Omar Khadr to appear in court as lawyers challenge his adult prison detention -

Omar Khadr to appear in court as lawyers challenge his adult prison detention


EDMONTON – Former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr is expected be in an Edmonton courtroom today for an application to have his ongoing detention in an adult prison declared illegal.

It would be his first appearance in public since American soldiers captured him as a badly wounded 15-year-old in Afghanistan 11 years ago.

A spokeswoman for Correctional Service Canada confirms an order has been made for Khadr to appear in court.

Khadr’s lawyer says he wants people to be able to see his client, even though he will not speak during the hearing at superior court.

The Toronto-born Khadr, who turned 27 last week, last appeared in court in Guantanamo Bay, where he pleaded guilty to five war crimes in October 2010 before a U.S. military commission. In exchange for his guilty plea, he was given an eight-year sentence.

The federal government opposes the application and argues Khadr has been appropriately placed in an adult maximum security facility.

The legal arguments underpinning the application and government’s response are technical and based on provisions of the International Transfer of Offenders Act.

Transferred to Canada in September 2012, Khadr was first incarcerated largely in isolation at the maximum security Millhaven Institution in eastern Ontario before moving to the maximum security Edmonton Institution in May.

The federal government, which blocked a request by The Canadian Press earlier this year to interview him, insists Khadr is a dangerous terrorist who deserves to be treated as such.

Alberta Justice refused to say whether officials were taking any special security precautions for Monday’s appearance.

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Omar Khadr to appear in court as lawyers challenge his adult prison detention

  1. I am from vancouver and i wanted to say that Omar Khadr should be freed from prison.This is not 19th century europe when the monarch’s of different countries there threw people in prison and forgot about them.The canadian gov. should be condemned for this reactionary,racist,brutal way that Omar Khadr is been treated.This is a crime against humanity that all canadians should fight against.
    It is hypocritical for the canadian condemn the Quebec Gov. for its charter of Quebec Values and in the meantime deny Omar Khadr his freedom.All people in canada should support Omar Khadr.

    • I advise you educate yourself about the Khadr family. The whole family tree is rotten and should be cut down.

    • Stanley, I’m from Millhaven Detention Centre.
      Do you mind if we have lunch with Omar just once more before you spring him?

      • He is not in Millhaven, with its rejects from Penetanguishene. However, I thought it strange that the US held him without trial until he was an adult. and even stranger that Canadian courts did nothing for 10 years to get him out

        • Well I’m sorry t00ts but they took Omar away from us here at Millhaven, and sent him to Edmonton, because a large number of my fellow “clients” were beating the daylights out of him..

          I find it strange that you didn’t know that because the facts have been clearly articulated in every Maclean story this week but this one where they neglected to mention we were beating him up.
          I can assure you when we had him, he wasn’t smiling, yuking it up and glad-handing his 50 supporters.

          I believe it’s a disgrace that a self confessed murderer and terrorist like Omar is now living at some steak and fresh vegetables golf course in Edmonton.

          • You’re in prison, what the f&&k are you even doing online? And from some of the things you say here, you deserve it be in Millhaven. I am not your toots. you are a criminal and should not even be talking to people in the public, nor should you be bragging about beating up a kid. Your parents must be sooo proud of you!

          • t00ts, t00ts, t00ts, calm yourself down.

            What’s wrong with you, running around like a left wing maniac defending a grenade throwing bearded punk who murdered a man and compounding the foolishness by screaming at me..

            You didn’t even ask why I’m in here. So I’m going to tell you. In 1981 I went down to the library and took out a book, “Freddy the Detective.” I was 6 years old at the time and I forgot to take it back.

            In January this year, 32 years later, the swat team chopped my door and took me to jail for stealing the thing. It’s a great, book, I’m not giving it back, and I’m not going to collapse $200,000 in RRSP’s to pay some damn lawyer to get me out. So here I am until January next. Incarcerated by some NDP wretch from the Children’s Library

            But look, you seem kind of feisty, and I like feisty, So if you’re ever up around here drop over and have lunch. I do the dishes up here once in a while and can probably score you a free jello. By that time the boys will likely have had another go at Omar and I can tell you about it.

          • sorry, I don’t talk to pedo rapists

          • Well even if one came along you really don’t have the time do you.

            You’re almost fully occupied selling Cult Atheism and trying to polish up vicious murdering terrorists. You better be careful with your little buddy Omar though because you know what he was hoping for when he threw those grenades at the American soldiers.

          • Oh, and from prison you can read minds across the world. Moron!

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