Justin Trudeau takes on Donald Trump

During the Maclean’s Town Hall, Justin Trudeau served up some strong political jabs against Donald Trump. Here’s why that’s a risky game.

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. (Reuters)

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. (Reuters)

That was one thunderous “however.”

Having acknowledged the importance of keeping his oar out of foreign election campaigns, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signalled with that word he was dropping the fig leaf of impartiality, and promptly took a swipe at U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I stand firmly against the politics of division, the politics of fear, the politics of intolerance or hateful rhetoric,” Trudeau said during a live, year-end town hall hosted by Maclean’s. “If we allow politicians to succeed by scaring people, we don’t actually end up any safer. Fear doesn’t make us safer. It makes us weaker.”

Trudeau was responding to a question from a voter sent by social media, who asked whether the newly elected PM would “stand up to Trump and condemn his hateful rhetoric.” At first, it looked like Trudeau would demur. “It’s going to be important for Canadians, for Canadian jobs, for Canadian prosperity,” he said, “to be able to have a positive relationship with whoever Americans choose as their president.”

Then came that big “however.”

Without addressing Trump by name, Trudeau said leaders should respond to recent terrorist attacks by focusing on “keeping our communities united, instead of trying to build walls and scapegoat communities. And I mean to talk directly about the Muslim community. They are the greatest victims of terrorist acts around the world. Painting ISIS and others with a broad brush that extends to all Muslims is not just ignorant, it’s irresponsible.”

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His spinners will no doubt characterize his remarks as abstract observations. But there was no mistaking where Trudeau was going. By that point of the broadcast, he’d already spoken glowingly of his conversations with current President Barack Obama, whom Trump has set up as a craven weakling whose very credentials as a native-born American are, to Trump, in question.

Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S., meanwhile, flies in the face of positions Canada’s rookie Prime Minister staked out during his own campaign, opposing Conservative promises for bans on religious veils during citizenship ceremonies while promising to land 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by the New Year (he’s stuck by that number, but backed off on the ambitious timeline).

In short, the prospect of a Donald J. Trump presidency clearly doesn’t appeal to Trudeau. So on Wednesday, he played as close to the line as he could without saying the man’s unfit to lead the democratic world. Judging by the favourable coverage Trudeau’s election has been getting in the U.S. press—where his “sunny ways” are offered as an alternative to cynical American politics—his words won’t pass unnoticed.

But this is a risky game. For starters, attacks from liberal politicians outside the U.S. have to date only provided Trump with oxygen, so Trudeau’s innuendo may prove entirely counterproductive. What’s more, Trump’s surging popularity in the Republican nomination race raises the very real prospect that he will indeed nab the ticket, and possibly the presidency. Imagine, then, the atmosphere around those neighbourly visits in Ottawa and Washington. Awkward seems an inadequate word.

Another, more practical, concern for Trudeau: such criticism inevitably turns the spotlight on his own handling of the fraught security file. During the campaign, he struggled to appear protective of both Canadians and Canadian rights, especially when pressed on the Liberals’ support of Bill C-51, legislation passed by the Harper government giving sweeping new powers to intelligence agencies and police to disrupt terrorist plots.

He promised to modify the bill’s more invasive provisions, and create a parliamentary body to oversee the activity of Canada’s security agencies. But on Wednesday, when a questioner in the audience asked what he would do to protect civil liberties, Trudeau steered back toward the middle, if anything, emphasizing the security side of the equation.

The new parliamentary panel would “ensure not just that our investigative agencies aren’t abusing people’s rights,” said Trudeau, his voice rising, “but also to make sure those agencies are doing everything they possibly can to keep Canadians safe.”

When will such a panel will be created? Who will sit on it? What powers will it have? What legislation will guide it? What changes, if any, will be made to the Conservative legislation beforehand? All those things are yet to be decided. Compared to serving up political jabs, it’s dauntingly hard work.


Justin Trudeau takes on Donald Trump

  1. So now an elected prime minister of Canada have to watch his back even to express his opinion without naming anyone ? Are we that dependent and weak ?

    • Well, it sounds more like a civil way to express his views. I don’t see it as weak and dependent at all.

    • Just stay out of the US election process. His views on their process and candidates is not unlike them interfering in ours. We neither need nor want them and resent any interference.

      I just hope Trump did not pay any attention to him like most of the world and we might come out of this ok but if Trump is vindictive we might be in big trouble. All Trump has to do is alter their trade criteria and we are sunk. We are a trading nation with only one main customer and that is the US. over 75% of out trade goes to the US. We have too small of a population to be insular.
      We might also lose if he is vindictive and many of the mfg. plants here move south to take advantage of his policies. We cannot afford to be stupid.
      Take a lead from China who does not like the US but keeps their mouths closed and works the system.

  2. One thing Trump does, is speak what people wont. That’s why his followers are growing.
    Trudeau speaks his father’s words, and was disliked just as much as Harper was. Trudeau junior will soon fall into the same category as his father. And I am very confident Trudeau will be hated a lot more in six months, than Harper ever was.

    • Wrong, wrong and wrong. Trumps base is loyal but not growing. Nice try though. He’s a joke.

      • It’s growing. Trump’s FB is almost at 5 million followers and his Twitter tops 5.3 million.
        Supporters are women, men, majority of Blacks and now Hispanics.
        This will be an historical landslide election 2017.
        In the meantime, Putin (whom I admire) just expressed his admiration for Trump. Both will work very well together.
        By the way, Trump’s economic policies are the exact opposite of Justin’s. Trump is the exact opposite of Justin in all ways.
        I can assure you Canada will lose its standing under Justin. We are becoming a non-entity. Can’t wait for Justin to be introduced to Trump or Putin. This will be funny to watch.

        • Well, I have to ask: why do you admire an ex-KGB thug who has those who stand up to him killed or imprisoned?

          • He’s a decisive problem-solver who comes up with effective solutions to complicated issues. Obviously.

            It’s all in how you phrase your response.

          • As KGB, his mission was to ensure intelligence to keep his country safe and free from trouble-makers. Yes, he was heartless but Russians reap the rewards today through his leadership; people want social cohesion and all strategies for preserving it are valid.
            We now live in a world infected by a certain virus that is spreading quickly. Only aggressive treatment will keep it under control.
            By the way, almost every country went through the phase of imprisoning or killing its adversaries.
            I will thoroughly enjoy the moment when Justin comes face to face with Trump or Putin; they will squash his narcissistic little persona in very short order. Justin is simply not equipped to be the leader of a nation in such times of worldwide chaos.

          • Hitler accomplished the same things.

          • “…people want social cohesion and all strategies for preserving it are valid.” (Emphasis mine.)

            Yikes! So little things like human rights or a justice system are to be ignored, are they? Democracy must be a real hindrance to your world view.

          • I had a CEO who I admired as a leader but could not stand him on a personal level. He got things done. I disagreed often with what he was doing though. He was decisive and did not care what I thought.
            He did not care if he was loved or not and he did make some major changes.
            Same with Putin I have been warning about him when he was mayor
            in Russia but still have to admire him as a LEADER even if you disagree with most of what he does.

        • If you admire Putin, you have some very serious issues. He is an unreconstructed KGB apparatchik. He stifles dissent. Journalists who write unflattering things about him disappear. He encourages virulent homophobia. He deludes the Russian people into thinking Russia is triumphant in world affairs when it is on very shaky ground economically. You may as well say you admire Hitler.

        • “…such times of worldwide chaos.”

          That would be every time, ever.

        • I can guarantee you that the number of twitter followers Trump has is in no way an indication of how much following he has in the US. There’s a whole bunch of people I follow who follow him, and none of those ACTUALLY support Trump, in fact a couple are Canadian. I’m sure there’s people following him to keep track of his crazy so they can be prepared to defend themselves if need be.

          • Perhaps but I also have a number of Canadians who would vote for him in a heart beat and I also have a large number of US friends who are Trump supporters. A couple of my friends were against him but not Hillary fans. Neither in my view are any real good and will not be good for Canada and I hope Jr. in Ottawa can keep his mouth shut and not antagonize the biggest elephant in the room. This is a time to sit back and watch and keep your mouth shut. We have too much to lose.

        • True and now we need Russia and even china to stop the worlds no 1 problem Isis and islamic terorrism

      • Was just reading on CNN how lifetime democrats and two-time Obama supporters are voting for Trump. Maybe the time for being deceived by feel-good emotional nonsense is coming to an end

      • While I do not like him his base is growing and if he only makes one or two right moves he will be unstoppable. A couple of simple moves to the Latino population and they will fall all over him. He already has a Latino base of the legal Latino immigrants who resent the illegals in many areas.

      • Guess you can’t accept a leader of the world’s biggest Super Power !
        Trump was elected by the masses and not the Elites – I think you must be Liberal , hence the demeaning words about the fairly elected President of the U.S.

    • Just an analytical note: apparently in itself Trump “speaks his mind” is good but Trudeau doing it is bad. Very strange contradiction within the same statement.

      • If it were coherent and in tune with international developments, I would have no problem.

        • I suspect the fact you have a problem with it is an indication Trudeau is taking the correct position.

      • There’s one very big difference. Trump holds no political position, speaks for himself and benefits or suffers from his personal beliefs. Trudeau is our prime minister and speaks for Canada. We benefit or suffer from his personal beliefs. Depending on who wins the presidential election, as identified by Macleans, his statements could cost Canadian prosperity and Canadian jobs.

      • True, but we need Trump on our side and all Jr. can do is antagonize him. We have too much to lose by opening our mouths. A simple tariff move by Trump and many mfg. plants here in Canada will move south and we are sunk. We need some help on the softwood lumber problem that Obama and Bush refused to move on.
        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    • I think you’re wrong on two counts:
      1) Trudeau also speaks what people want, in this case being the majority of Canadians.
      2) My take is that Trudeau very much speaks from the heart; that is in part what is appealing. Not just canned claptrap cynically designed to snag votes.
      And for good measure:
      3) It will be a frosty Friday when Trudeau or any other politician is disliked more than Harper.

      • Give it time. Early days with debt climbing, economy slumping and unemployment rising.
        If he antagonizes Trump we could be in a great world of hurt.

        If Trump makes it better for US mfg. like he says, it would be a good bet that many Canadian
        mfg plants will move south and you know where that will leave us. I am told that a few have moved south in the last year or so. Nothing to do with Trudeau just business.
        The US markets have been the place to be for the last year or so and I have been advised to shift but have resisted. Might have to rethink.
        Have a look at the Canadian dollar and should the above happen it will get worse. Our cost of living will rise significantly
        We cannot afford emotion and speaking from the heart. We need brains and so far have not seen much.

    • You are wrong on so many points. Trump speaks what many redneck small minded people are afraid to say, not what everyone is afraid to say. Trudeau will not be hated more than Harper because he is not a devisive controlling power-mad PM like Harper. Trump’s followers aren’t growing he just get the most attention because he provides the greatest entertainment value. Even the staunchest conservatives cringe at the thought of him with the keys to the white house.

    • Agreed, it is starting already boy did he suck a lot of people in

  3. Here is the question I’d like a journalist to ask: Mr.Trump, your policy is to prevent Muslims from entering into the USA. Would you personally stop Malala Yousafzai from entering into your country?

    • Are you dense of mind? Did you read his statement? I don’t think so.
      He is speaking of Muslims currently residing in problematic war zones and Islamic countries until situation can be sorted out.
      Remember a few days ago when Los Angeles closed down its school system. This is economic jihad at work. All it took was one email sent by a Muslim guy (they have the name) and whom they still can’t trace his location.
      This closure affected parents at work (young kids at school), massive security intelligence and deployment…

      • He is calling for a “complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. Where did he amend this for just problematic war zones?

        10 years ago my high school had empty bomb threats. Orchestrated by white guys. Religion has nothing to do with it.

        • This time, religion has everything to do with it. They even scream it out for all to hear. They videotape it also. They send warming tweets in the name of their deity. They get extra points in Paradise for their deeds.
          Christians didn’t issue fake bomb threats in the name of their deity. It was more anarchists.
          Don’t forget:
          It took only 19 to kill 3,000.
          It took only 2 to kill 130 and main 368.
          It took only 2 to maim 254 (I believe).
          Notwithstanding random attacks in public places (Europe and U.S.) that are so numerous, they are now only reporting them locally.

          • Oh stop it.

          • You’re right, Christians didn’t. They started this thing called “the Crusades” and murdered how many people in the name of God?

            They tortured and murdered how many African Americans in the name of God?

            Let’s just be realistic about this.

          • You have a point. Do they also convince many other followers to drink flavored drinks laced with poison?

            Have they be known to kill minorities by burning them alive? Hanging them?

            Neither Jones nor the KKK represent Christianity, so why are Muslims not afforded them same judgement?

            More Americans kill each other with guns in one year that an Islamic terrorist, on American soil, has done in the entirety of their nation.

            You have let fear and the media control your rationality. You, of course, will continue to deny it and say that we, the more objective people, are fools or any other adjective you’d like to use.

            The facts are there for you to use, but you have to choose to accept them.

          • Wow Susan you forget all the people in Ireland that were killed for being Catholic or maybe it was protestant? And then there were the crusades that created the first patch of religious genocide. And then George W went in and took out Saddam… looks like all this killing and hatred works real well doesn’t it? Justin on the other hand promotes peace and bringing people together. Hate promotes hate, fear promotes fear, time for less fear and hate not more!

      • I understand your admiration for Putin. You have the same paranoid mindset.

    • Ask Trump how he’d stop the leaders of Saudi Arabia from entering the country.

      • Presumably, among other things, he intends to shut down embassies and require the UN to find a new home.

    • instead of wanting to ban Muslims from entering the US, why the heck don’t they amend there gun laws? That is the real issue. You know how many people are killed each year through gun violence? Oh and the vast majority of perpetrators are not Muslim…..just saying!!!

      • We also need to ban pressure cookers. Look what pressure cookers did at the Boston Marathon.

        Gun prohibition should be at least as effective as alcohol prohibition was, since both require ancient technology and can easily be produced in a garage or basement.

  4. I felt the Prime minister handled himself in a very professional manner. He did not center out Mr. Trump in his comments.

  5. What a strange piece.
    First off, what Trudeau said is simply correct in my books, and frankly I prefer to have a Prime Minister who speaks clearly and honestly on matters of principle. That the author thinks otherwise simply speaks more to his own character than it does to that of Mr. Trudeau.

    • So true. It’s a terribly harmful attitude: “don’t speak against obvious hate rhetoric, for the sake of staving off awkward meetings.”
      It’s a pretty clear lesser of evils to have an awkward meeting because you’re meeting with a fascist bigot, than to stay quiet on fascist bigotry. The triumph of evil is when good men do nothing, and all that. This is a moment when to speak up unapologetically is exactly what we need to do.

  6. I applaud his comments and everyone knows who he is talking about. To quote Martin Luther King Jr. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

  7. The very real chance he may be president?


    Even if he gets the GOP nom, trump will never, ever, ever be president. Are you not aware of the dramatic demographic shift since 2008?

    • This is why the GOP is freaking out – he probably will win the primary but that gives it to the Dems, likely Hillary. The author seems to need to read more serious American media.

  8. Mr.Justin does not care to listen to many Canadians waning him after attacks in Paris,USA and in other jihadi attacks its not safe to bring in refugees from areas where Isis and other Fanatic Jihadis are active.They might bring in jihadis who are radicalist by Isis even the Isis has informed publicly that they are radicalizing muslims and sending them in as refugees but and our P.M and his muslim ministers care less we need to protect Canada from these type of narrow minded Politicians
    Soon we are going to face these problems maybe it has started my friends say there are many places where muslims are buying houses so non muslims cannot go in
    See for yourselves…

    1)London’s ‘Muslim Patrol’ aims to impose Sharia law in East London (you tube) its going to come to USA 2)Take a look at the Muslim-majority city of Hamtramck michigan USA (you tube)3)Dearborn, MI An Emerging No Go Zone of Islamic Hate and Intolerance (you tube)4)Why Bobby Jindal is right about No-Go zones in UK (you tube)5)Muslim Mob chases cops from ‘No Go’ Zones in UK(you tube)6)• Muslims Establishing No-Go Zones in America • 1/14/15 •(you tube)7)ISLAMIC STATES OF AMERICA (you tube)

    • Disregard the false information being peddled by Mr. Nash, which he garners from right-wing hate sites such as pamelageller.com. To find out what’s really happening in Dearborn, read the Detroit News.

    • On a positive note, this confirms a lot for me. I think we need to be concerned, but not for the things detailed by Mr. Nash.

  9. Given that what Trump proposes with his ban on Muslims entering the U.S., is the summary exclusion of more than one million Canadian citizens from the U.S., I think the Prime Minister has grounds to express disapproval.

  10. In all my tender years watching CDN Prime Ministers pull on the tail of POTUS, going back to Diefenbacher who was the grand master, I would have to say it is about as Canadian as Poutine, Calgary despising Toronto (and visus versus), or snow in winter. Perhaps the writer forgets Daddy Trudeau’s fun times with Nixon. Don’t sweat it. Canada overthrew Carl Rove’s creature and can feel good about it. If Trump wins, Canada will fill with political refugees ready to show how to really defend a border (hint: think about cows and chocolate). This time Der Drumpen Fuehrer will most likely loose. It is, however, sobering to fear what lows will be achieved in 2020 and beyond should Trump prove to be not just a flash in the pan but also the new Goldwater. In which case those border walls will start looking mighty attractive.

  11. Actually the real threat is Ted Cruz who much smarter and better organized for the long haul. Watch him come up the inside track: as for Canada, thanks for nothing. Next time please keep the trash at home. How about we keep the 11 million and deport that really bad apple back to Calgary.

    • Explain to me how Cruz is allowed to run for president when he was born in Canada.

      • he’s born in Canada, but his mother is born in USA, which gave him dual citizenship, then he renounced his canadian citizenship, now making him fully american. To run for president in USA you either need to be born in usa or have one of your parents born in USA and have the citizenship.

        • Unless your last name is Obama. Then you get the Trump birther nonsense – the kind of thing that may well come up again if Cruz overtakes Trump.

  12. In the original uncut video, Prime Minister Trudeau said, “I think it is extremely important that someone in my position doesn’t engage in the electoral processes of another country…” (Even the question was different and did not contain anything about “Trump’s hateful rhetoric.”) HOWEVER…

    If the Prime Minister does not believe in interfering in a foreign country’s election, what about the several reports during the recent campaign about his team’s outreach to President Obama’s strategists to advise him? These including Mitch Stewart, who was Obama’s campaign director in battleground states, and Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Obama’s deputy campaign manager in the last presidential campaign.

    I would rather have MacLeans and our Prime Minister begin this mandate on a more genuine footing. I want to trust !

    • Tthe comment is about the leader of one country interfering in the elections of another country. As in sticking his nose in uninvited. Actively seeking help from foreigners when running a campaign is a separate issue. And Harper certainly imported plenty of US (and Australian) help in his time, so it’s not like JT was unique or original in doing so.

  13. Donald Trump is the only candidate in either party who is not owned by the special interests of the left and of the right. He represents America’s silent majority of decent men and women.

    • Absolutely agree. Trump may be the next president…Canada the next Timbuktu.

      While Justin and his Libs shine on, our presence upon the world stage becomes one big pompous glare, signifying nothing.

      Beware of all of this political correctness which is nothing but an excuse of the elites to shut down free speech and open debate in this country. Don’t fall for it Canada.

      • Um… you have heard of C-51, right? The biggest threat Canada has ever faced in terms of free speech? That was a Harper thing (though JT is far more comfortable with it than I like).

    • Absolutely agree. Trump may be the next president…Canada the next Timbuktu.

      While Justin and his Libs shine on, our presence upon the world stage becomes one big pompous glare, signifying nothing.

      Beware of all of this political correctness which is nothing but an excuse of the elites to shut down free speech and open debate in this country. Don’t fall for it Canada.

      • What has Trump done that makes him sexist? Certainly the threshold must be higher than merely insulting someone who happens to be a woman…

        • So long as he’s just a bigot, he’s ok?

    • I dream of Trump as the Republican candidate. Clinton will win in a landslide.

    • Last time I checked, decent men and women do not support race-baiting, hate speech and delusional responses to world problems.

      • The problem being, there are a LOT of Americans who apparently do not fit your definition of decent.

    • “He represents America’s silent majority of decent men and women.” First, you might want to remove “decent” from that statement. There’s little decent about the hate Trump is spewing. And second, if he truly represents the majority, and becomes president, then both the US and the planet as a whole are going to be in for one helluva rough ride in the near future.

  14. This guy has no business swiping at anyone , he and his political advisers , or cabinet seem to have enough of a mess going on here in this country .even the Toronto Star has had to close their comment section as it appears to have received a lot of black lash against Trudeau , now only nice things and comments appear the way they will go > we are stating to see how this country is going to go and it will be an extension of what his father did to us in the 70ties a disaster for those that went through it when PT was Prime Minister you know what i am talking about , the refugee thing and all the benefits , the debt now soaring political correctness is going to become a lot worse under this so called government good luck to all of us ,today I am not even going to get into the Wynn thing she is another walking disaster that is for another day

    • They had to close their comments sections because of the relentless trolling by right-wingers who do nothing but call people names, try to bait other posters, and basically spout gibberish. These posters were turning the comments section into a cesspool.

  15. Trump will not get the Republican Party nomination. This party is not interested in losing the presidential race. Even if he were to run as an independent, Trump will be defeated by the Hispanic vote alone. The U.S. is not a country run by white males anymore. Trudeau is on safe ground.

    • Only with people like you.

  16. Dear Editors… I object to this title “…Justin Trudeau served up some strong political jabs against Donald Trump. Here’s why that’s a risky game” which undermines the PM confirming considered political beliefs as mere “jabs” targeting Trump, and suggests that Trudeau is playing “a risky game” when there is no game afoot here. Justin Trudeau made it clear, while acknowledging the importance of Canada-US relations, that Canada’s integrity is (once again) based on specific humanitarian principles. Despite the title, I congratulate PM Trudeau for not allowing himself to be directly pitted against the proverbial “ugly American” now traumatizing the U.S. in the guise of a Republican.

  17. Dear Canada, Please don’t export your Muslim immigrants. We don’t want them. Your stuck with them.
    Best of luck.

    Thank you,


    • I don’t think that’s anything you have to worry. Make sure you get 3 quotes on the wall

    • Dear America

      Let’s do a deal. Your guns kill more people than our Muslim citizens, so you keep your guns and we will keep our citizens.

      Thank you


  18. Well, when you look at the diversity of multiculturalism in Europe and how much it has failed or has weakened its society. Although they have embraced the muslim populace. Yet, now, the Muslims in Europe are the ones who have been rejecting our western values with Sharia law and no go zones. Their the ones who are separating themselves from the mainstream population. And to say the greatest victims to terrorists are the muslims is just a retarded statement to make. Jews and Christians suffer more from Jihadists than anyone else. Jews and Christians have been the arch enemies of Islam for centuries. The problems is not with the moderates but the problem is with the radicals and all radicals are Muslim. To deny that is to spin the same rhetoric as Obama. Therefore I totally disagree with what this airhead is saying. You can all drink his koolaid, but lets get honest he is obviously appeasing the Muslims agenda here. Because he is in bed with them so to speak.

    • Unfortunately, young Trudeau has his mother’s brain and his father’s arrogance-what a combination!!
      While I think Trump is off the wall on many occasions, he says what most Americans think and that is why his popularity increases. Re his banning of Muslims, this followed right after the FBI said they cannot properly screen refugees/immigrants. So Trump essentially said, “Well we’d better shut it down until the current administration figures that out”. Kind of logical I’d say but the lefty media doesn’t give that context.
      I’m not surprised that Obama has invited Trudeau to a state dinner-they are two peas in a pod-both pacifist airheads. The only difference is you can usually understand Obama when he speaks. Maybe they should invite Wynne along but she’s too busy driving Ontario into disrespect and bankruptcy.

        • Too subtle I guess. His mother followed “The Grateful Dead” way too long and it shows. He’s probably legalizing marijuana just for her!!

          • No, there was nothing “subtle” there.
            What is it that “shows”?

      • Remember when you thought Harper was saying what most Canadians think?

        Good times, good times…

        • Same number voted for Harper this time as last time. The problem was that Mulcair offended his party members and they stupidly voted for The Liberals. Enjoy your short run-the man-child Justin won’t cut it-too busy taking selfies and playing with children.

          • Yes, it was awfully inconvenient of Mulcair not to split the vote and allow Harper to win another majority.

            That, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with my point, but then I suppose expecting you to address the point is demanding too much.

            PS – Harper also failed at his attempt at voter suppression. See, the ‘problem” was not just the lack of vote split, it was the fact that a lot more people voted.

        • Remember when you were always pointing out that Harper only got 39 percent of the vote so 70 percent voted against him…well….JT in fact only got 39 percent of the vote…does that mean that 70 percent of Canadians don’t believe that JT should be PM? Does that mean he does not really have a mandate to lead? What fun this is especially since JT has already lied about his ability to get 26K refugees here by year end; his ability to turn around mail delivery and his ability to cap his deficits at 10 billion. I would wager less and less Canadians are believing anything JT said when they voted for him.

    • Utter nonsense. The facts do not support your bigotry so I guess you have to make stuff up instead.

      • Don’t have to stop what I’d NEVER do. But if I believed my neighbor was beating his wife, I should be able to anonymously phone a Snitch Line and have that checked out.

      • What do you think I made up? Do you know what the word bigotry even means? Margaret Trudeau was a well known pothead and drug abuser who had affairs, while married to Pierre, with Ted Kennedy, Ronny Woods and others. Now I wouldn’t consider that too demonstrative of being bright!! Far from making that up, I read that in her biography.

        • Ah, I see. We know her son ‘has her brain’ because he’s a well known pothead and drug abuser who has affairs.
          Also, this behaviour is indicative of low intelligence….cuz.
          Got it.

          You know, there’s plenty of real criticism of Trudeau to be made. The fact that you flail around with this, might say something not-so-complimentary about your IQ.

          • Tresus,
            If you haven’t recognized that he’s not very bright and nothing but fluff, I’d question your IQ.
            Yo want some “real criticism”. The polls today show that if our Federal election was held after the awful Paris event and the massacre in California, Harper’s government would have been reelected with a majority. But even after that, Trudeau has stuck with his election “promise” to withdraw Canada’s six fighter jets from the war on ISIS. So criticism #1 is that he won’t or can’t recognize major change. Criticism #2 is that the general public (not just the right) wonder when he’s actually going to get more serious and stop his general gallivanting around for photo ops. Criticism # 4 is that he plans to legalize marijuana but has no plans to establish a standard of impairment for law enforcement officers to use like the one that exists for alcohol impairment. I could go on but my typing fingers are getting tired.

          • PS – 2 is followed by 3, which is then followed by 4.

            PPS – marihuana does not have to be legal before a “standard of impairment” can be set. Where was Harper on that again?

        • Maybe look up, look waaaaay up, and look at the post I am actually responding to.

          But in answer to your question, I think you make up pretty much most of your “facts”.

          • Gayle,
            Why would you have to have an impairment standard for something that is illegal? The police can do a mouth swab for marijuana today and if they find a trace, you’re cooked. But a trace doesn’t prove impairment which will be necessary once the man child legalizes it.
            I’m still waiting for you to show me anything I said which someone could interpret as bigotry. A bigot is someone who doesn’t tolerate races or religions other than his own. If you want to spread it more thinly and say that if I disagree with you, I’m a bigot you’re very narrow minded.

          • Why do you need an impairment standard at all? It only counts when you are driving, and whether or not marijuana is legal, it is illegal to drive while impaired.

          • While I am at it – where on earth do you get the idea cops run around taking mouth swabs of people in order to establish whether they have smoked pot? That is something else you have made up.

          • Jerome:
            You say that Mr. Trudeau is ‘not very bright’ and ‘a piece of fluff’. I say that Harper’s attack on the headgear chosen by some Muslim towards the end of the long campaign was only appealing to the large base of Muslim-fearing folks in Canada. Yes, we have bigots here and he was appealing to them. What a craven opportunist! Also, Harper famously said towards the end ‘Marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco!’ Really!!? Harper’s evidently NOT very bright with all the discernment of a ‘piece of fluff’ to be so disingenuous. The ex-PM is either as dense as uranium, or he has no concept whatsoever of the evils of tobacco (ex-smokers like me know that’s intentionaly BS)…and he was our PM! Of course, Harper had muzzled the scientists, so he chose ignorance over enlightenment. That says it all. PM Trudeau will restore the respect Canada formerly enjoyed in the World’s view.

    • “…and all radicals are Muslim.”

      Not even close. Though they are currently the most actively violent, and garner the most headlines.

      Here’s one group of Christian radicals who grab a lot of headlines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westboro_Baptist_Church

      They haven’t killed anyone yet (as far as we know) but it’s probably just a matter of time…

      • Gayle,
        Do you understand why there is an impairment standard for alcohol? It’s to be able to prove against a recognized standard that the person driving was indeed impaired. They don’t have anyone do all that old crap of touching your nose or walking a line anymore because that required subjective judgement on the part of the involved police officers. Today they administer a breathalyzer and if the person is over the legal limit they are deemed to be impaired. There is no such standard developed yet for marijuana and I think that is a must before it is legalized.

        I have been stopped by police in RIDE program where they swabbed the inside of my mouth using the equivalent of a Q-tip and ran some test to see if cannabis was present. As long as it is illegal they do not have to show impairment just presence for the person to be charged for using an illegal substance.. Once legalized it can obviously be present and that’s not an issue. But there is not a standard yet which says (as for alcohol) that if you are above a certain level you are deemed to be impaired. You get it???

        • We can’t let you use marijuana until we have a way to make sure you aren’t using too much to drive.
          We’ll also be outlawing guns, sharp things and heavy things until we have a way to test whether or not you’ll ever use them to hurt someone else.

          • Tresus,
            Deaths on the highway in Canada due to alcohol impairment are significant. You must believe pot smokers don’t get high and get behind the wheel. They haven’t outlawed alcohol but the cops have a standard to measure against for that which acts as a big deterrent for many who consume alcohol. They need the same for pot. That is my opinion not something I made up. Are you smoking up right now?

          • Gayle explained clearly below why your assertion that legalization will make enforcement of driving laws more difficult is bullshit.

        • Jerome

          In Canada you can either be convicted of driving while your blood alcohol level is at .08 or higher, or impaired driving. You prove the first charge by asking the driving to do a breathalyzer test. You prove the impaired charge by confirming the driver has consumed alcohol or drugs, AND by giving evidence the driving pattern was consistent with someone who is impaired (ie. driving over the lines, not stopping at a stop sign, driving really slow etc). You do not have to do a mouth swab to prove the consumption of drugs.

          The key here is driving while impaired. Ergo, driving after smoking a joint is not illegal unless that joint resulted in you being impaired. So that little swab test was meaningless and probably illegal. You do not have to consent to that. You do have to do a breathalyzer when a cop demands it. If you refuse that you will be charged.

          So getting back to your “point”, no standard is necessary just because marijuana is about to be legal. People can be impaired by the drug whether or not the drug is legal.

          • Gayle,
            I’m beginning to understand why you voted for the man child!!
            When marijuana becomes LEGAL, law enforcement officers need something more than their judgement (as was given to them for alcohol) to be able to demonstrate chemically (as they now do with alcohol) that the person is unfit to drive. And by the way, when a person is stopped by the RIDE program, the law enforcement officer needs only to have the on site breathalyzer plus one more at the station over 0.08 to place a DUI charge. The standard of 0.08 is the key whether the person behaves in a sober fashion or not.

          • “When marijuana becomes LEGAL, law enforcement officers need something more than their judgement (as was given to them for alcohol) to be able to demonstrate chemically (as they now do with alcohol) that the person is unfit to drive. ”

            Entirely false.
            You just made that up.

          • What Tresus said. No point in continuing this discussion when you clearly know absolutely nothing about the topic.

            Have a nice Christmas!

  19. That’s funny, I thought Trudeau was referring to Harper. I’m surprized Trump hasn’t stolen the snitch line idea.

  20. So the elected Prime Minister of Canada can’t voice his opinion of an, as yet, un-elected Republican candidate, in order to avoid “awkward” meetings in the event that he first becomes the Republican leader and then perhaps becomes the President of the U.S. Do we consider ourselves so low on the totem pole that we consider it acceptable to defer to graceless louts?

    • I think the writer was just trying to point out, in general, how low young Justin’s IQ is. There will be many more examples he can write about in the months ahead-he should have just waited until he could give a dozen examples in one article.

      • “I think…”

        There you go, making stuff up again.

        • Gale,
          Having a debate with you is meaningless. Your responses are like those of an arrogant, uneducated dolt.

  21. Does this author really think that Trudeau’s enlightened, civilized opposition to Trump’s bigoted, fear-mongering rhetoric will be the major issue between the two countries if Trump becomes president, rather than the hatred Trump spews?

  22. What he said was not a ‘risky game’ because Donald Trump is NEVER going to be POTUS.

  23. Ok then Mickey Mouse takes on Donald Duck…….nothing is real anymore. Look up, look way up, and I’ll call Rusty………we’re on a raft floating through a septic field of moron’s. The only joy is being able to make comments on this movie in Mclean’s…….thank Goofy for that I say !!

  24. Wow! Trudeau = Obama ! The nerve to say that Muslims are the one’s who are suffering the most under isis is to show that he is as, and if not, even more arrogant than Obama is or has ever been.

    isis is a MUSLIM GROUP. They’re goal has been to eliminate Christians and Jews.

    To apologize to Mexicans? For what? He didn’t say anything racial about them at all.

    I feel bad for our country Canada with Trudeau leading it. The blind lead the blind into a hole. Canadians will see that electing Trudeau as PM was one of their biggest mistakes.
    At least with Trump in the front seat of Americans they will get perspective and a good sense of direction back again.

  25. Donald Trump would, rightfully so, have little respect for boy justin. An unaccomplished, limelight seeking, money wasting, foolish tool. I live in BC and look forward to Trump in the Whitehouse. Trudope would of course then try to be the big man(maybe even punch Trump in the face!-Oooo)and start down a road of hurting relations, because justin’s an idiot, you see. As for all the liberals who would flee the U.S to canada. Can we set up a reciprocal agreement where center right people from canookada can take your place in the US?

  26. Lol I like how he made to sure to bow down to his Islamic lobby in his statement. I guess it was that time of the day. He didn’t say anything too out of line here, and let’s be honest when Trump talks about NAFTA I think if there will be any real dramatic changes it will be with respects to Mexico, not us. Let’s just not act like the USA is some terrible hellhole now that the orange-skinned goof got elected. We do business with Saudi Arabia and China and “liberals” don’t seem to mind it too much.

  27. Lol just noticed how old this story was

  28. Ho, ho,hey, hey D. Trump is here to stay. Hey,
    hey, ho, ho, Commie liebrals have to go.

  29. Trudeau – is a former history teacher who’s daddy was a famous politician (Canadian or Cuban… we are not sure)

    Trump – Is a billionaire business man: and now leader of the free world; who has fought in the business world for 40 years and was elected by a majority of the American people because he claims the Globalists like Trudeau are robbing their people blind.

    Bye Bye Justin……. I can’t say it was nice knowing you…. But MARK HOLLAND has your get out of jail free card.

    ….. you didn’t use it.


  30. Only a true dumbass who thinks he is the ruler of the free world would poke a sleeping bear The borders could be closed over night and we would have 40% unemployment in a week and 40C Dollar good job you are the laughing stock of the world at Canada’s expense

  31. Justin’s blind love for radical islam continues.He does not see clearly whats really happening in USA ,Canada and rest of the e.U countries where radical islam is creating such a havoc.He does not care to even check them if they have terror links.He is so blind does not care about letting non muslim christians and others into Canada who have ben victims on the hands of same majority muslims in their countries who prosecute them in daily basis.enough Justin you and your bunch of muslim ministers are going to let in jihadis radical muslims ned ay Canada will be tin a worst position and who knows Shariya law and Islam will rule Thanks to you moran

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