Justin Trudeau urges patience as new Muslim immigrants integrate

Trudeau says Italians, Greeks and others who arrived in Canada after the Second World War faced tremendous discrimination but eventually integrated seamlessly


MONTREAL — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the example of Italian grandmothers in Montreal to explain Thursday why Canadians shouldn’t be “overly impatient” with the integration of newcomers.

Being fearful of immigrants is “nothing new” in Canada and around the world, he said, adding that Italians and Greeks settling in Montreal in the 1950s faced similar kinds of discrimination as do Muslims and other immigrants today.

“The first generation is always going to have challenges in integrating,” Trudeau said during a panel discussion with London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“There are districts (in Montreal) where Italian grandmothers still pretty much only speak Italian and don’t speak that much French or English. But their kids and grandkids are seamlessly and completely integrated into Montreal and the only difference is they tend to be trilingual and not just bilingual.”

The prime minister was taking part in a day-long conference hosted by Canada 2020, which describes itself as a progressive think-tank.

Asked by the panel moderator what can be done to reduce fear of and discrimination against newcomers, Trudeau replied that what’s happening in Canada and around the world is “nothing new.”

Italians and Greeks who settled in the northern part of Montreal and in other Canadian cities “faced tremendous discrimination, tremendous distrust.”

“This country didn’t happen by accident,” Trudeau continued. “And it won’t continue without effort. When we think about integration and success we can’t be overly impatient.”

He said citizens should “keep a solid pressure” to ensure human rights and the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms are respected by all Canadians.

Trudeau also referred to his time visiting places of worship around the country such as mosques and temples.

He was recently criticized online and in some Canadian media for visiting a mosque in Ottawa where women and men were kept separate.

The prime minister said Canadians should engage with all communities.

“The question is, do you engage or participate or say, ‘I’m not going to talk to you until you hit the norm or the perfect ideal that we all aspire to’,” he said. “I think (the latter) is wrong.”

Khan said Canada “has become a beacon of how a civilized G7 country should treat those who are vulnerable and need help.”

He also praised Trudeau for his “progressive” politics and said the prime minister’s election in October 2015 inspired him.


Justin Trudeau urges patience as new Muslim immigrants integrate

  1. Glad he said that. It’s time people used a little common sense.

  2. Muslims do have good things to offer to Canada its not just one way street, they discourage less alcohol and substance abuse, they have business based(sharing profit and loss) financial system(not interest based), they participation in charitable activities (as this is one of the pillar of their faith),they have good family support system to take care of vulnerable, and they have big young families (which Canada need in view of aging population).

  3. I thought the Syrians were refugees, not immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants … paid their own way. Anyways … now that Syria is settling down … will those refugees be going home?

  4. Justin Trudeau is NOT helping Muslims integrate by NOT speaking out for gender equality when he goes to a gender segregated mosque and stands and speaks in a place where no women are allowed.

    He should have only spoken in the women’s section of the mosque.

    Justin Trudeau: a 1%’er white women feminist only. Brown or black, he doesn’t have your back.

    • Unlike Harp who was good buddies with muslims eh?

      • Btw….Jews have separate sections for men and women.

  5. What about the discrimination faced by MPs Catherine McKenna, Karen McCrimmon, and Anita Vandenbeld when they accompanied Justin Trudeau to a mosque. He entered through the front door while they as women had to come in through a side door? And where he addressed the crowed while they sat with their heads covered?
    I support equality. I have already emailed these three MPs with my support against discrimination, not because it’s 2016, (nor 916 as Justin appears to believe) but because I believe in equality. Anyone else who would like to do the same can email them at the below addresses as well.

    Catherine.McKenna@ parl. gc. ca
    Karen.McCrimmon@ parl. gc. ca
    Anita.Vandenbeld@ parl. gc. ca
    you can CC Justin Trudeau at
    Justin.trudeau@ parl. gc. ca

    Please excuse the spaces.

    Unfortunately while this event got widespread coverage in international media, only the National Post seems willing to cover it in Canada.

  6. There’s nowhere in the world that Muslims have integrated though. Islam is a supremacist ideology. The comparison to Italian or Greek immigrants is absurd. Those people came here with similar values and culture, they weren’t adherents of the cult of a pedophile warlord. Muslims won’t be content to live peacefully in our society, they will work hard to change it. The conditions here are perfect for them: political correctness on steroids.

    Justin doesn’t care about the future, I guess his line of thinking is that his family will always safely be in their ivory tower. He’ll bring in as many as he can because they vote in blocs and will always vote Liberal.

  7. These are the killers and the majority are also grown males only.
    The Italians and Greeks didn’t come over here on the intentions to kill Us FFS.
    These ones are.

    Haven’t You seen the video’s of what They have already done to there own even, let alone the rest of the WORLD ? They too had open arms saying come on in, and look what is happening to Them ALL, BUT No that’s come to Canada We give U Everything free. No U won’t kill us just everybody else when all it is, is “DEATH TO AMERICA” and show us all the video’s to prove They are not joking & to say, see see see see see see We are coming for You see see see but You Justin Trader thinks it’s all a big joke. You don’t get it. Your just like a big Chucky Doll. A friend to the end, & this is the end My friend. Armageddon here We come.