No change in condition of gravely injured Alberta Mountie -

No change in condition of gravely injured Alberta Mountie

Const. David Matthew Wynn suffered a gunshot wound to the head Sunday morning during an investigation north of Edmonton


ST. ALBERT, Alta. – RCMP say the condition of an Alberta officer who suffered a gunshot wound to the head during an investigation north of Edmonton remained unchanged overnight.

Const. David Matthew Wynn, a 42-year-old father of three, is listed in grave condition.

Asst. Commissioner Marianne Ryan, who is in charge of the RCMP in Alberta, told a news conference Sunday evening that Wynn had not regained consciousness more than a day after the shooting and that he is not expected to survive.

Wynn and an auxiliary officer, Const. Derek Walter Bond, who is 49, were checking a suspicious vehicle at a casino in St. Albert when they were shot early Saturday morning.

Bond was wounded in the right arm and torso and was in serious but stable condition when he was taken to hospital, but he was released later in the day.

Shawn Maxwell Rehn, 34, the man identified by police as the suspected shooter, was found dead in a home not far from the casino.

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No change in condition of gravely injured Alberta Mountie

  1. Another very sad moment, when one human being is willing to take the life of another while doing a criminal act.

    The most disturbing revelation is that both the full time member and the reserve member were performing what is expected from society. Only our current Conservative government seems to set and define policy that leads to such tragic events.

    One armed and trained the other lucky, well perhaps the current RCMP Commissioner and Prime Minister Harper can answer this best to the Canadian people.

    The RCMP is a broken machine, and at the street level while having great officers but the RCMP needs to be gutted for society to move forward. They need a new mandate. The comfy digs of the E-Division head quarters and fat 20 year contract for the RCMP might be worth an autopsy.

    What the RCMP does best is the enforcement of Federal Statutes, and they have for many years done an exemplary job of this.

    They have over time not provided the right policy for members on the road and in the field regarding many such incidents, Moncton N.B. being the most recent example.

    I will say however that the current RCMP Commissioner is far more aware of his surrounding than others politically motivated creatures that have proceeded him in years past in his position. I do hold hope and promise for him to do the right thing for Canadians and not just the RCMP.