Maclean's View from Parliament Hill: Stephen Harper's Senate troubles -

Maclean’s View from Parliament Hill: Stephen Harper’s Senate troubles

Video: Paul Wells, John Geddes and Michael Petrou make sense of the day’s news


John Geddes, Paul Wells and Michael Petrou consider the news of the day:

Today’s questions:

1. How important are Stephen Harper’s Senate troubles?

2. How does this week’s news colour Harper’s Senate-reform plans?

3. What is the significance of today’s street protests in Tunisia?

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Maclean’s View from Parliament Hill: Stephen Harper’s Senate troubles

  1. message to harper,”the chickens are starting to come home to roost” ! message to mulcair “40% of canadians dont want the senate abolished” ,just reform,so cool your jets there tom on abolishment. i dont think mr wells and mr geddes read the new poll out today about the senate.

  2. The Senate and the current scandal du jour are probably the least important thing in any canadians view except for the usual gang of harper haters, frustrated left wing loonies and pundits that eat this stuff up. Bottom line is that the moment this comes on the TV everyone changes the cahnnel to either hockey or housewives in vancouver! Harper loves dealing with stuff like this and eats it up because all the pundits and haters are running around foaming at the mouth and this lets him take care of the daily business that is important like the new crime bill coming out – so in a way we Tories SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!

    • i absolutely dare John Baird or Jason Kenney to go on TV and say “Look Canadians just don’t care if somebody we appointed to an office paying more than six figures a year beats up his girlfriend.” Do it, CPC, I dare you.

    • I agree with you : the number one important thing for Harper lovers is the publication of a book on hockey.

    • Which part of this does Harper love? Appointing incompetents to the Senate? Giving press conferences about another instance of his terrible lack of judgement? Or maybe reminding voters how much of a flip-flopper he’s been concerning senate reform.

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