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NDP’s Thomas Mulcair says Rob Ford scandal rubbing off on Harper Conservatives


TORONTO – New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair says the ongoing scandal swirling around Toronto’s embattled mayor Rob Ford is rubbing off on Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Mulcair says the Tories have for years lauded Rob Ford, who the NDP leader called their ideological “poster child.”

But Mulcair says the association has now tainted the Conservatives following months of revelations about the mayor’s behaviour that includes admitted drug use.

Mulcair says the long-standing Tory-Ford ties are souring voters’ opinion of Harper, and will play a role in the 2015 federal election.

Harper and Ford have had a cosy relationship over the years, culminating with the pair enjoying a fishing trip together at Harrington Lake, Que., shortly after the Tories won re-election in 2011.

The prime minister later attended a barbecue hosted by Ford and praised the mayor.

“The Conservatives have been saying for years that Rob Ford’s their guy,” Mulcair said Sunday during a surprise stop in Toronto to support his party’s candidate in the coming federal byelection.

“They’re going to have to wear it now,” he said, repeating that Ford should resign immediately and get help.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver sought to distance his government when asked about the mayor earlier this month, denying there was any particularly close relationship.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty — a Ford family friend who has appeared with the mayor at several events — became visibly upset this month when commenting on Ford’s troubles, but said he has to make his own decision on what to do.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has said he hopes Ford seeks treatment for his demons.


NDP’s Thomas Mulcair says Rob Ford scandal rubbing off on Harper Conservatives

  1. There are plenty of reasons to dislike & distrust the Harper conservatives. And Rob Ford is a disgrace and needs to step down. But I think it’s a stretch to associate the two to such an extent as to conflate Ford’s misbehaviour and Harper’s sleazy goings-on.

    • Harper has endorsed Ford on several occasions, including after Ford made death threats against cyclists. Harper chose this affiliation. Let him live with the consequences.

  2. The Conservative philosophy is that all people bring their own suffering upon themselves. Therefore, they reason, it is illogical to help anybody, since the “help” you offer merely enables the behaviour.

    Rob Ford exemplifies this philosophy. He was born into wealth, privilege and power. There is no logical reason why he should not be a success. he is falling into traps that nobody has lain for him. Nobody forced him to smoke crack or drink excessively, or to describe his wife’s vagina on national television. He is a walking justification for the Conservative core principle that all destruction is self-destruction.

    The NDP ideal is very different. That core philosophy suggests that circumstance often trumps personal will, that a person can be brought low by occurrences not originating in their own behaviour. One can, for example, be born into poverty, develop cancer in spite of a healthy life. One can be born into a country torn apart by war, without having done anything personally to provoke war.

    Thus, the NDP suggests that it is important to offer assistance to those who truly need it. If one’s trouble is not always the product of one’s behavior, by removing the individual from their trouble, you can empower that individual to succeed. It’s like removing a ball and chain from an Olympic sprinter.

    • angry tom!!!!!!! u also forgot the part were the NDP like to strip the leaders of society to help the delinquents thus making a total welfare state, with high taxes

    • NDP can suggest all they want, they have ruined the economy in every province they have been elected. Lots of chances and no successes.

      NDP are about rewarding unions, inefficiency and negligence while taxing the crap out of people. Decay always follows until they get the boot, SK is growing now that the NDP gone.

      • Why spout fiction? Reality is waiting for you.

  3. Tell me, is the NDP tax evader still an NDP? Did the elite NDP couple ever repay for double dipping on Ottawa housing allowances?

    I rest my case. As none of these parties represent middle class working people that make this country work. Its all about illusion that big government is needed and getting our money.

    We need better choices on the ballot, as all I see is politicians managing the people for government and no options for the politician to manage the government for the people.

    • Easy on the acid.

  4. I would have paid money to watch the prime minister and Rob Ford go on a fishing trip together. One guy getting hammered and the other looking down on him. Where did he sneak out to do some lines while the PM was not looking?

    • Well, you already did. They spent your money to go on that trip.