Man gets 8 month sentence for his role in Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot -

Man gets 8 month sentence for his role in Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot


VANCOUVER – A 29-year-old Vancouver man has been sentenced to eight months in jail for his role in the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.

In passing sentence Tuesday, a B.C. Provincial Court judge called Vasilios Makris’ involvement in the riot ”the most serious of any case heard so far.”

Justice William Kitchen added that it was ”difficult to imagine how any rioter could have been more involved in the mayhem” that followed the Canucks’ Game 7 loss to Boston in the final.

Kitchen said Makris, who was charged with assault and taking part in a riot, was actively “cheerleading” others during the riot, taunted police, broke into a store and was involved in three vehicle fires.

Makris had said he believes he drank well over a dozen beer and 14 ounces of vodka on the night of the riot.

But Kitchen writes that ”considerable video footage” shows Makris walking and running and not displaying the “usual signs of impairment” such as stumbling.

The judge also noted that Makris is a first offender and somewhat remorseful and has continued to be a responsible citizen with a steady job since the riot.

Kitchen also wrote that Makris has a lengthy record of volunteer work, including time working for a United Nations agency in Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel.

In addition, wrote Kitchen, Makris does not abuse alcohol or drugs, is not a danger to the public and there was no premeditation involved.

Over the last two years, more than 100 people have received sentences ranging from discharges to more than a year in jail in connection with the riot.

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Man gets 8 month sentence for his role in Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot

  1. Here’s what should happen to everyone of the jerks who participated in the 2011 Stanley Cup riot. A bunch of stupid looking drunks should show up at their residence, break down their front door, beat them up, steal their money, break all their windows, and then drag whatever furniture they own out to the curb and set it on fire. And if they didn’t like it, well let them call the police.

  2. 8 months? – should have gotten 8 years !!!

    • Make it 30! Well, unless he’s a Conservative. In that case, I’d be cool with a plea bargain.