Late-night host on latest Rob Ford headline: 'Thank you, Canada' -

Late-night host on latest Rob Ford headline: ‘Thank you, Canada’


TORONTO – The latest controversial video featuring Toronto Mayor Rob Ford provided fresh material for at last one late night television host Tuesday night.

The video of a seemingly incoherent Ford using Jamaican swear words popped up on YouTube and appears to have been filmed inside a restaurant.

Ford admitted he had been drinking, after weeks of adamant vows that he had given up alcohol, adding it was on his “own time.”

On ABC‘s ‘‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host quipped that Ford had been quiet for a couple of months but the ‘‘streak of good behaviour appears to have ended.”

Just when you thought Ford couldn’t possibly ‘‘pull another nugget out of his bag of crazy,” joked Kimmel, ‘‘he gets drunk and speaks Jamaican.”

He added, ‘‘when you’re the best, that’s what you do.‘‘

Kimmel also called Ford‘s brother, Coun. Doug Ford, the ‘‘most loyal brother in the world” after initially insisting the video was filmed prior to Monday night.

‘‘So he’s back folks, back for an all-new season of Super Mayor,” said Kimmel.

‘‘Thank you, Canada. This almost makes up for Justin Bieber.”

Ford’s foibles have been a staple for late night hosts since word first surfaced last June of a video that appeared to show him smoking crack, something he initially denied but later admitted he has done.

The latest Ford news hasn’t gone unnoticed in the global media, with many outlets publishing stories online, including CNN and Time Magazine.

‘‘Video Shows Toronto’s Mayor Using Jamaican Patois in Obscene Rant About Police Surveillance,” reads the headline on the New York Times website.

The Houston Chronicle, The Australian and at least three publications in Britain also posted online stories about the embattled Toronto mayor.

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Late-night host on latest Rob Ford headline: ‘Thank you, Canada’

  1. And there are people out there who will still defend this phat phart. What a total embarrassment to Toronto and our country.

    • Not to be picky or anything but “phat” actually means “hot and pretty”. Somehow I don’t think that is what you had in mind.

      • That’s too funny…I did not know. Thanks for the update, but how does anyone get “hot and pretty” out of phat?

        • Of course it is a homonym (two words that sound the same but have two different meanings) and I believe it might have come about as a way to spin a very negative word (fat) into something positive (phat). There is actually a song with the lyrics “phat like Cindy Crawford.”

          • I guess the problem is I’m old as dirt and not up the latest buzz words. LOL

  2. I have to admit, I was getting anxious wondering how he would reenter the news cycle. Mr. Ford(s), you do not disappoint.

  3. Ford does prove one thing:

    that any “careers in Politics” really do amount to nothing more than a “joke”, in almost all cases.