Maclean’s 3rd annual Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever

Think you know a lot about Canada? Think again.

And once you’ve completed this year’s edition, try your hand at 2010 edition and the 2009 edition. Don’t forget to let us know how you did in the comments!


Maclean’s 3rd annual Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever

  1. What no comments, haha

    I fail miserably and here I thought I was a know it all!

    • I usually do pretty good on these; I’m embarrassed to say I got 2 of 15.

      •  I did better 4 out of 15 : )

        I am pretty good at this things too, hitting the books for next year haha

  2. 8 out of 15, but most were guesses.

    • Still impressive : )

  3. I got six. Better than last year! And at least I can proudly say I had no bloody idea what Bieber’s first hit was. I’d have been embarrassed to get that one right. ;)

    • I wasn’t even aware he had a hit.

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