Merry Christmas from Stephen Harper -

Merry Christmas from Stephen Harper


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper has issued a brief message to mark the Christmas season.

He says it is a time for ‘‘joyful reunions with family and friends, a time to reflect on our good fortune, and a time to remember those in our midst who have less.‘‘

Harper adds that as Canadians count their ‘‘many blessings,‘‘ he asks that we also ‘‘give a moment to our brave men and women in uniform.‘‘

Harper asks that we offer a ‘‘thought and a prayer for them and their families.‘‘

In his Christmas message issued early Wednesday, Governor General David Johnston also aimed his remarks at member of the military and their families.

He said the recent deaths of Forces members are a reminder of the stresses in the military and the mental health challenges personnel can face.

At least four apparent military suicides occurred this month in different parts of the country, reigniting a debate around how Canada treats returning veterans.

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Merry Christmas from Stephen Harper

  1. A proper veteran’s pension is more useful than ‘good wishes’ Steve.

    • well not everyone can be happy at the same time. its a fact of life. as soon as one person is happy, the left will say there exploiting someone, so stop griping and be thankful for what you have

      • ‘The left’? This is not a partisan issue.

        If you expect someone to fight, get injured, maybe die for you….you’d better be prepared to look after them.

        And there is no reason to ‘be thankful for what you have’ and pulling forelocks.

        Wanting more, wanting better… is what got us out of the caves.

        • You’re out of the caves, but still mired in the dark ages. Happiness isn’t always about wanting more. Most often it is the opposite. I agree we owe our veterans better care. Merry Christmas.

          • You agree after all that ? Why not take a moment to pause and reflect. Merry Christmas.

          • I agreed with what she said about veterans. Not the rest. Try reading a little slower, sometimes it helps.

          • So better care is not better pension – pity

          • I’m in the 21C….I have no idea where you are.

          • And I have no idea what the 21c is.

          • I know you don’t.

      • I’m grateful you have only made the one comment. See, it’s the little things in life.

  2. He doesn’t have anything to say that I would be interested in unless he resigns.

  3. Those who have given so much deserve SO MUCH MORE than to be given a “moment”, and offered a “thought and a prayer” in return.

  4. I gave my “moment” for Stephen Harper at the office. I also had a thought and a prayer for him. The thought is unprintable. The prayer was to have his resignation letter on my desk first thing in the morning.