‘Lady Injustice is blind to the suffering of her fellow citizens’

MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette gives an impassioned speech on Parliament Hill about our investigation into Canada’s justice system


Robert-Falcon Ouellette, the Liberal MP for Winnipeg Centre, gave an impassioned response to a months-long investigation from Maclean’s reporter Nancy Macdonald that revealed that at every step, Canada’s justice system is designed to put Indigenous people in jail—and keep them there. “It’s a two-tier justice system,” said Ouellette, speaking to reporters from inside Parliament Hill, and promising to go to his riding and to prisons to speak to constituents and give voice to them.


‘Lady Injustice is blind to the suffering of her fellow citizens’

  1. True to an extent.

    If you beat, rob or kill someone…you should go to jail, no matter what your background or ethnicity. Is Mr Ouellette saying that criminals should get a freebie simply because they are aboriginal?

    Sorry Ouellette…..we already do that. Ever hear of a healing circle? What about the native man wo killed his two daughters and spent less than 2 years in jail?

    Sorry….I’m not buying it. The cops don’t throw you in jail because you are a native. they throw you in jail because you can’t stop breaking the law.

    • James 100% agree with you…………

    • Of course you’re ignoring the fact a lot of non-native people who get just as sweet a deal. Just a while back a guy who killed someone with his car did zero time and got off with a $500 fine. The issue is an uneven treatment based on where you come from and how much money you have.
      At the bottom end there are individuals facing serious charges who are not afforded defense council or are given a public defender who provides no formal consultation and frequently does not speak the defendants language. Also, there is a right to speedy justice, access to legal advice and reasonable expectation of bail pending trial – when neither courts or legal assistance is available, sometimes for years, and incarceration is under conditions way below the minimum Canadian standard, there’s an injustice, This is a problem. Also cases where the only evidence is police officer testimony are obviously prejudicial.

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