Maclean’s Live: Watch the PM speak on the war against Islamic State

Live from the floor of the House of Commons


A federal government motion to expand and extend Canada’s war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant will be introduced today. It would expand the mission to ISIL targets in Syria and extend the mission to the end of March, 2016. Federal sources say Prime Minister Stephen Harper will introduce the motion personally in the House of Commons at 10 a.m.:

Live stream

The motion

The motion to extend Canada's mission in Iraq


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Maclean’s Live: Watch the PM speak on the war against Islamic State

  1. This conflict in Iraq is nothing more than a dog and pony show and is sliding down a very slippery slope , it’s all about trying to box Trudeau in at any cost. This is very dangerous politics and the MSM are assisting in allowing this incompetent government to push a conflict down Canadians throat. The right wing don’t care what happens to this country as long as Justin Trudeau doesn’t get elected. Canada has more important issues than to allow our selves to be sucked into a conflict with no final outcome, are we as Canadians, that naïve?

  2. Here we go with the rhetoric. Harper having his Mr. Hyde moment.

  3. Can the MSM confirm everything Harper is saying about the help Canada has done for the refugees , if not, this is nothing put pure propaganda and fear.

  4. The final thing is, not one reporter will ever get to question Harper on any of this, he will go back into his bunker and the MSM will act like the same trained seals that are sitting behind Harper.

  5. Trudeau had the better speech, it had more clarity than both Harper or Mulcair.

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