NASA fieldtrip with @Cmdr_Hadfield -

NASA fieldtrip with @Cmdr_Hadfield

Twitter diary of Kate Lunau’s expedition to Johnson Space Center



NASA fieldtrip with @Cmdr_Hadfield

  1. Thank goodness some people are forging ahead in what is otherwise an age of stagnation.

    • Yep. This Neocon majority government is too much for me. A TO mayor triangulation of winning majority via a 33% would be okay, but I’m sensitive to evil and my sensitiity sensor has been off the charts the last few years. From EU or ANZAC, I’ll suggest solar cells for the CSA under a Garneau gov.

      I just ate in a shelter where an AB proudly yelled he was from AB and a bunch of brainless crap about how good AB was. I pointed out Winnipeg was the source of the General Strike, and that Regina met the DDay objective…
      I mentioned R.Klein and his schizo connection to shelters…
      all you most liveable cities rankings are missing is an income cutoff. $40000+ or $60000 income level. Some cities, the people elect or tax leaders who make sure people have food, shelter, jobs… Canada poor people have a much higher sociatel ROI than rich people. Not be rewarded with even a GAI has ruined the stupid pussy in this country for me. I kind of want a small-moderate bioterror attack to happen just to get EU tax rates in the aftermath.