Liberal Colin Kenny withdraws from Grit caucus while under Senate investigation -

Liberal Colin Kenny withdraws from Grit caucus while under Senate investigation


OTTAWA – Sen. Colin Kenny has withdrawn from the federal Liberal caucus while the Senate investigates a complaint about him.

Justin Trudeau’s office confirms that Kenny informed the Liberal leader on Wednesday that he was recusing himself from caucus “pending the outcome of an investigation by the Senate administration.”

Sources tell The Canadian Press the investigation involves a complaint of sexual harassment.

Kenny had little comment on the allegation that has been levelled against him.

“There is a Senate process that is under way looking into the allegations that prohibits me or anyone else involved from commenting,”Kenney said in an email.

“All I can say is at the end of the day I expect to be vindicated.”

A CBC report does not identify the specific complainant, but it does reference an earlier interview with a woman who worked for Kenny for two months over the summer.

CBC reported the woman said in the interview that Kenny made sexual comments, asked her to wear high-heeled shoes and repeatedly put his hand on her waist when meeting alone with her in his office.

Kenny, a former staffer in the Prime Minister’s Office under Pierre Trudeau, has been a senator since he was appointed to the upper chamber in 1984.

He’s perhaps best known for his work on defence and security issues, serving as chairman of the Senate committee on national security and defence from 2001 to 2009.

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Liberal Colin Kenny withdraws from Grit caucus while under Senate investigation

  1. What the Canadian Press didn’t tell us…

    Justin Trudeau was made aware of these allegations in August.

    It’s freaking November.

    I know! How about another story about how Trudeau is raising the bar on accountability guys? Seems like we’re overdue for one.

    • Too bad you couldn’t get a “the Liberal Media isn’t reporting Kenny!” comment off before the story was posted.
      Up your game, john.

    • Geez, john. Can you believe this.
      What Aaron didn’t tell us is that Harper was made aware of these allegations more than 2 years before.
      Damn Liberal Media.

      • Now now, Don’t use his own arguments against him. That is not playing fair. It is almost as if you are biased against him or something.

    • If you want people to subscribe and read MacLeans then maybe you should be fairer in your reporting. Lots of “opinions” on how terrible the Conservatives are but Liberals get a freeby. I would like NEWS not scandals of Ford and Conservatives. I don’t live in Toronto but do know there are news stories about other people and places. Thankfully other news sources are available

  2. Heh, Emily no comments today!

  3. The Canadian Press don’t tell all. Of course they never reported that Justin Trudeau was made aware of the sexual allegations. After all they want Trudeau as PM. If you listen to the news and read the papers, it’s all about the Senate and Conservatives, but what about the sexual scandal regarding Senator Kenny, a Liberal. It’s on the back page someplace. These sexual assault allegations should be front and centre. The media does’nt talk about the Liberal Senator that just resigned and he had to pay over $200,000. That amount is more than the three Conservative Senators put together.

    • On the other hand, he was a senator for much longer. If the CPC hadn’t been caught trying to cover up Duffy’s expenses, how much could he have gobbled up?

    • Right, because the misbehaviour by one man is totally equivalent to the PM of Canada lying to Canadians, and getting the entire PMO to go along with that.

      See, the behaviour of an individual should not ever reflect upon the entire party. The behaviour of a party should.

      Try getting some perspective. It might help.

  4. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for his past employees at his tanning salon to express their concerns about his behavior towards them while working at his salon. Several were vocal but their young ages at the time precluded and the arrogance put forward by him merely had them quit.