Neil Young continues tour as criticism mounts over his oilsands comments


WINNIPEG – Rock legend Neil Young brings his aboriginal fundraising tour — and his criticism of the oilsands — to Winnipeg today.

The Manitoba capital is the second stop on a four-city circuit in support of a First Nation that lives downstream from the Alberta energy development.

Young is facing mounting criticism over his comments that compared the landscape around the oilsands to that of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb.

Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver called them insulting and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall called the remarks ignorant.

The president of Cenovus Energy, Brian Ferguson, says environmental groups and Hollywood celebrities have been making baseless accusations about the oilsands.

Young has been taking strong political positions for decades.

He is to perform on Friday in Regina and in Calgary on Sunday as part of the “Honor The Treaties” tour in support of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. The community is in a legal battle to protect traditional territory from further industrialization.

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Neil Young continues tour as criticism mounts over his oilsands comments

  1. Google “Neil Young LinkVolt” for a shadenfreude chuckle.

  2. They all piled into his electric car to get there?

  3. Actually, support for Neil and First Nation rights is growing across the land. What a pathetic, half-assed attempt at spin. Your corporate overlords expect better from you, Macleans!

    • You got any evidence of that?

  4. …sorry, but why is this even newsworthy ?
    Of course, any “for-profit-only” Corporation is gonna say their product, their method,…, is the safest, blah, blah, blah,
    and they will denounce anyone or anygroup that is against them, and for whatever reason.

    • Yes, it’s every bit as predictable as enviro-lefties claiming that all corporations are evil and are the moral equivalent of war criminals. Funny that.