Liberals will let Saudi light armoured vehicle deal stand

Liberals don’t approve of Saudi deal, says Dion


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion says the Liberal government does not approve of the sale of $15-billion worth of light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia because of its poor human rights record.

He says the government is simply allowing a previously negotiated contract to stand.

Dion is answering questions in the Senate about the government’s foreign policy in a rare appearance by an elected member of the House of Commons.

He says future deals will be reviewed.

And he acknowledges Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is horrible.

The government has faced repeated calls to the cancel the deal between the Saudis and an Ontario company for the vehicles, citing its imprisonment of blogger Raif Badawi and its treatment of women.

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Liberals will let Saudi light armoured vehicle deal stand

  1. Dion have your forgot your party is in charge now. You get to choose which deals you make and which ones you scrap as evidenced by the pulling of the CF-18’s. Please don’t try to say the Conservatives made you do it. It makes you appear weak. Own it.

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