No charges in Justin Trudeau home break-in incident

Police say it was a mistake involving a drunk 19-year-old


OTTAWA – Ottawa police say a man who entered Justin Trudeau’s home earlier this month will not be charged.

Police say they’re satisfied that the intoxicated 19-year-old wandered into the wrong house by mistake, believing he was at a friend’s residence, and played down the fact that he left a note near a collection of knives.

Trudeau was out of town when the incident happened, but his wife and children were asleep upstairs.

The police say an individual came forward after they released video footage of a suspect.

They say the man has been cautioned and the case is closed.

Nothing was taken in the incident, although a note was left — alongside a collection of knives — saying doors should be locked at night.

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No charges in Justin Trudeau home break-in incident

  1. My goodness….what a coincidence! A drunken 19 year old could leave a written note, and knives in a pattern….and in the home of the one political leader living in Rockcliffe…and he gets a ‘caution’.

    I wonder what the guy in the bushes with a phone got?

    • The guy in the bushes with the phone was Brazeau.

  2. I think Trudeau deserves credit for taking the high road here and being satisfied with this resolution. Many people would raise a stink in a similiar situation.

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