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‘Just when you think Ford has said the most stupid thing … he tops himself’

Toronto Mayor suggests troubles stem from differences with police chief


TORONTO, Cananda – Toronto’s embattled mayor claimed in an interview aired Monday evening that some of his recent controversies are rooted in political differences with police Chief Bill Blair over budget cuts he had once requested of all city departments .

”He (Blair) wasn‘t happy when I told people to find efficiencies. I think he was quite upset at that,” Ford said in an interview recorded last week with ex-media mogul Conrad Black which aired Monday evening on Vision TV.

“I definitely think this is political. I think that they use (Sandro) Lisi as a prop to get to me,‘‘ Ford said.

Blair has previously denied such allegations by stating that his job is to investigate “without fear or favour.”

Lisi, 35, who is Ford’s friend and occasional driver, was charged in October with trafficking in marijuana, possession of proceeds of crime, possession of marijuana and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

Lisi’s two criminal cases are both set for Jan. 14 judicial pre-trials, which are case conferences between the lawyers and a judge behind closed doors.

Those charges were laid as the result of a Toronto police investigation that was initially launched to look into reports of a video appearing to show Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Ford also added a new chapter to a long-running feud with the Toronto Star in the interview by claiming reporter Daniel Dale was taking pictures of his children at his home in west-end Toronto in May 2012.

He has alleged Dale was spying on him, while Dale contended he was on public property doing research for a story. Dale alleged he was physically threatened by the mayor, a claim which Ford later denied.

”I have little kids. When a guy’s taking pictures of little kids, I don’t want to say that word, but you starting thinking you know, what’s this guy all about.”

Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke told The Canadian Press in an email following the program that this is the latest outrageous statement made by Ford.

”Just when you think Mayor Ford has said the most stupid thing, such as letting the whole world know about his sex life at home, he tops himself with another outrage,” wrote Cooke.

”Mr. Ford calling reporter Daniel Dale a pedophile tells you all you need to know about our mayor’s brain.”`

Ford claimed in the interview that while Dale was on city property, he was standing on cinder blocks peering over his fence to take pictures.

“I just lost it when my neighbour called me.”

“I don’t know what he was taking pictures. We never, ever saw these pictures, but I have many witnesses. I was upset … that’s just crossing the line,” Ford added.

Ford also claimed that the controversies that have been swirling around him are ‘‘ripping our family apart.‘‘

The embattled mayor also told Black he’s willing to submit to a urine test to prove he has no drugs or alcohol in his system.

“If they want me to do a drug test, a urine test, I’ll do one right now,” said Ford.

”If there’s any drugs in my system, any alcohol in my system, I have no problem doing that test. I’m feeling better than I ever have, I’m training two hours a day.”

Ford added that he is successfully avoiding alcohol because of how his drinking has caused him past embarrassments.

”I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in five weeks. I was never an alcoholic. A couple of times I made a fool of myself, if you want to be frank … and enough‘s enough.‘‘

Ford has been under scrutiny since May, when two media outlets reported that a video showed the mayor smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

After a string of denials, Ford stunned observers last month by admitting he had smoked crack in one of his “drunken stupors.”

The mayor is also facing allegations he offered purported gang members money and a car in exchange for a video _ unproven claims contained in police documents that are part of a guns and gangs investigation.

Black _ who served 37 months in a Florida prison after being convicted in the U.S. for fraud and obstruction of justice _ says Ford should be accorded a full presumption of innocence unless he is justly convicted and “beyond that his accusers should put up or shut up.”

In the interview, Black asserted that Ford doesn’t have a legal problem and there is no possible criminal prosecution on the horizon, and Ford agreed.

‘‘If I‘ve done something illegal, I‘ve told the police to arrest me,” Ford said.

Ford also reiterated in the interview that he has nothing else to hide.

”There‘s nothing else … maybe I didn‘t do my homework in Grade 3. I’m not quite sure.”


‘Just when you think Ford has said the most stupid thing … he tops himself’

  1. Straight man and sidekick. More accurately, ventriloquist and dummy. Even more accurately, organ grinder and monkey.

  2. Why do people think Ford is suddenly going to turn into someone else? This is all there is to him. When you elect a stupid man, you GET a stupid man.

    Next time pay more attention at the ballot box.

  3. Ford is lying again. I doubt if he made it as far as grade 3.

  4. Ford has to be one of the best example of alcoholic behavior that I have ever encountered.

    Claiming “I was never an alcoholic” – and admitting to smoking crack in one off his “drunken stupors” are clear signs of compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol and drugs which affect his life.

    I am a sucker for these guys, always willing to give them a chance, but evidently Mr. Ford is far from addressing his problems. He is still in denial.

  5. I am glad to see that Ford is starting to figure out this devious plan. Clearly it got started some years ago at a fancy dinner party attended by Blair and Miller. I believe Justin Trudeau and Margaret Atwood were also in attendance. Layton was supposed to be there but stopped to meet with a female NDP supporter and was detained. A song by Neil Young played in the background. These masterminds rented Massey Hall and invited all the liberal press (which is like all of them, except Ezra Levant). The 230 press selected naive but “cute as a button” Doolittle and her side kick to carry out the most dangerous part of the press’s mission. At around the same time, Blair rounded up all of the dirty cops in Toronto (which is like all of them) and threatened them with immediate dismissal if they didn’t participate.

    The remainder of the press and the entire CBC then sought to keep Ford off base so he wouldn’t figure out what was happening. Cases of cheap vodka and purple gatorade started showing up at the Ford home and in his car. Eventually it worked, Ford broke down and entered the drunken stupor phase of the plot. Blair’s crack electronic team had rigged Ford’s GPS to take him to 15 Windsor Rd. instead of to his own home. Rob never really stood a chance. At 15 Windsor, the drugging was completed and Ford was ridiculed. Trudeau even showed up to gloat causing Ford to make a derogatory comment in his hazy state of mind. Ford was finished, doomed to a lifetime of celebrity guest appearances on reality TV.

    This is a cautionary tale for all Canadians. Now that the leftist elites have joined forces with the police, media, art community, unionized workers, European hockey players, hair dressers, research scientists, and day care workers are any of us truly safe?

    • Love it! Just about blew my cornflake while reading.

    • You forgot academics, homosexuals, bureaucrats, judges and environmentalists.

    • Smith, we need to talk at the next meeting. Soros isn’t too happy with the Canadian branch. After all that work I did in San Diego undermining Romney too. I had built up so much goodwill……

    • Stewart, you’ve just won the entire Internet.

  6. Wow freedom of speech not here, my comment deleted,

    • If it was deleted, it would say deleted.

      The page is just malfunctioning…it does that regularly.

  7. “Black _ who served 37 months in a Florida prison after being convicted in the U.S. for fraud and obstruction of justice _ says Ford should be accorded a full presumption of innocence unless he is justly convicted and “beyond that his accusers should put up or shut up.”

    Oh, come on… Black’s smarter than that. The guy ADMITTED to SMOKING CRACK. Whether or not criminal charges are laid is immaterial. I think it’s fair that we debate whether having a mayor smoking crack and cavorting with drug dealers is a good thing.

    • That statement caught my eye too. Exactly what should his accusers “put up”? The video of Ford in a drunken rage? The clip of him grabbing an elderly councilwoman and pushing her out of his way? The court documents detailing his shady behaviour? The police chief’s confirmation of the existence of a video seen by reporters that shows the mayor inhaling something from a crack pipe? Ford’s own admission in a public forum that he has purchased illegal drugs? Are we supposed to shut up about all this?

  8. “We’ve had a fantastic meeting,” said Mayor Ford. “The city should be very fortunate that we have a chief representing us and making sure this city is safe, like Chief Blair has been doing for years. And I have the utmost confidence in the chief to continue doing the job.”


    Attn. Rob Ford… were you lying then, or are you lying now?

  9. I have nothing to hide! Unless of course you do find stuff that I was hiding, in which case it’s your fault for not asking me the right question. So, I will admit to it, say sorry and deny I ever lied about it because it’s media’s fault.

    • Stop the gravy train!

  10. A good example of a bad example, X 2.