyed the courts in the first place instead of placing himself above the law, as well as Parliament. He thinks this is the Middle Ages and he's a king.

      • The more I read your comments the more I am becoming convinced that you are:

        1. A Muslim, especially with you bringing Western democratic principles into the mix (typical Muslim strategy), and have chosen a common North American name
        2. Simply a terrorist
        3. Someone without any worldly experience

        • Well, I hope you read my last message to you. I think it explains where I'm coming from.

          I suppose I could think you're a sociopath with no human feeling, but I refuse to believe that. I'd rather just think you are an ordinary, decent Canadian who is missing some facts, and maybe mislead by politicians, or radio talk show hosts, who are rarely to be trusted because they're all like used car salesmen.

          • If there is a sociopath it is Omar, who was caught on tape grinning while holding human limbs and planting IEDs. Contrary to what you think, I've have not been mislead. I call a spade a spade. Omar is a terrorist, and I don't want him in Canada.

          • If you're so sure you're right why do you feel you have to spread lies nobody so far has proved.

  23. If the Canadian Goverment let him come back , THEY ARE DOING A ” HARAKIRI ” JAPANICE SUICIDE , WHERE ALL CANADIAN WILL SUFFER . Omar will be an Evil Islamic Terrorist Leader

  24. Hahaha. He’s already in Canada, and he might be up for parole very soon.