Former Ontario official to review Nova Scotia justice system in Parsons case -

Former Ontario official to review Nova Scotia justice system in Parsons case


HALIFAX – A former chief prosecutor in Ontario who is reviewing the Rehtaeh Parsons case says understanding the role technology played before the teenager died after attempting suicide will be critical in improving how Nova Scotia’s justice system handles similar cases in the future.

Murray Segal was appointed Monday by the Nova Scotia government to conduct a review of the initial investigation into Parsons’ case by police and the provincial Public Prosecution Service.

As part of the review, Segal said he’ll consider the impact technology is having on young people and their families, as well as their interaction with the justice system and police.

“I think that’s one of the critical pieces,” Segal said Monday via telephone from Toronto at a news conference in Halifax.

“I think a lot of people are struggling with the impact of technology on young people and their families and I’m hoping to learn more about that and make recommendations that may improve the justice system.”

Parsons was 17 when she was taken off life-support after attempting suicide in April. Her case was later reopened after police said they received new information.

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry said adapting to ever-changing technology has been a challenge in the justice system and Segal’s review will generate a “wealth of information” that can be applied to future cases.

“To accommodate those changes takes wide dialogue,” said Landry. “I’m looking from this review to give us some insight on how best to move forward in not only this case but in other cases.”

Landry said his department is ready to make changes to the justice system.

“Our overall goal and objective here is to improve, not defend the status quo, but (ask) how do we improve the way we look at these issues of cyberbullying?” said Landry.

Segal’s review is expected to cost $200,000 and he has until April 1 to file his final report. The government says it will later be made public.

Parsons’ family alleges she was sexually assaulted by four boys in November 2011. They say the teen was then bullied for months after a digital photo of the alleged assault was passed around her school in Halifax.

Two 18-year-old men are due in court Thursday to face child pornography-related charges after they were arrested last week.

Segal, a former deputy attorney general in Ontario, has also been asked to determine whether the time it took to conduct the police investigation in the Parsons case was appropriate. If he decides it wasn’t, he has been asked how investigations can be handled more quickly.

The terms of reference for Segal’s review include looking at whether the police investigation of Parsons’ complaint complied with training, policies and procedures that were in place at the time. It will also determine whether police training, policies and guidelines used to investigate allegations of sexual assault, child pornography and other offences related to cyberbullying are adequate.

As well, Segal has been asked to look at whether the advice given to police by the Public Prosecution Service complied with appropriate training, policies, procedures and guidelines, and determine whether they are adequate.

Segal said he plans to speak with everyone involved in the initial investigation from the Public Prosecution Service and police, and will also contact members of Parsons’ family.

The review by Segal is the latest in a series of studies that have been commissioned by the government since Parsons died. An independent review released in June concluded the Halifax Regional School Board could have done a better job handling her case, but it was hindered by the fact that Rehtaeh was often absent from class.

The report also said the Parsons family faced challenges when they turned to Nova Scotia’s mental health system for help, which prompted a separate review of mental health programs and policies at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

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Former Ontario official to review Nova Scotia justice system in Parsons case

  1. I really want to know why RCMP closed the case without arrests and why the rapists are not yet charged. Yes, they have child porn charges, but rapists?

    Why did the RCMP close the case prematurely without arrests?

    • It was questionable whether the girl was raped. But you’re right, the sexual aspect of young people’s lives – particularly, hook-up culture – is something that needs to be explored, and not just the passing along of indecent pics. What are the expectations of teens today, and how do they go about it? How did this girl get singled out, or was she truly one in a million who got drunk, had sex, and then had her picture taken.

      • Getting drunk isn’t permission for a gang bang rape. Sorry, I don’t buy it. She was also 15 at the time so in fact cannot give consent as it is in at least statutory rape even if she wanted it. But I never met a normal 15 year old straight A student wanting a gang rape. So you and others trying to protect the guilty should be called to task to prove your accusations or be jailed.

        Fact is cops should never be closing gang rape cases without arrests for rape. And cops need to answer up why they closed the case and back it up with facts or be fired. But will not happen, just more police injustice.

        Did cops even do a rape kit for DNA? Maybe the incompetence is shinning through. Maybe there isn’t enough evidence as cops were dereliction of their duties.

        I know of other case where evidence isn’t enough as the cops didn’t do a THC and alcohol test on a incident hospitalizing 8 and killing one. As cops didn’t test the driver of a boat hitting a stationary houseboat….

        • I don’t know everything there is to know about this – do you?

          Is the accused considered to be innocent before being found guilty or vice versa, in Canada?

          This is not statutory rape. See end for more on this.

          I remember reading that a friend said that Rehtaeh was intending to have sex, and emails suggested this was the case – that she gave prior consent, then got drunk, then had sex.

          What did the rape examination she had immediately afterwards show. Did her parents actually take her. At what point did she inform them that she had been assaulted? – do you know?

          She was with 3 or 4 boys, presumably. How many of them presumably had sex with her? How do you or anyone know if it was more than one boy she had sex with. Did she even know?

          The boys also were minors at the time, at age 17, so the girl being 15 wouldn’t have been a legal problem. I’m not sure what the current laws say, and i’ll bet you aren’t either. But I’m pretty sure that a 14 or 15 year old girl can have sex with a boy not more than 2 (or is that 5) years older than herself, and that that is legal. I’m not sure if people know this about young people, but it has been in effect for quite some time, just the ages themselves have been changed.

          It sounds to me that you, like most others, are making this up as you go along, and that you really know nothing about the law or about what has been written about this case already.