Living and dying in Pikangikum -

Living and dying in Pikangikum

Maclean’s recently visited Pikangikum, an Ojibwa community of about 2400 in northwestern Ontario, which is thought to have the highest suicide rate in the world.



Read Martin Patriquin’s story here.

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Living and dying in Pikangikum

  1. Maybe instead of sending our food and money to other countries we need to be concentrating on our own back yards where we obviously have poverty, much needed help and people struggling to survive. If people are willing to take their own lives because they have no running water, no work, schooling and funding our country needs to step in and up and help our own citizens.

    • We’d have to have a complete turn around;  stop treating foreigners better than our own, but hey, that would be so un-Canadian.

  2. I agree charity begins at home. Why are we always sending money, clothes etc to foreign countries? We need help in our backyards. Hope the dignitaries in this country will open their eyes and ears and start helping those in our country that needs the help.