Canada's most dangerous cities: sexual assault -

Canada’s most dangerous cities: sexual assault

Based on incidents reported to police in 2010, Saint John, N.B., tops the list


Most likely to be sexually assaultedSaint John, New Brunswick

There is some progress on this front. Last year, about 65 Canadians out of every 100,000 suffered a sexual assault—down from more than 78 victims per 100,000 in 2000. Of course, these are police-reported incidents, and few doubt this remains a much under-reported crime. Based on what was reported to police in 2010, Saint John, N.B., tops the list. North of the 60th parallel, however, the rates of sexual assault are particularly horrific. In the Yukon, one person in every 515 was sexually assaulted last year. In Nunavut, there was one for every 164 people.

Worst cities (% higher than national average)

1. Saint John, N.B. (132%)

2. Belleville, Ont. (122%)

3. Fredericton (88%)

4. Prince George, B.C. (84%)

5. Shawinigan Region, Que. (65%)

Best cities (% lower than national average)

1. Caledon, Ont. (72%)

2. West Vancouver (69%)

3. Vaudreuil-Soulanges Region, Que. (65%)

4. North Vancouver (64%)

5. Richmond, B.C. (59%)


Canada’s most dangerous cities: sexual assault

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Who are you to say that 60% lied about being sexually assaulted. Thats disgusting … its pretty pathetic that our country is teaching not to get raped instead of not to commit the act of rape.

    • saint john isnt that great man…i am from there and left for a reason. ill never go back to that dump. and im sure 60% is wrong…as i am a victim myself and it certainly was NOT no bf.

    • Eric, 99% of women who ay they were raped, were in deed raped. Just because they are dating, doesn’t mean a man has the right to have sex with  the woman whenever he wants. if she says NO once, its rape if he continues. its as simple as that. If you don’t get consent every time, its rape.

    • are you kidding me? people need to shut their mouths , especially if they dont know whet the hell they are talking about! if you havent gone through a sexual assult then you have no right to say its from bf or made up, i just happen to know first hand whaat some people in saint john are like and they aint as great as you may think, its people like you who make women/men like me not come forward about stuff like this! frankly it makes me sick, unless you have been through something like this shut up.

      • Gotta agree with you Ashley. I drove cab in SJ on and off since 95. Saint John is not the docile friendly city it advertises in the media. Bounced at several clubs and I have a good feel for how low the city has fallen. By the way Eric, I’m sure that the Bacchus really like you marginalizing them. I don’t think they feel limited.

    • Do your research! False rapes are very rare, and of those rarities, it’s usually an adult pressuring a child into these allegations for their own twisted needs.

  2. I agree with Eric. I am one of those who was convicted of a sexual assault that never occurred. Police are willing to believe anything a female tells them and Judges are scared to not convict for fear of appearing lenient on sex crimes. The city is Very traditional and conservative, but also poor and low class. It creates a good environment for false accusations. The accusation alone is enough to socially embarrass and cause other problems for them. If someone wants to destroy someone else’s life all they have to do is say something happened and show up to testify. All data on sex crimes is skewed because proof is no longer necessary, and people lie. I don’t believe sex crimes are any lower in SJ than other places in Canada, but I know from my own experience and that of others, that false accusation is a big part of it, and also a big problem.

    • ya…police dont believe everything a female says, this justice system you seem to think favors women fucked me over mulitple times in more ways than you can immagine. my life is pretty much ruined because of these police. and im pretty sure im not a man. and just so you know, alot of police/judges dont even let the cases go through. i was sexually assulted as a child and then again by the same person 10 years later, even though it was on that persons record they didnt give two shits about it and let it slide. he now lives scott free without any conviction. so i dont believe that these “sexist police” exist. they simply just dont give a fuck about anyone.

      • Sjsucks, I’m very sorry to hear how the justice system failed you, on multiple occasions. Your story is one heard all too often, and as you pointed out, why sex crimes go unreported. Attitudes from people like Eric and biopsychmajor up there, don’t help, and only support the fuel of rape culture. I believe your story, and I’m sure those who know and love you do, as well. While justice has never been served, I hope that you have people who love you in your life, and have been there to support you on a positive healing journey. Just because a conviction wasn’t made, it doesn’t mean you still have to be a prisoner to your violator. You deserve to be free. I hope you know and believe that.

        • Apparently the system failed both of them.

    • do you even know what constitutes rape?
      do you know that you have to get permission EVERY time?
      If you were convicted of rape, you did it, you just won’t admit it.

      • Amen! … 2 years late I know but fuck its not rocket science but u spelled it out for em so props!

    • Let’s ask Rehteha Parsons how well the police listened to her. What an egregious statement. I love how the uninformed will always feel the need to shoot their mouths off with generalizations, and no data to back their accusations. While I can appreciate that sometimes, in our society, we can have false claims of sexual assault, and the collateral damage from those false claims can be catastrophic, to allow those rare instances to jade one’s view of registered data on sex crimes, is a dangerous habit. Sexual assaults are a very serious crime, and should ALWAYS be investigated as such, no matter how many people you believe to be out there, who cry wolf. A few bad apples, don’t spoil the entire lot. Callused attitudes along with a misinformed, uneducated, ignorant society, is what allows rape culture to breed.

  3. i live in brantford ontario my grandaughter was molested by her father she was 3 , we did a stupid thing and went to the poice station, who didnt believe her till the visits continued , one evening on a 3 hour visit he had done enough dame so we could take her to the hospital, she was examined and even though the doctor has wrote that it is a result of sexual abuse and not mastubation , still he roams , we fired the lawyer and now we r in gods hands please pray for her as we head to court again,that this father wil get a fair trial and justice will be served. in the mean time if anyone can help us please leave me a message thank you. OH CHILDRENS AID WOULDNT GET INVOLVED NOR WOULD THEY OFFER COUNCELLING, WHERE DO MY TAXES GO TO? i feel i have been let down by the brantford police and cas , and to top it off this man is now living behind me , this is not right .if there is a lawyer out there that can help us probono for her please contact me this has cost 25,000 up to now and he dont show up for court, this system stinks for those that have been a victim and if anyone knows how to sue let me know too

  4. This is Katie Ouellette’s fault.

    All of it.

    • wtf

  5. Thats bullcrap! My grandparents have been working for the city of Belleville for decades, being involved in everything from construction to legal matters. NONE of those crimes happen in or around the city itself. Its just that far out of the city, the crimes commited there ALL get dragged into the Belleville court because ‘its the nearest freaking place in the region’. This idea that it happens in the city is so stupid! Do some more research before making accusations like that! If anything Calgary is bad! I know all kinds of people in Calgary, do you know how many times some of my buddies got there stuff stolen out of their houses and in their backyards? The nerve of that place! Downtown Calgary is even worse, it seems like everyone who goes there goes there specificly to pick fights with people. I’ve been to many downtown regions all over Canada, and downtown Calgary is one of the lowest places I’ve ever been.

    • Calgary’s fabulous, THANKYOU VERY MUCH. By the way, this is sexual assault, not breaking and entering. And if you go to breaking and entering you’ll notice calgary is not on that list. So leave.

    • Knowing plenty of people from Belleville and the surrounding area it’s no surprise to me (or any of them)

  6. I used to live there and you don’t know how many cases of sexual assault I’ve heard. Especially a few months ago when 2(?) molesters were released from prison.

  7. Oh man this is so typical of Macleans. I have a social science degree from UNBSJ and I live in Ontario. I grew up in the KV so why is the stats so high? Macleans did not figure in the population outside the city. The Rothesay Regional are a separate police force and the stats are Saint John Police. However the population outside the city works IN the city, therefore they should be per capita using the Saint john GTA population. Way to go LIberal Macleans basing Conservative base Saint John. The Valley is and has been liberal, hmmm. Don’t want to be associated with Saint John, but you are happy to work there. I lived in the city for 6 years and it is typical to any other city the same size. There is an increased drug problem but as I found out working with the SJPD, they would rather know their local dealers than dealers from Halifax or Montreal. So it is the devil you know vs the devil you don’t, don’t fault the police, if people did not want to do drugs the dealers would be out of business. There is a higher social class in the city disproportionate to the valley. Same on you Macleans for not doing the basics in Social science research, you just hurt the rep of a city by skeewing the STATS! Thunder Bay , ONwould not have earned Murder Capital of Canada if they split the population Native vs Non Native. Yeah that’s right I said it- certain groups settle problems the old fashioned way. Natives use knives, Non Natives use guns, so deal with it. Do the Stats right!!!