It's make-it-or-break-it day for Sun News Network -

It’s make-it-or-break-it day for Sun News Network


OTTAWA – This could be make-it-or-break-it day for Sun News Network, dubbed by some critics as “Fox News North.”

The CRTC is due to announce today if will grant the channel’s request to be carried on basic cable.

Three months ago, Sun News executives told the commission that anything short of mandatory carriage would spell the end of the channel.

Sun News Network went on the air in April of 2011.

Last year, it lost $17 million, a situation parent company Quebecor calls clearly unsustainable.

One option might be for the broadcast regulator to designate Sun News Network as “must offer.”

That would compel cable and satellite companies to make it available to their customers, who could then choose whether or not to subscribe.

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It’s make-it-or-break-it day for Sun News Network

  1. So Sun News Network, who have long railed against the government forcing things upon people who don’t want them and shouldn’t have to pay for them, are now calling on the same government to force their channel on people who clearly don’t want it.

    I guess when it’s them on the chopping block the whole “The Free Market Will Fix It” ethos goes out the window.

    • A free market requires that all competing organizations are equal under the law. This is a fundamental principle which much be satisfied for a free market system to function. CBC and CTV have both been given what Sun News is asking for by the CRTC; therefore, in order to maintain a free market system the CRTC is required to give them the same treatment.

      • It is NEVER like this and for good reason. The market doesn’t account for externalities. That’s why we have an economy governed by democratically elected governments which set the rules for the market. In this case the externality is CONSTANT LYING on the part of Sun. They should be denied.

  2. You mean we won’t be able to see Levant interview Goldstein as they try to outrant each other? Darn! I really liked that for about a minute and a half!

  3. So-called Sun news, the bastard child of its horrific
    parent Fox, is not a news channel at all, but is in fact the political arm of
    the egregious conservative party of Canada. This channel should never have been
    allowed to see the light of day. Canadians do not need this vitriolic nonsense
    and this channel should be shut down immediately. The views espoused by extreme
    right wing religious conservatism has no place in the Canadian paradigm. We are
    more closely aligned to the British point of view and it is there that we
    should seek for an external point of view that will more nearly reflect the
    ideations of the Canadian public.

    • Obama was trying to shut down Fox he does not like people that expose the truth about him . The left and the greens want to do the same to Sun news but in spite their effort the truth will prevail

  4. The whole issue of news channels is being reviewed by the CRT and it expects to issue regulation that will put all the news channel on equal footing before end of the year. Sun news will see itself in the sun in spite of the leftist effort to muzzle it. The lying and disinformation is done by the CBC that I am forced to support by my taxes. The whole annual budget of Sun News is less than one week subsidy that CBC gets from the taxpayers.