Jimmy Kimmel responds to Rob Ford

‘I asked him about drinking and smoking crack — what were we supposed to talk about?’

Rob Ford appears on the Jimmy Kimmel show. (CP photo)

Rob Ford appears on the Jimmy Kimmel show. (CP photo)

TORONTO – Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said it was not his intention to upset Rob Ford during the mayor’s appearance on his ABC program Monday night.

Kimmel razzed the Toronto mayor during his guest appearance over a series of unflattering and controversial incidents that have garnered Ford worldwide attention.

“It seemed like we were having fun,” said Kimmel as he opened his monologue Tuesday night.

“But then after the show, apparently he was upset. Why, I’m not exactly sure. I asked him about drinking and smoking crack — what were we supposed to talk about, his other hobbies?”

Kimmel noted that after the show, Ford “left right away mad,” but changed his tune after perhaps watching it again or thinking about it out on the flight home.

Kimmel then played video of a scrum at Toronto city hall where Ford denied that Kimmel had made a fool out of him.

“I knew I was going into a lion’s den but I held my own,” the mayor said.

After the clip ended with Ford stating he “loves the people in LA,” Kimmel declared, “and we love you too. In fact we might even be in love with you, Mayor Ford.”

Kimmel said he had no intention of upsetting the mayor, adding, “I hope we’re still on for go-carting this weekend.”

He said he felt bad that Ford didn’t get more time to promote the city of Toronto and said he would make it up to him.

“The last thing we need is a war with Canada,” Kimmel said before showing a video of a tongue-in-cheek tour of various Toronto landmarks shot in 2011.

During his city hall scrum Tuesday morning, an upbeat Ford sloughed off Kimmel’s suggestion the mayor find someone to talk to about his addictions.

“I don’t have any personal issues,” Ford said.

“We’ve gone down that road a number of times.”

Ford had described himself on the program as a “normal, average, hard-working politician that’s real.”

“You are not the average politician my friend,” Kimmel retorted.

Ford’s councillor brother Doug Ford, who accompanied the mayor to L.A., said Tuesday that the show was like a “church picnic.”

He also seized on Kimmel’s pronouncement that Ford was the “most wonderful mayor” he had ever witnessed.

“Jimmy Kimmel, as he said, ‘You’re the best mayor’,” Doug Ford said.

“He was sincere when he said that.”

— with files from Alan Black in Toronto.

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Jimmy Kimmel responds to Rob Ford

  1. The Fords are delusional.

    • So is that union, mafia or police reposnse?

      Ever ask yourselves why police spend so much time watching Ford and so little time on real crime?

  2. wonder. like wondering at a car crash, or a crazy guy shouting on the street. That’s wonderful. So’s Ford. But the joke went over Doug’s head. again.

  3. The bottom line is simple. Do the people of Toronto want a mayor who possesses the excellent character, intelligence, and common sense expected of an individual in such a position of authority, or do they want Rob Ford? I believe that the vast majority of Torontonians are wise enough to peer through all the noise, and do the logical and correct thing on October 27th.

    • Umm, history seems to show that electing a mayor based on his perceived character (which is usually a fabrication by PR companies) and by his looks, usually results in the people getting screwed. We should focus on their track record before we start looking at their personal life

      • You are exactly correct. Robbie was elected based on the fabricated perception that he was not elite, rich, or priviledged and was just an everyday honest guy trying to stop a “gravy train”. Recent events have exposed Robbie and brother Doug to be the exact opposite. They are rich, privileged, arrogant, not at all honest or even law abiding, and insensitive bullies who are not very bright. Robbie’s track record is nothing to brag about as the actual city bureaucrats doing the work will attest. This is no longer conjecture, it is factual. Now, the future of Toronto is in your hands. What are you prepared to do on October 27th?

        • point goes to Scottdaryle.

      • You are introducing intelligence and common sense here.
        Is that allowed???

      • Yep. unions, mafia and back room deal makers want to get Ford out so its business s usual.

        Fords have not yet cheated the taxpayers, makes them more than 1/2 right.

        • I consider using staff for your personal chores cheating taxpayers. I consider Ford not showing up for work on time, or skipping out on important meetings to coach football to be cheating taxpayers.

    • I don’t know what the problem is, you elected him in power for four years-
      that’s it, that’s all. You’ll get your chance in October to express yourselves, but in the meantime, you created your own problems, AND please STOP the whining,

      • and, I wish I had a mayor that had just half of his capabilities, while ours everything he (does not accomplished) tries to do, ends up costing twice and triple the costs, and sometimes never see the end of it: half finished bridges and many more….

      • If you don’t know what the problem is, then I question your ability to reason objectively. If a school teacher, police officer, physician, or any other professional acted even remotely like the Fords have, I would hope that you would protest and try to remove that individual from further hurting the people they serve. I would not classify that as whining. Be an adult. Your children are watching.

        • But who is he hurting exactly?
          What he does on his own time does not concern no one,
          Still waiting for the allegedly video from the police, and the rest of llegedly evidences.
          Of course if he did what he allegedly did , while on the job, yes I would object,
          No one likes his/her privacy invaded. That is a fact.
          Another fact is my children are not watching. See, there , you lied already,
          WHat are your facts, besides thw whining?

          • OK, so not everyone understands the concept of hyperbole. Look, no offense, but there is a difference between your privacy and a public official’s privacy. The difference is the standard public officials are held to. For example if a police officer who is responsible for handing out justice during his work hours goes to the bars every night after work getting drunk, smoking crack, and partaking in debauchery, then those witnessing this behaviour might not respect him when he returns to work the next day. How can they trust a public official to judge their behaviour when that official constantly provides evidence that they can not control their own? There is no button that you push separating conduct on and off this kind of job. I imagine you do not live under a rock so you must be aware of at least a few of the videos, articles in every form of media, and interviews Rob Ford has been part of just in the last year. Did you not watch Jimmy Kimmel?
            I respect that you have taken the time to post comments on this subject. However, you have a responsibility to your community, where ever you live. Please be careful not to blindly support any political candidate just because they tell you they are doing a good job. Dig deeper. Pay attention. And above all use the common sense we all possess. Choosing a mayor is not like picking the winner of a sporting event. The successful candidate has a huge potential impact on your family’s way of life.

          • “We judge people by who we are”

          • Shouldn’t we?

          • No “alleged” to it; he admitted it, doofus!

          • “the police video one”, you people are so used to lying, unreal

          • If you are talking about the one where he smokes crack – he admitted to that. If you are referring to something else, then please be clearer as that’s the only video I’m aware of that Rob is asking the police to release.

  4. am I the only one who noticed Ford kept referring to Jimmy and the audience as ‘you’re my boss, you’re the taxpayer that I’m working for” etc…? He is so spaced out he doesn’t even know where the city’s taxes are generated? He probably was so stoned, he didn’t even know he was in the United States.

    • Duh, the audience is not limited to the crowd in the studio, and there were lots of Torontonians watching,even the ones that Don’tl like him, because they needed more stuff to be nasty about


    Ford`s illadvised actions fade into obscurity. Small minds at work . Good entertainment though.

  6. You know why the back room, unions, mafia and media want him out?

    Fords haven’t ripped off the taxpayers with expense reports, inflated contracts and union favors. No one wants a loose canon in on a dirty deal.

    After all, lets not forget those 2 low rent councilors that media overlooks these days.

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