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Justin Trudeau, Alberta Tories react to ‘go home’ comments by McGuinty


EDMONTON – Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau distanced himself Tuesday from an assertion by his party’s natural resources critic that Alberta Tories have a protectionist, provincial view of energy policies.

Asked at a campaign appearance in Edmonton what he thought of reported remarks by David McGuinty, Trudeau would not comment directly but stressed his priority is national unity.

“My entire campaign has been about bringing people together, about not pitting region against region and about being a strong representative and a voice that says the same thing in Chicoutimi as we say in downtown Calgary as I’ll say in Toronto as I’ll say in B.C.,” said Trudeau.

“That’s the kind of politics that I am trying to do here.”

McGuinty was reported by Sun Media as saying that Alberta Conservatives should “go back to Alberta” and that they don’t belong in Parliament unless they adopt a more national view of the energy industry. McGuinty did not return calls from The Canadian Press.

The comments sparked outrage in Conservative Alberta, where the Liberals are working hard to try and gain even a toehold. Trudeau has been to the province twice already and his leadership rival Martha Hall Findlay chose to launch her campaign in Calgary.

Joan Crockatt, a Conservative candidate in Monday’s byelection in Calgary-Centre, quickly issued a news release invoking the ghost of Trudeau’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

“This anti-Alberta prejudice is the same the Liberals had when they brought in the disastrous National Energy Policy in the 1980s that did tremendous damage to our economy and cost Albertans billions of dollars,” she said.

“David McGuinty’s role as official energy critic should make every Albertan worry.”

The comments also set the Internet a-Twitter with vitriol.

Pierre Poilevre, an Ottawa Tory MP, called McGuinty’s comments “shocking” while Calgary Tory MP Michelle Rempel challenged McGuinty to make the comments to her face in the House.

“Seriously, ‘Go back to Alberta,’ ” she wrote. “Like it’s some backwater, uncultured, non-entity in our nation. Unbelievable.

“Last time I checked, this sector was important to the entire country.”


Justin Trudeau, Alberta Tories react to ‘go home’ comments by McGuinty

  1. Just because we are Conservatives does not mean we are protection orientated in Alberta. We are Canadian first which means we share with Canada to keep our Country Strong. Now. Lets look at the economic well of this Country and were that money well is. I will suggest that maybe we should all look at how much wealth comes out of Alberta and spills into the rest of Canada. If you really would like economic stability in the whole of Canada, I would suggest instead of soaking Alberta in more tax you should slow down on some of those campaign promises out east. In order to help Canadians we must have our own New top notch refinery’s run by our own NATIONAL or CANADIAN RUN refinery’s and sell our oil and gas to CANADA first. It is our land, it is OUR oil and gas. We should have a well built Energy Policy which serves Canadians first. We need to have oil and gas stock reserve’s we need to build a stronger Canada. So please stop kicking Alberta .. Build a better Canada, not on promises … on action JUST please stop nickle and dimming industry’s that are the Back Bone of Canada. Alberta is FOR CANADA not against her.

    • I like your thinking, but I’m pretty sure from everything I’ve read that yours would be a minority position in Alberta. And definitely out of sync with the CPC, who are focused purely on pumping it out of the ground and shipping it -unrefined – elsewhere.

  2. Good on Junior for standing up to all this BS anti-Alberta rhetoric that seems to be so trendy with our politicians these days.

    McGuinty can go take a walk with his brother. I’m guessing he’s starting to realize that since his big brother with no longer be running Ontario, his political capital has suddenly shrunk to near zero. He’s always been an empty suit, and complaining about Alberta MPs representing Albertan’s is just him jumping the shark. I’d love to hear the Liberal MP who would say the same thing to the quasi-Seperatist NDP MPs from Quebec. But then again, Liberals still think they have a chance in Quebec.

    • OK; so now who is going to stand up to the anti-Canadian rhetoric of so many Albertans? You know, the ones who whine about every little thing and bitch constantly about easterners, and threaten to separate every time things don’t go their way?

      Far too many Albertans who post on here sound remarkably like they want an Alberta version of the PQ…

      • Which Alberta MP is constantly bitching about easterners and threatening to separate? When has an MP from Alberta indicated that MPs from Ontario shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinions in Parliament? That’s right, it’s never happened, you’re simply making things up.

        And wouldn’t some Albertans want an Alberta version of the PQ? It’s been working alright for Quebec so far. Ontario’s version of the PQ, the LPC, worked well for Ontario for a couple of decades.

        • You’ll note I said “Albertans who post on here”, not “Albertan MPs”, in my separitist comments. Though Harper’s “firewall” smacked of separatist leanings…

          To go by McGuinty’s comments they were being incredibly parochial in committee; federal politicians need to put the country’s interests first. Harper and other CPC members have made that particular point about the BQ many times. And they are quick to call people anti-Canadian for any host of reasons; I would posit that an Alberta-first approach is as anti-Canadian as many of the things the CPC has labelled as such.