Justin Trudeau to donate UCCB to charity

Justin Trudeau says he plans to donate UCCB to charity

Liberal leader says child care benefit should not go to rich families like his

Photo by Maude Chauvin for Chatelaine.

Photo by Maude Chauvin for Chatelaine.

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to the Conservative government’s newly enhanced universal child care benefit.

The Liberal leader maintains it’s wrong to give the benefit to wealthy families that don’t need help raising their kids. And to underscore that point, he’s going to give his own family’s windfall to charity.

With three young children, one under the age of six, Trudeau is entitled to collect annual UCCB payments of about $3,400.

In an interview Tuesday, he said he’ll give that money to La Maison Bleue, a charitable group in his Montreal riding devoted to helping vulnerable women during pregnancy and the early days of motherhood.

Child care benefits should go to families who need the help, “not families like mine or Mr. (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper’s,” Trudeau told The Canadian Press.

“When it comes to child benefits, fair doesn’t mean giving everyone the same thing, it means giving people what they need.”

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On the same principle, Trudeau has previously promised that he and his wife won’t take advantage of the Conservatives’ newly introduced parental income splitting scheme — forgoing some $2,000 in potential savings on his family’s annual income taxes.

Should the Liberals win this fall’s election, Trudeau is vowing to scrap income splitting for couples with children, a measure worth more than $2 billion which many experts have said would benefit primarily the top 15 per cent of income earners.

He’s promising to plow that money, and more, into a single, new, tax-free child benefit. It would replace the UCCB and two other existing child benefits with what Liberals say would be more generous payments for most parents than what they currently receive from the Conservative government.

Trudeau said he actually agrees with the Conservatives that boosting child benefits will help stimulate the sluggish economy but he fundamentally disagrees with their insistence that all families, regardless of income, should get the same amount.

Under the Liberal proposal, benefits would be gradually reduced for families with incomes of more than $150,000, and cut off entirely for those with incomes over $200,000.

“We’re choosing to do more for the people who need it by doing less for the people who don’t,” Trudeau said. “Our plan is progressive.”

He stressed that the Liberal benefit would also be tax-free, not clawed back through income taxes like the UCCB.

The government is delivering the enhanced UCCB payments, retroactive to January, in lump sum payments to parents this week. Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre sported a shirt emblazoned with the Conservative party logo at a government event Monday to tout the payments — calling them “Christmas in July.”

“Everybody knows that Christmas is followed by a month or two in which you’re going to get the credit card bills,” Trudeau said, accusing the Conservatives of shamelessly trying to buy the votes of parents.

“Come tax time, an awful lot of families are going to have to be paying back a chunk of that child care money that’s just announced.”

Trudeau also had tough words for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, who has promised to keep the current UCCB and introduce a program to create one million $15-a-day child spaces, which would be available to parents regardless of income.

“In both of the NDP positionings, they are continuing to give benefits and advantages to wealthy Canadians, which, quite frankly, I don’t get,” he said.

“The NDP is supposed to be the party, I mean everyone thinks of it as a party that actually helps the people who need it and doesn’t help the wealthy.”

On that score, Trudeau said he’s equally mystified that the NDP has panned his proposal to hike income taxes for the wealthiest one per cent of Canadians.


Justin Trudeau says he plans to donate UCCB to charity

  1. “In both of the NDP positionings, they are continuing to give benefits and advantages to wealthy Canadians, which, quite frankly, I don’t get,” he said.

    “The NDP is supposed to be the party, I mean everyone thinks of it as a party that actually helps the people who need it and doesn’t help the wealthy.”

    The NDP have moved to the right of the Liberals? Well, they have in some policies. But then, this is not really the NDP anymore.

  2. Justin Trudeau is an extremely wealthy trust fund kid. He can easily afford to donate the money to charity – as he is doing it simply as a publicity stunt.

    If he really wants to impress…..tell him to give back the 100’s of thousands of dollars he TOOK from charities for the privilege of the great man himself giving a lame speech written by someone else, and delivered as only a trained “subsititute drama teacher” can deliver.

    I don’t know how anyone could listen to Trudeau’s speeches and not see how much of a fraud he is. He even reads his speeches like he’s reading lines for a play.

    The guy is a duffus.

    • Justin is upper middle class….and he can make more money by public speaking, but he doesn’t

      Your class envy is showing, James.

      • Sorry, Emily……class envy is for the folks who support the NDP.

        I don’t begrudge Justin’s wealth (his dad left it to him), but I think it should be pointed out that he’s never had to worry about having a real job to pay his bills. Trudeau is a multi-millionaire, but he didn’t really have to work to earn it. Everything he’s acquired over his lifetime has been provided by his father’s (and grandfathers’) work, or his fathers reputation.

        do you really think folks would pay $30,000 to hear some average schmuck speak? No….Trudeau’s wealth is due to who he is, not what he’s accomplished.

        • Yes, ‘make the rich pay’ is an NDP rant…..and you do it all the time.

          Justin’s grandad ran gas stations…..a nice capitalist thing to do,and you don’t like it apparently.

          He passed it on to his son, Pierre, who was a professor. Isn’t that the whole idea of capitalism? Make money, pass it on?

          Tickets were sold to hear Justin speak…..that’s where the money came from on the Speaker’s Circuit

          I’ve paid money to hear Preston Manning speak. Nothing wrong with it.

          You have a lot of confusion to resolve over your philosophy in life.

          • Emily,

            Clearly you forgot the meds. I’m an avowed capitalist…….I have never written that we should “make the rich pay”

            Methinks you are thinking of someone else.

        • You just got through jumping all over Justin for being rich……and not wanting him to make any money…..!

          You’ve said contradictory things like this before.

          Do you read what you right?

          • Emily, if you can’t follow the discussion, then perhaps you should hold off on commenting until you understand what is being described.

            I don’t begrudge Justin Trudeau from being rich……I just stated the obvious; he didn’t earn any of it through his accomplishments (because he has none). He got if from his family trust fund, or through his family name.

            As for him not wanting to make any money…..I don’t care how he makes his money, but he can’t complain about the middle class because he has no idea what the middle class has to live through. Frankly, the middle class in Canada is doing pretty well.

        • James…..you may be unaware that Justin has worked for a pay cheque,but no one else is.

          Now stop making excuses for your mistakes,and find some other hobby. You suck at this one.

    • JAMESHALIFAX July 20th:

      for all those who decry this policy as being “unfair” or, or complain that the money should be spent on other issues…..do this: Cash the cheque and give it to the charity of your choice; for whatever “cause” you desire.

      JAMESHALIFAX July 22nd:

      “Justin Trudeau is an extremely wealthy trust fund kid. He can easily afford to donate the money to charity – as he is doing it simply as a publicity stunt.”


      • Well played, sir. ;)

      • Not sure why you think it is required to post two comments from different threads…but hey, whatever fills your boots.

        Trudeau took my advice…and he clearly thinks it is the wrong policy. The question is, are those folks who did not inherit millions going to do the same thing?

        And of course, if this wasn’t an issue in the news, and Trudeau wasn’t a politician……I doubt he would have given it away. It was designed to get some play in the media. If you think otherwise……drink some more Kool-Aid.

        Kudos to Trudeau in any event, I’m sure the charity could use the money.

    • Amazing. Apparently you think that Harper is wrong to give an “extremely wealthy trust fund kid” tax dollars to raise their children, when they clearly do not need said tax dollars to do so.

      • Gayle,

        Once again you respond to something I didn’t write.

        I think everyone with kids should get this rebate, regardless of their personal wealth. After all…..the wealthy pay most of the taxes relatively speaking.

    • PS – he offered to give the charities all the money back that they paid him. They refused. Probably because all charities pay people to speak at fundraisers. That is kind of how they raise funds. And Trudeau raised a lot for them.


      • Gayle,

        Trudeau offered to give the money back after it made the news he was charging charities tens of thousands of dollars for a 30 minute speech written by someone else.

        True altruistic tendencies would be to give the lame speech free of charge.

        Trudeau is basically the kid caught stealing a candy bar from the local corner store, and offering to return it after his mom drags him by the ear to take it back.

  3. “many experts have said would benefit primarily the top 15 per cent of income earners.”

    Obvious nonsense. To claim the top 15% of earners would 1) have dependent children living with them 2) have the lower earning spouses income be below the top rate and 3) be married or common law. The first requirement removes the vast majority of the late middle aged and elderly well off. The second requires the wealthy to not have organized their finances in a manner to move income to the lower earning spouse. The third removes single people from consideration.

    The people who do best from income splitting would have one child with one spouse making $ 49,000 per year and the other with no income from taxable sources.

  4. Trudeau’s plan calls for families with less than $150,000 in taxable income to get the child benefit tax free. At the same time he claims people who don’t “need” help shouldn’t get it. Why would the starting point for reductions be as high as $ 150,000? I’m sure a pollster could enlighten us.

    • Michael,

      It doesn’t really matter what the threshold is….because if Trudeau ever becomes PM, the increases in taxes, and the implementation of the Carbon tax will more than compensate for any monies “lost” by being returned to tax payers.

      Trudeau is a mental midget and a lightweight. None of the policies he espouses were thought up, considered, or even understood by Trudeau himself.

      • Better the crooked liar you know that the new kid you don’t, eh james?

        • Daman,

          We know you do not like Harper, but there has NEVER been any indication that Harper has used his position for personal gain. Even his detractors in the media know it; which is what bugs them to no end. Harper may be a sonofabitch in the eyes of “progressives” but even they know they can trust him not to steal from us. That is certainly something you can’t say about the Liberal party. They have been caught repeatedly using their position to get very wealthy, whether in office, or setting themselves up for a big payoff after they retire.

          It is fine to slag someone for their policies, but calling someone a crook when there is no evidence of it is a bit of a stretch.

  5. If Trudeau became PM he would get a considerable raise in salary so I don’t find his promise to give away a few thousand dollars to charity (would he claim the deduction for a charitable donation?) compelling.

    Are all LPC candidates pledged to not take advantage of the UCCB or income splitting?

    How many Opposition MPs and candidates will max out their TFSA this year?

  6. The UCCB is taxable btw……next April…..after the election.

    • The Government never said it would not be taxable. That is how they ensure those who need it the most, get to keep the most. The media and opposition parties are trying to create a story where none exists.
      We hear the media talking about giving it only to those who need it…..but once again the average journalist is too lazy to actually check the details. what is happening, is exactly what the media and opposition parties say should happen. they are all just too dumb to realize it.

      • LOL campaign vote-buyer is all it is.

    • So that is when the rich will get it clawed back in taxes and the poor will get to keep it. Thanks for the clarification.