Men-only Ontario college campuses in Saudi Arabia unacceptable: Wynne

Province had previously said college administration was responsible for decisions on student-body composition


TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne says it is unacceptable to her that two Ontario colleges are operating campuses in Saudi Arabia that don’t admit women students.

Niagara College and Ottawa-based Algonquin College have been operating men-only campuses for a couple of years in two cities in Saudi Arabia, where Sharia law forbids the education of women and men in the same classes.

Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi, who had earlier said it was up to colleges to determine the student makeup on their campuses, said Thursday he was concerned that women were excluded from the Ontario-run campuses.

Wynne says she told Moridi to meet with the two colleges as soon as she found out about the situation, which she says has “got to change.”

Progressive Conservative critic John Yakabuski calls it a “stretch” for Wynne not to have known Ontario colleges are excluding women from their Saudi campuses, and says she’s only expressing concern because the media picked up the story.

Ontario provides $1.44 billion in funding to its 24 community colleges, with Algonquin getting $103 million for the current fiscal year, while Niagara College received $45 million.


Men-only Ontario college campuses in Saudi Arabia unacceptable: Wynne

  1. It has always baffled me how feminists in this country can find injustice and insult in virtually every corner of Canadian life, yet when it comes to the deplorable conditions that women are subjected to in the Middle East, their response is usually along the lines of “well, it’s their culture… I’ve heard it’s not really that bad… I don’t know anything about that…” At least with Wynne’s current attempts to save face, we are now addressing a legitimate issue and taking a stance against it. The media has done its good deed for the day, now don’t let up!

  2. People who cherry pick what some people are entitled to and rationalizing that it’s a cultural habit are a problem. Especially when these people seem to be from a group espousing humanism. This is the regressive left. They accept atrocities as a cultural norm because they don’t want to be labelled racist.
    Cultural rights aren’t a position that’s defendable; it always comes down to human rights.

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