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Justin Bieber vs. Justin Trudeau

The teen pop singer and the leader of the Liberal party have more in common than a name



Justin Bieber vs. Justin Trudeau

  1. I thought for a moment I was reading the National Inquirer . What a waste of space.

  2. another striking similarity – absolutely no substance, an empty promise indeed

    • Actually, Trudeau takes the most substantive position on major issues. Take energy, for example. Trudeau’s position is that the job of federal leader is to work with the provinces, which is largely why he promotes the Keystone pipeline. He also promotes responsible development that includes carbon pricing.

      Contrast that to Harper’s extremist position which is to turn Canada into a “resource super-power” because we’re presently in a resource boom. Harper’s environmental freeloading has also made Canada the target of environmentalists which is getting in the way of resource exports. Both Harper and Mulcair believe the job of PM is to dictate policy to the provinces.

      Harper and Mulcair believe they have all the answers. But that does not make their ideological positions substantive in the least. Real substantive policy is evidence-based which strikes the right balance. In 2015, Canadians will see that the Trudeau’s platform is the only one that has real substance.

  3. Well that was a bit of a dud Barry…and for supporters it’s commited rather than “earnest.”

  4. As well as they are both idiots. Both have the ego and arrogance to think they are more important than they are.

    • Tsk, jealousy.

    • I don’t find anything arrogant about Trudeau in the slightest. Unlike Harper, Trudeau has social skills and comes across charming and classy. Also contrast leadership styles. Trudeau is a team player who believes in listening to the people and the experts, and delegating responsibilities. Harper, on the other hand, is an obsessive-compulsive micro-manager who believes the job of PM is to “make all the rules.”

      When Mulroney was in power, I thought I had never seen a politician as full of himself and as arrogant as he was. But Harper blows him right out of the water. Harper constructed a Ministry of Truth that scripts every single thing Conservative ministers and MPs say to the press. He even has a room in Parliament filled with pictures of himself. No PM in history comes close to the level of megalomania that afflicts Harper.

      • He is shockingly shallow for his age and teaching experience. Has no policies at all except legalizing drugs.

        • Trudeau has a democratic reform platform that includes expense transparency and ranked ballot voting reform. He has a sophisticated energy policy that blows Harper and Mulcair out of the water (which I elaborated on in another comment.) He supports raising post-secondary education and worker training as a means to reverse the hollowing out of the middle class, which will be the focus of his platform.

          Of course, the Liberal platform has yet to be fully developed. Fact is, Trudeau is going to consult with other Liberals and Canadians first before putting it forward.

          Unlike ideologues on the left and right who have all the (wrong) answers, Trudeau will take the balanced, evidence-based approach to policy.

          What does Harper offer on policy? More “starving the beast” and social-con boutique tax cuts that do nothing for the economy? What does Mulcair have to offer? Promises of heavy-handed government interference in resources and other parts of the economy? Ignoramuses will find themselves eating their words when the 2015 election campaign comes around…

  5. I look at Justin Trudeau not as the son of Pierre Trudeau but rather as Maggie Trudeau’s son. When you look at him from his mothers perspective it all seems to make sense. His lack of judgement, flakiness and lack of real occupation “[ ie never had a job] are not really his fault. It was just a function of birth.

    • Source please.

    • Oh my…. and I’ll bet you don’t have any hair Brad :)

  6. Bring back Ignatieff. He had a brain!

  7. Barry is jealous, nah, nah, nah

  8. They should do the same for Mulcair vs Al Borland. Harper vs Bastion Booger.

  9. You’re right!

    They are both named Justin.

    • Mind you, one of the Justins didn’t get to where he is now by his last name.

  10. Actually, I would say the Justin of the Beiber variety has more substance than the Justin of the Trudeau variety.
    Beiber’s accomplishments and fame are of his own making……..Trudeau would be a nobody no one had ever heard of if not for his dad.

  11. this is just silly

  12. This is disgraceful.