M.B.A Rankings

A look at Canada’s M.B.A. programs, Canada’s E.M.B.A. programs, and how they stack up against international programs


Canada's M.B.A Programs

Canada's E.M.B.A programs

How do Canada's business school stack up?

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M.B.A Rankings

  1. an interesting statistic would be to compare the ranking of the school versus the percentage of applications rejected.

  2. Who cares.

  3. Memorial University it is :) Got until Feb to make a choice! very helpful indeed!!!

    • I have been in the MBA program at MUN for the last 10 months. Although I wont say its an A tier business school, yet I gotta admit that its a pretty decent business school. Welcome!

      • Hi MD, Just wanting how is life generally in NL. I’m thinking of migrating to NL to study MBA at MUN.

  4. Can someone please advice on how the MBA program at Vancouver Island University is? thanks!

    • Surprisingly well-reputed. I know several VIU MBAs who’ve gone on to successful management careers. The programs attracts many international students, so networking potential is global.

  5. How is life in NL. Considering doing an MBA at MUN.