Medical marijuana program ‘seriously compromised’

Government says number of licensed users could climb as high as 400,000


OTTAWA – The federal government says the unforeseen growth of its medical marijuana program has “seriously compromised” the goal of providing the drug to patients while ensuring public safety.

The number of people authorized to possess medical marijuana under the federal program has risen to 37,000 this year from fewer than 100 in 2001.

In a court document defending planned changes to the program, the government says growing marijuana at home poses hazards including mould, fire, toxic chemicals and the threat of home invasion by criminals.

It says the number of licensed users could climb as high as 400,000, adding it is not possible for Health Canada to effectively inspect tens of thousands of production sites across the country.

Under the existing program, to be eliminated April 1, people are issued licences to grow medical marijuana for their personal use to help ease painful symptoms.

Several British Columbia residents are asking the Federal Court of Canada for an injunction that would allow them to continue producing their own pot.

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Medical marijuana program ‘seriously compromised’

  1. Has Justin Trudeau spoken out on this topic yet? Marijuana seems to be his highest priority.

    • Grow up. I’m no fan of justin but that’s just dumb.

    • highest? ONLY PRIORITY

      • And this is even dumber

    • Trudeau really has the neo cons scared, funny stuff!

      • “neo con” is an American term why would the USA be afraid of Trudeau?

    • With the marijuana issue Trudeau is preaching to the converted.

  2. the ratio is for every user theirs 38 g available per day. thats 1.5 oz a day. if you have ever smoked weed before you know there sis no way you can smoke that much in one day. if your spending 400 a day on weed than you have an addiction problem

    • Have you smoked weed? If not, how do you know?

      On the other hand, if you have, then why are you a hypocrite? Do you believe it caused you brain damage or mental illness?

      The health patients aren’t supposed to smoke it, they’re supposed to vapourize it. Maybe it takes more to do that.

      • i have smoked weed. and yes i suffered from major depression and anxiety for 4 years. they set in after i started smoking weed. worst decision of my life…i dont see it as a hypocrite, i see it as speaking from experience.

        • Perhaps you had turned to pot because of your depression. I’m sorry you had a bad experience that you attribute to pot. Most people I know haven’t had that experience, but rather enjoy sharing a bowl with friends and find it destressing and rather fun. I have also seen it provide comfort in various ways at the end of life. And of course, I personally always enjoyed it years ago.

          So, argos, I’m curious to know: given your personal experience, do you think you should have gone to jail for what sounds like a health problem, or been given medical help to overcome your habit and your depression?

          • im not saying it shouldn’t be used medically. my uncle has sever arthritis in his wrists, its a much better choice he smokes some weed than take painkillers. cancer patients are another great example. it helps them increase there appetite and lowers pain levels. so in those regards i agree with you, it shouldn’t be out right banned.

            but this article is about ‘
            Medical marijuana program ‘seriously compromised’ by rapid growth’ thus the small grow ops we have now are being abused and used as legal fronts for black market selling. have you ever had medicinal weed before? its very easy to get even if you dont have a licence.

          • No, I wouldn’t have any idea where or how to get medicinal weed. Or really, any weed. If I’m out and a friend has brought some along, I will have some, just like I will have a couple of drinks with friends.

            I know what the article is about; I was interested in what you said because you seem fairly rightwing in other threads, so I was curious whether you see pot as a health or legal issue.

            Personally, I think adults should be able to make their own choices, and live by the consequences, for alcohol, drugs, gambling. I’m not into prohibition.

          • fair enough your entitled to your opinion.

            allowing adults to live by there own consequences is a noble idea but once you take off all restraints there is no predicting where it will end up. also there are public safety issues. what would this world be without drinking and driving? leaving adults to live by there own consequences is a reactionary action. would you still say that if someone you knew personally was killed by a drunk driver? what about a high drive? its good they get punished for doing wrong, but what about the victim? its to late for them by than…also if everyone was allowed to smoke weed like cigarettes, does that mean they could smoke up on the job? its legal they should be allowed. what about lost productivity? or how about dangers of ppl working high? esp in construction or other dangerous jobs

          • I don’t think people should go to work drunk OR high, on legal or illegal drugs. So an adult consequence of showing up to work impaired is losing the job — perhaps a good way to persuade a person with substance abuse problems that they need help.

            A great deal of Canada’s substance abuse comes not from pot but from legal prescription drugs like oxycontin. You want to believe that we can legislate away problem of substance abuse, but we’ve tried that and, as you point out, we still have plenty of drunk driving accidents.

            Finally, I would feel as outraged for a victim killed by a drunk driver as I do for the woman in Regina who was killed by a faulty city bus, when the city and prov had inspected it and KNEW it had faulty brakes. If we can legislate that drinking is okay but driving while under the influence is not, then surely we could do the same for pot.

          • i received medical help for my mental state. it helped me greatly. unfortunately most people dont receive the help and end up committing crimes, which is very unfortunate

          • I’m glad you found help and feel better, but I don’t agree that most pot users end up committing crimes: a strong urge for cheezies is about the worst crime I can think of. But, as you say, I do realize that some people become chronic users and may suffer because of that — thus requiring some healthcare not jail time. Hard to see a need to incarcerate someone for laying on their couch and watching TV all day. Sad but not criminal.

          • The only troubles I know of that people experienced from using pot were when they got busted.

        • Was this ‘major depression’ diagnosed, by someone with an actual medical license?

          Depression and anxiety are more likely relieved by marijuana than caused by it.
          I wonder if you understand the term ‘scapegoat’ as it would apply here.

        • Lots of people do exactly the same with booze. Do we ban booze or legalize marijuana to be at least consistent?

          • you dont compare apples to oranges. dont justify one to legalize the other, if they never allowed booze in the first place, when taking it away in the 30s wouldn’t have been so difficult or relevant. i wonder what DD rates are like in Muslim countries??

    • I challenge you to source this incredible claim. I am almost certain you are completely wrong or strongly misinterpreting some data.

      • globe and mail article, talking about the changes coming into effect april 1. i shall try n find the article!

        • No source? Safe to assume these numbers are false?

          • your assumptions would be false.

          • Well then can you explain how you got those numbers? It is a ridiculous amount that no doctor would prescribe. Under the old system the max was 5g per day.

          • loll….OK i shall reexplain. theres enough being produced to give each patient 38 g a day. you are correct, doctors would never prescribe this high amount to a patient. so guess what happens to all this extra supply? guess where it gets sold

    • Well, doing the math we will just say ‘close enough’…

      Depends on the weed I would say, having had the best of the best and the worst of the worst. There is ditch weed you could smoke all day long every day and never catch a buzz, and there is top drawer stuff that will lay you out after a few hoots.
      In reality, your argument above holds NO credibility at all, and even talking about marijuana and addiction in the same sentence shows you have no real experience with marijuana, or addiction.
      But I am sure it is a fascinating story for the uninitiated.

    • Probably low-grade CRAP weed. Over-priced and under powered.

      • lol this is for the entire program. i can see you did no research formulating your opinion! but like you said ‘Probably low-grade CRAP weed. Over-priced and under powered’ is why the conservatives have redesigned the program to bring in accountability consistency and value

        • I meant the weed they’re bringing. It’s substandard compared to the “private”crop.

  3. How many millions/billions of public dollars have we spent over the last couple of decades to reduce smoking a legal substance because of the harm it does to the lungs and the increase in cancer rates? And yet many people think it is just fine that we go down that same route so that some people can have access to ‘medical’ marijuana and that others (like that idiot LPC leader) can decriminalize it. Even the gov. of California doesn’t think it is a good idea because it will harm productivity. Another idea from the idiot left who just need to disappear – what program or initiative have they ever suggested that has turned out the way they said it would!!! We have a ‘free’ health care system that is unsustainable and doesn’t actually provide health care; an education system that can’t produce graduates that can read or write at a high school level and don’t even think about math; a social welfare system (including EI) that encourages no one to look for work. The US is already at the tipping point where there are more people who receive government benefits through a variety of programs that actually work full-time. Is Canada next?

    • While you’re looking that up, Maureen, please also check to see how “many millions/billions” of public dollars are spent policing, prosecuting, and imprisoning people for taking a puff of a plant? What is the loss to our economy AND our society for allowing gang mentality, organized crime to manage the production and sales of this very popular and profitable plant, which grows like a “weed.” And knowing that Canadians enjoy pot right across demographics, is it responsible to expect them to accept a threat of jail if they attempt to grow their own in a pot on their windowsill, and otherwise force them to purchase stuff that may be impure from organized criminals?

      • That’s right – don’t bother to address any of the health issues – just expect our FREE health care to deal with it.

        While you are at it, maybe we should do away with a whole host of crimes so that we can ‘save’ money on police and jails.

        • There are no known major health issues associated with its use, only benefits. And before you embarrass yourself with quotes from the movie “Reefer Madness”, I suggest you spend a few hours researching the (current) hard science that backs the hundreds of health benefits and uses. It should also be noted that there has not been one single death caused by marijuana…..ever. It’s impossible. Unless you are referring to crime related deaths, but that only backs legalization. Please, compare those statistics to legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. I regret to inform you that you have been misinformed for many years, we all have. Soon they will be able to increase the CBDs and decrease the THC level so people can have the health benefits without any other undesirable effects.

  4. Who knew there were so many sick people that would benefit from Marijuana therapy? I’ll bet that it would also help rid the country of the scourge of Conservatism. I advocate that every member of the Conservative caucus be issued a script for pot. Give em’ a coupon too, buy one get one free.

  5. Like most governemtn pans they don’t socialist engineer it to succeed. Really, this has become a license to peddle dope.

    Its like most things government. The whole concept is flawed. Medicinal uses of maijuana chemicals could be sold over the counter in pill form. But if so, weed is cheap, this no huge windfall profits for lobby group sponsors. And disabled and others in health distress can’t afford the tax inflated bloated pricing of governemtn sponsored drug racketeering.

    Why not just make it legal? Organized crime isn’t going to survive on $20/bushel marijuana. All the cops do is get police state bloat to drive up the prices….and taxpayers costs. Making it legal is economical and efficient at eliminating marijuana crime.

  6. What a ridiculous reason for a public health scare. People have been growing plants and vegetables traditionally (and hydroponically) indoors for a very long time. More people have died from bee stings than pot, should we have a war on bees? People jump off bridges…..should we Nerf the whole country? People drown in bath tubs, should we make showers mandatory by law? This is all about police revenue, from seizing assets, nothing more.

  7. “It says the number of licensed users could climb as high as 400,000,
    adding it is not possible for Health Canada to effectively inspect tens
    of thousands of production sites across the country.”

    Well, currently it is not possible for Health Canada to inspect all meat packing plants either, or all dairy plants, or in fact anything beyond a ‘representation’ of these industries. This doesn’t seem to concern Health Canada or politicians, and to me, pot smokers and non pot smokers all get their food from these places. Priority check please! Reality check please!

    I have never heard of a quota of any type on hydroponic growing equipment due to a fear of ” hazards including mould, fire, toxic chemicals” when growing tomato plants? lettuce? or any other vegetable based use, so why is this suddenly an issue with marijuana?

    I can solve the “threat of home invasion by criminals” easily… this is a no brainer. Yes! you got it! If everyone has their own, there is no more criminal element, no more crime and no more value to the product. How radical!

    There is not and never has been a real reason to waste literally tons of money every year on saving citizens from marijuana.. it is a game, ordered by the US government, which even states within the US refuse to play. Time to grow up Canada, tell big pharma and big brother to clean up their own world first.