Letter asking for autistic boy to be euthanized not a hate crime: police


NEWCASTLE, Ont. – Police say a letter sent to the Ontario family of a 13-year-old autistic boy telling them to move or have him euthanized does not constitute a hate crime.

The boy’s grandmother, Brenda Millson, received the anonymous letter on Friday and reported it to police.

The letter was signed by someone claiming to be a mother in the area who was upset about noises Millson’s grandson Max made when he was outside.

Durham regional police say a criminal investigation is underway but the letter doesn’t reach the threshold for a hate crime.

Investigators say they consulted with the Crown Attorney’s office on the letter that contains “hateful language.”

The letter has gone on to make international headlines, and Millson says she’s grateful her local community has rallied behind the family.

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Letter asking for autistic boy to be euthanized not a hate crime: police

  1. So, is she going to do anything about her disruptive grandson?

    Or just continue to let him harass the neighbours?

    • Did you write the letter?
      Because that’s the only way I can understand how THIS is the question that you arrived at, following this story.

      • The answer is not present in the story, and in fact the woman and the story seem to deliberately avoid any consideration of the actual problem, and any notion of a solution to the problem.

        Why is it that your understanding is so shallow as to not notice this obvious void?

        • He’s noisy, that’s all. He isn’t harming anyone.

          • Noise is a recognized source of harm, and many municipalities even have explicit noise bylaws.

          • Not even you are taking yourself seriously on this.

          • There is no indication just how bad the kid’s noisiness is, but if we believe the letter to be real (and the story’s not just made up) then clearly the kid is loud enough to be an annoyance.

            I doubt he’s just mumbling quietly to himself.

            And so does Grandma have any intention of doing anything at all to address the problem? Autistics can be trained; even the severe cases are often susceptible to behaviour modification therapies. But she’s apparently not considering anything like that.

          • LOL lots of things in a neighbourhood…including noise…can be an annoyance….it doesn’t merit the death penalty.

            You go to church do you?

          • Haw haw haw… What death penalty?

            Nobody has died at all.

            However grannie doesn’t seem to want to lift a finger to try to resolve the issue.

          • The letter writer said Grannie should euthanize the boy.

            There is nothing to resolve here

            And I asked you if you go to church.

          • The noise issue ought to be resolved, preferably by the grandmother, as I think that the neighbour doesn’t know nearly enough about autism to keep the kid from ‘melting down’ from time to time.

            Her euthanasia suggestion, while perhaps a bit over-the-top, does not constitute a death penalty and is not (as far as I am aware) being seriously contemplated.

          • There is no ‘noise issue’….and there was no mention of anything else….like ‘melting down’

            The neighbour who is probably American, needs a cuff….and an education.

          • The issue is almost entirely about the noise, which is clear from the original letter.

          • Yes, and doesn’t require any crackpot threatening letters to his grandma.

          • And keep your god(s) to yourself, as I shall keep mine.

          • Ahhh so you DO claim to be a christian even with an attitude like that.

            ‘Jesus wept.’

          • From that sentence you assume me to be christian?

            That’s jumping to conclusions without even a parachute.

          • No, I assumed you were a christian when I read your disgusting first post on the subject.

            And if you weren’t christian you’d have said so after I asked politely.

          • Anyone who focuses on the noise-complaint aspect of this story while downplaying the suggestion that an autistic boy should be euthanized as “a bit over the top” is not worth arguing with, Emily. Although, I can appreciate your curiosity regarding what kind of person is behind the ridiculous comments.

            GlynnMhor, for you, I must quote a line from the cinema classic, Billy Madison: “… what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response[s] were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
            Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          • {{{{{{{{{{APPLAUSE}}}}}}}}}}

          • So how is it that YOU have missed the obvious void in the story?

            Namely what does grandma intend to do to try to reconcile with her neighbours?

            She knows there’s an issue, but instead of acting upon it she’s publicized this letter, apparently in the hope of getting public support to DO NOTHING about the problem.

          • From everything I’ve read it’s only ONE neighbor who has an issue. A neighbor who penned an ANONYMOUS over-the-top letter complete with excessive exclamation points, misspellings & poor grammar, culminating in a suggestion to euthanize the child – all signs of a rational adult (not). Just how would she reconcile with this (I repeat) anonymous letter writer? Hard to reconcile when one party is hiding behind a poison-pen letter.

          • My religious leanings are none of your business.

            And are irrelevant to anything about this story.

          • You are giving a ‘moral’ opinion….so that makes it relevant.

            We have far too many hypocritical ‘christians ….especially in office.

            Do you practice what you preach or not?

          • There’s no moral opinion involved here.

            Just a question about whether the grandma is going to do anything to try to resolve a problem with her neighbours.

          • And again…..you make a moral judgement about others…and refer to ‘euthanizing’ a child as only ‘a little over the top’….but can’t own up to your supposed religion. The things you claim to believe, but don’t. Are you at least ashamed?

            Religious hypocrisy is one of the many reasons why I’m an atheist.

          • Pragmatism has no morality.

            She is in a disagreement situation with at least one of the hr neighbours, but rather than seek to mitigate that problem has instead tried to enlist ‘politically correct’ public support for her decision to do nothing.

          • No……YOU have no morality.

            Her neighbours rallied around her….big demonstration of support.

            There was nothing to resolve.

          • Had there been ‘nothing to resolve’, there would have been no letter in the first place.

            Browbeating some unfortunate neighbour into putting up with the problem is hardly fair or reasonable.

          • One vicious crackpot neighbour does not an issue make.

            Now stop it.

          • A neighbour who hath an issue with a neighbour doth indeed an issue make.

            And the one neighbour is doing her level best not to do the least thing to mitigate the problem.

          • ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’

            Now stop being silly….you are arguing to no purpose….boredom maybe….certainly not logic or reason.

            But your attitude is why monkeys never evolved past the trees.

          • You still refuse to see the problem here, preferring to fall back upon political correctness and societal blackmail.

          • Everyone sees the problem here….you’re a tree monkey…the same as that letter-writer.

            It has nothing to do with political correctness and ‘societal blackmail’…cheezus….it’s intelligent self-interest and basic survival.

            We all look out for each other

          • Except for granny; she doesn’t care about her neighbours.

          • She cares about her grandson….and her neighbours care about the both of them.

            You however should go back to your tree….Ciao

            And so that you understand it….ook, ook.

          • Tsk tsk tsk… in the absence of cogent remarks, insults come easily for you.

          • You’re the one playing monkey, pal. Now off you go.

          • You see only one problem.

            I can see that one and at least two others that re not addressed at all.

            You’re just being narrow minded.

          • Yada yada…..shoo