Jason Kenney: Provinces who want TFWs should invest more in vocational schools

Federal employment minister says he’s raising questions with the provinces about how they’re spending the Canada social transfer


OTTAWA — Jason Kenney is taking aim at provinces and territories complaining about Ottawa’s crackdown on temporary foreign workers, asking why they aren’t spending more federal transfer funds on vocational schools.

The federal employment minister says he’s raising questions with the provinces about how they’re spending the Canada social transfer on post-secondary education.

He says he doesn’t understand why polytechnic institutions and vocational schools offering coveted programs for skilled trades are seeing their budgets slashed.

When some provincial governments ask for the green light to turn to temporary foreign workers, Kenney adds, he responds by asking them why they aren’t supporting vocational schools that could help fill skills gaps.

Newly elected Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, a one-time Kenney cabinet colleague, is among the western leaders who have said the government’s overhaul of its temporary foreign worker program has been too onerous.

Prentice says labour policy, including temporary foreign workers, will top his agenda when he gets a chance to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The western premiers say their provinces, with their low unemployment rates, are facing genuine shortages of skilled labour and need temporary foreign workers to fill the void.

Kenney says the government has every right to ask questions about how federal transfer funds are being spent.


Jason Kenney: Provinces who want TFWs should invest more in vocational schools

  1. What Jason can’t understand is that not everyone wants to learn a trade and move to the Alberta boonies.

    • That’s fine, but lots of people do.
      And those that don’t should not expect working Canadians to support them when they are out of work!

  2. The problem is both the Feds and Provicial gov’t have “failed” to provide the proper training/education for these highly-skilled trades. They blame the canadian business’s, from the largest to smallest of not providing those required skills, and training,… in the workplace, and vica-verca. -It’s the same table-tennis blame-game once again.
    The Business don’t care about any of the risks. Them and their shareholders,…, investors just want “cheap” skilled labour now, they simply look at the bottom-profit-dollar (now), and let someone else clean up the mess’s after.

    What don’t you get?, – There are NO “highly-skilled” TFW’s, that these Canadian business’s can get on the cheap. They have tried, even endangering other workers’, and peoples lives to achieve their goals though.
    For a good highly-skille pipefillter/welder it takes years of education/training and experience. -basically “5 years” to get your papers, the same for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, …
    Did anyone think they wanted that just to get $12/hour?.
    Heck, just 4 years in a University, could also get you a degree in poetry, or even journalism?
    Show me a Radiologist technican who makes 10->12/hour. I was an Electronics Eng. Technologist, and I NEVER worked for less that $22/hour, and that was only the first year of my employment, after that I earned all of my increases and “salaried” raises through experience and re-education.

    It’s bad enough that this CON’s gov’t, allowed all of our business’s to “outsource” everything, manufacturing,…, overseas,
    But now, they want to import that same cheap, un-skilled, un-trained, labour, en masse, into the arena of our highly-skilled labout force, but without investing heavily into the required years of training, and education.
    Might as well just bring in a tomato-picker, put him in a Dentist’s robe, and send your kids teeth to him?

    This Gov’t TFW program has amounted to nothing more than a highly corrupt, and un-safe sham, just so a few (questionable) canadian business can make a couple of quick $bucks.

  3. Finally Kenney is telling the premiers what many workers have been saying all along. Employers don’t like training, it costs money and takes organization and effort, but enough is enough, train canadians or watch your company go under!

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