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Obama says he’ll unveil climate plan ‘for the sake of our children’


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is preparing to unveil his long-awaited national plan to combat climate change in a major speech, he announced on Saturday.

“There’s no single step that can reverse the effects of climate change,” Obama said in an online video released by the White House. “But when it comes to the world we leave our children, we owe it to them to do what we can.”

People consulting with White House officials on Obama’s plan, to be unveiled Tuesday at Georgetown University, say they expect him to put forth regulations on heat-trapping gases emitted by existing coal-fired power plans. They were not authorized to disclose details about the plan ahead of the announcement and requested anonymity.

Environmental groups have been pleading with Obama to take that step, but the administration has said it’s focused first on controls on new power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency, using its authority under the Clean Air Act, has already proposed controls on new plants, but the rules have been delayed — to the chagrin of states and environmental groups threatening to sue over the delays.

An administration official said last week that Obama was still weighing whether to include existing plants in the climate plan. The official wasn’t authorized to comment by name and requested anonymity.

The White House wouldn’t disclose any details Saturday about what steps Obama may call for. But his senior energy and climate adviser, Heather Zichal, said last week that controls on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants would be a major focus. She also said the plan would boost energy efficiency of appliances and buildings, plus expand renewable energy.

Putting a positive spin on a contentious partisan issue, Obama said the U.S. is uniquely poised to deal with the serious challenges posed by climate change. He said American scientists and engineers would have to design new fuels and energy sources, and workers will have to adapt to a clean energy economy.

“We’ll need all of us, as citizens, to do our part to preserve God’s creation for future generations,” Obama said.

Environmental groups have for months been pushing Obama to make good on a threat he issued to lawmakers in February in his State of the Union address: “If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” Obama’s move to take the matter into his own hands appears to reflect a growing consensus that opposition in Congress is too powerful for any meaningful, sweeping climate legislation to pass anytime soon.

“They shouldn’t wait for Congress to act, because they’ll be out of office by the time that Congress gets its act together,” Rep. Henry Waxman, the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in an interview.

Environmental groups applauded the announcement that Obama was finally releasing a plan for executive action, but made clear they want to see firm proposals — including controls for existing power plants.

“Combating climate change means curbing carbon pollution — for the first time ever — from the biggest single source of such dangerous gases: our coal-fired power plants,” said Frances Beinecke, president of the National Resources Defence Council. “We stand ready to help President Obama in every way we can.”

Another key issue hanging over the announcement — but unlikely to be mentioned on Tuesday — is Keystone XL, a pipeline that would carry oil extracted from tar sands in western Canada to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. A concerted campaign by environmental activists to persuade Obama to nix the pipeline appears to be an uphill battle. The White House insists the State Department is making the decision independently.

Obama’s speech on Tuesday will come the day before he leaves for a weeklong trip to three African nations.


Obama says he’ll unveil climate plan ‘for the sake of our children’

  1. We’re screwed now.

    • Yeah, we should listen to people who think the dinosaurs were wiped out because they were too big to fit on Noah’s Ark…

    • Obaaammmma was never going to approve keystone, too many in his nut base have too much invested (financially and emotionally) otherwise.

      With this MOBSTER as president, we were always screwed!

      • Yeah that makes sense…

    • It’s even worse than screwed, cause we are clearly trying to solve a proble that doesn’t exist.

      For all the enviro wacks on this board, please note: You have lost the NYT, even they have to admit begrudgingly that no warming has happened for the past 15 years:


      Though they do go on with fairy tales as to where all the heat has gone, then
      You have even lost New Republic


      Love this quote:” If scientific models can’t project the last 15 years, what does that mean for their projections of the next 100?.” Ha, even these guys are starting to clue in….

      But never mind, O gonna solve it for us
      Go O Go

  2. The first thing Obama should do is kill the Keystone pipeline. Alberta’s dirty energy should be left in the ground.

    • Yah, much better to use mid-east blood oil or that nice clean nigerian oil.

      I know, what about all this magic fairy dust – I hear hear it can power everything!!

      I mean, if we are going to be delusional -then at least think in GRAND delusions.

      • What dimwitted nonsense. In-situ tarsands oil has the lowest energy-returned-on-energy-invested rating, degrades the environment the most, yet Ezra Levant fans claim it is the “ethical” choice. Obviously irony is lost on people so easily fooled.

        It’s not surprising these Archie Bunker types believe all Muslims are terrorists… Fanatical conservatives also believe buying goods produced from child labor is acceptable; buying oil from Venezuela is evil. It doesn’t get any dumber than that…

        • No, the lowest energy in:energy out ratios belong strictly to renewables such as bio gas & wind.
          I guess you haven’t seen the Niger delta, or the oil flowing freely onto the land or rivers. Nor have you seen the pollution in the gulf, etc, etc.

          Insteadn, you focus your hate to Alberta and obviously you have no idea on the enviro controls in place in Alberta to make the assinine statments you do.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Wind has an EROI of 18; photo-voltaic 6.8; tarsands 3.0. Ethanol corn is 1.3 but no one is talking about using that as a renewable form of energy.

            Wikipedi: Energy returned on energy invested

            The tar sands are an environmental mess. There is no proper scientific monitoring of their effects on the environment. Tailing ponds reclamation are way behind schedule. They require a ridiculous amount of natural gas and water to extract the bitumen.

          • Please don’t quote wiki to me, particularly on the subject of renewables.

            Oil sands are a mess with no proper enviro monitoring – ha, now I really know you are as nuts are you sounded.

          • When con cranks aren’t ignorant of the facts, they are ignoring them.

          • Getting facts from wiki is the internet equivalent of studying comics at university.

            Looks pretty and sounds great, but it is all full of #$% and won’t help you understand anything.

    • So tell us Ron, how are you getting to work tomorrow? Car, bus, taxi? All solar powered of course. Or more importantly, tell us if you even have a job or are living in your mama’s basement waiting for the next protest to start.

      • Yes, only conservative ignoramuses work for a living. Of course, if they had it their way, we’d all be working in open-pit mines. How disgusting. I certainly don’t get to work from oil piped through a non-existing pipeline. Duh.

        Let’s face the facts. Albertans are only interested in collecting resource welfare checks and they don’t care how much they degrade the environment in the process. Canadians, on the other hand, want to work for a living, with good job and business opportunities in their communities.

        • Well, that’s about the most logical argument made by an enviro lefty nut I’ve heard all week.

          Don’t smoke your fairy dust too fast.

          • It’s not hard to go way over the head of an ignorant con crank…

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