Ontarians fear, respect Harper: poll

Survey gives Conservatives four point advantage in the key battleground province


Conservatives hoping for a breakthrough in “Battleground Ontario” are once again running up against suspicion of Stephen Harper, a survey done for Maclean’s and 680 News indicates.

When asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 37 per cent of respondents on Innovative Research Group’s Canada 20/20 panel said they would cast ballots for the Conservatives, while 33 per cent indicated they would vote Liberal. NDP support stood at 14 per cent, while the Greens scored nine per cent.

The spread between the two front-running parties is well below that shown at the beginning of the campaign, when polls suggested Conservative support in Ontario was running as high as 47 per cent and Grit support around 33 per cent. Those early results led to speculation of a Conservative majority, as southwestern Ontario and the heavily populated areas around Toronto are home to a slew of hotly contested ridings that could tilt the outcome of the election.

Unfortunately for the Tories, the recent findings suggest Ontarians still have reservations about both Harper and the party.

Nearly six out of 10 respondents agreed with the statement “Stephen Harper scares me”—an increase over the number who said so in 2008. One out of two said they found the Conservative Party too extreme, and almost as many said they had a strongly unfavourable impression of the Prime Minister.

Still, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff shouldn’t plan his victory party just yet. While many Ontarians fear Harper, they also respect him: 34 per cent said they think he would make the best prime minister, compared to 26 per cent for Ignatieff and 15 per cent for the NDP’s Jack Layton. Five per cent gave the nod to the Green party’s Elizabeth May.

Moreover, notes Greg Lyle, Innovative’s managing director, the proportion of respondents voicing a strongly favourable impression of the PM has ticked up a couple of points since 2008, to 20 per cent. Between these true believers and the 17 per cent who said they have a “somewhat favourable” view of the PM, says Lyle, the Tories would still be the top vote-getters in many Ontario ridings. “If you can get 40 per cent of voters excited about you, and that happens in particular areas, it can turn into seats,” says Lyle. “That’s the nature of their game.”

But it is clear, adds Lyle, “there are some pretty good fundamentals for the Liberals in Ontario.” Some 72 per cent of respondents now see the campaign as a two-horse race between the Conservatives and the Liberals, suggesting few Liberal votes will leak away to the NDP.

The task now for the Liberals, says Lyle, is to solidify that support, inspiring the sort of passion for their cause that committed Conservative voters tend to show for Harper.

“They’re on a road to uniting the people who are opposed to Mr. Harper. But they haven’t done it yet,” he says. “They haven’t got the NDP voters scared enough about splitting the vote to crystallize their potential.”

The survey results were drawn from 754 randomly selected respondents who live in the province, and are part of Innovative’s nation-wide online panel. Responses were gathered April 1-3 and the margin of error is plus or minus 3.57 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. To join Innovative Research Group’s Canada 20/20 panel, visit www.canada2020.com.


Ontarians fear, respect Harper: poll

  1. The conservatives have the election to lose and are doing a fantastic job of showing Canadians who are interested who they really are.

    BTW in their latest Feel good ad… notice Canada is not free ANYMORE!!.. It is "free as it can be" under the Harper regime.. they will tell you how free you really are.. Me.. I am ready for a call to arms.. I am Free no conditions..except if Harper gets re elected.. then I will be on the streets protecting my freedoms

    • Yeah…Harper wants to be a dictator. I heard if he get a majority, he will pass a bill saying that there will never be any more elections ever. The same bill will say that Harper's son gets to be dictator after him. People wake up. If we elect Harper, there will be no more democracy. Can't you see this? Or all you all so idiotic. Oh well, I guess it will be forced labor and the end of women's rights for us.

      • Oh come on.. you know he won't be that blatant. What he will do is take out the voter's subsidy, then change Elections Canada law in such a way that in order to run, each candidate needs to be able to demonstrate that they have the backing of a "financially stable" party. What makes a party financially stable? Having approximately 12 million dollars available free and clear.

      • Sarcasm would be funny Mike if it were NOT true. I'm sure there were lots of skeptics and many nations thought nothing was really untoward when that small corporal Hitler was speaking to crowds, and then gained power! I would bet that people were not being sarcastic in the camps!

        My point…..Harper is well on his way to taking away from Canadians the Parliamentary democracy we have. It starts with disdain for the rules, escalates to shutting down discussion, and moves into appointing party officials as the overseers of the checks and balances we had. Stacking the Senate, firing oversight ministers, having Integrity Commissioners appointed and not doing their job, pretending you know nothing about criminals being hired in your inner circle, appointing as the highest police person the same person that did the security checks on that criminal that was hired, throwing Canadians out of your closed group at election events …… as is often said our self destructive history as humans will repeat itself unless we learn and prevent it from being repeated!

        • Another very appropriate Hitler analogy.

          That was sarcasm. In case you were wondering.

    • You being in the streets "protecting your freedoms" infringes on my freedom. It is "free as it can be" under Harper

    • "…then I will be on the streets protecting my freedoms "

      Better watch out for those soldiers…you know…soldiers with guns…in the streets…while you are out there protecting your freedoms.

      Harper will have you and your ilk swept off the streets like a crumpled up Tim Horton's coffee cup and rendered to his remote, top secret new facility for political prisoners…"Goosetanamo Bay" in Labrador. Wonder why he was willing to be held in contempt for not disclosing his "jets and jails" costs?…yep…it would have compromised the existence of Goosetanamo!

      And those oil sands projects Harper keeps subsidizing out west…they're not for "big oil" interests…no. All those open pit mines and construction are merely a diversionary facade to cover up the construction of a massive Harperbunker system deep beneath the neo-con Alberta landscape. A safe haven far from the clutches of the UN war crimes tribunal which will be hunting down members of the Harper regime…even as they continue to plot their invasion of Greenland with a fleet of new F-35 jets.

      And who will be here to save us? Who will stand up for us "progressive Canadians" bent and battered under the yoke of Harper's evil oppression? Ignatieff? Ha!…don't count on it…the real Michael Ignatieff vanished years ago, replaced by a Con-borg android (conceived, designed and constructed by Harper himself) cleverly planted in the Liberal party as the ultimate mole…or perhaps more appropriately…lemming…which would lead the Liberal party off the electoral cliff into the abyss of NDP levels of popularity. With the software upgrades Harper developed following the ultimate failure of the Mark I "Dionatron" model (which failed miserably when it went "rogue" and signed a coalition agreement)…this latest "Igginator" model might just succeed!


      …or should I say Mwu-ha-ha-rper…. ?

      Scary, scary stuff.

      • Don't trivialize it — Harper actually did have the armed para-military on the streets last summer.

      • Do you agree that Contempt of Parliament is a serious charge? If it is do you think there should be some form of contrition? Some humility shown? Something that tells people that you do believe that Contempt of Parliament is wrong! I'm asking you, how do you respond?

        • The contempt of parliament charge was an opposition tool to use because they had the votes in Committee to embarrass the government. As far as most Canadians are concerned, they know this and treat the contempt bit as another silly attempt by the opposition to force an election in the hopes of a mandate for a coalition……not gonna happen.

          • Do you agree that the government was in the wrong for refusing to provide documents?

          • Nope.

          • Fantastic argument. Thanks for coming out.

        • It's pretty hard to take anything which goes on in Parliament these days seriously.

          It's become a cesspool of uber-partisan gamesmanship from all parties.

          Is it a serious charge?…yes. Was it used for partisan reasons in this case?…likely yes. Has is resonated with the Canadian public?…apparently no, probably because so many people now view the HOC as a sand box full of screaming 2 year olds fighting over a Tonka truck that they just don't take it seriously…period.

          Neither do I believe the partisan hyperbole about "threats to democracy" and "Harper regime" being thrown around by so many Liberal and NDP supporters. Some of it is simply so over the top that it hurts their own credibility more than it helps their cause. Both sides have ratcheted up the rhetoric so much it's got political partisans foaming at the mouth and average Canadians turned off of politics altogether.

          Fact is our current system of government is outdated and ripe for the picking by whatever party holds a majority government.

          In the end…this will likely be the "Seinfeld Election" about nothing. Looks to me like we'll end up with pretty much the same stalemate between the parties as we had when Parliament was dissolved.

          • the best that can happen is a Liberal minority or a conservative majority – only then will people get their fill of Harper & see what an a** he is – & hopefully we will have some semblance of what I love about being a Canadian – oh yeah if we arent completely bankrupt by the end of the conservative reign.

          • "The best that can happen is a liberal minority" Ummm…no that would stink….and would bankrupt us with their idiotic spending projects……no more Fiberals…the sponsorship scandal was enough Fiberalism for the next 100 years, thanks anyway…..and the NDP would be worse. If we get a coalition government THEN you'll see bankrupt.

        • This sort of charge can ONLY pass if there is a minority government and probably only when its been around for a long time and the opposition parties cannot come up with a legitimate reason to embarrass a very, very competent government. There were no scandals involving the enrichment of members of the Government or even their friends (unlike the previous regimes such as Chretien, Martin and yes Mulroney). Some mistakes very much overblown by a bored press, but compared to size of government, these were minimal and quickly dealt with.

    • Yeah. And did you notice that the Red Book resembles the teachings of Chairman Mao? Same color too. That got to be scary. unless you're a socialist or communist.

      • Damn right.

    • You liberals are really delusional. You will be on the streets fmpsportsguy if Harper doesn't get elected because you may be unemployed – that is unless you work for the gov't. You think socialism is all about freedom? Give me a break! Parliamentary democracy is already a joke in Canada thanks to Trudeau. Now appointed Supreme Court Judges make the laws and enforce their ideology on the rest of us. Read some history to see what this great liberal did for this country. Canadians will forever be paying for his ignorance and the rest of Canada will continue to be blackmailed by Quebec. I've noticed the liberals rarely mention the economy. We are envied around the world for our handling of the recession. We are lucky to be so resource rich, and yet Iggy wants to put us right back into a recession by destroying the oilsands. If you are a liberal who doesn't receive a paycheck or some form of assistance from the gov't then you are just ignorant. As Winston Churchill once said "If you are under 30 and you are not a liberal then you have no heart. If you are over 30 and you are not a conservative then you have no brains." I would say if you are over 20 and you want a job and a stable economy then vote Conservative.

      • I dont know why the Cons feel justified to claim credit for Canada ‘handling the recession’; it wasn’t due to anything the Cons did; they only responded as most other nations did in the moment. Instead, I understand the reason we fared better was because our banking system is far more grounded with sensible policies than those in other countries. So the cons certainly cannot take credit for that.

        BTW, PM Trudeau was the most visionary leader I’ve seen in the 50+ years I’ve been around. Harper and the far right are trying to mold Canada in the American image. What a bonehead move! The first American-style attack ads I ever saw, were from Harper. Harper wants to fill many newly-built prisons with more and more Canadians; no doubt he wants to make a growth industry out of them. Harper has contempt for parliament. Harper is a serious mistake that will be corrected in the next election.

  2. Remember the early speculation about the ballot question? The defacto title of this campaign has become

    Stopping Stephen Harper


    • I find it funny that the 'stop SH' people have such horrible options. Ignatieff? Layton? Day? They would all be worse.

      • Ignatieff's not so bad. He's trying to bring Canadians together, not split them apart. That's a good start.

        • Bring Canadians together? How so?

          The last time he planned to form government on Dec1, 2008, he signed onto a document which preamble states:

          The new Government is supported by parties that share a commitment to fiscal
          responsibility, a progressive agenda and a belief in the role of Government to act
          as a partner with Canadians and Quebecers. Where appropriate, these goals
          should be pursued in full partnership and consultation with the provincial and
          territorial governments."

          A proposed acting Canadian federal government leader proposing to act as partner with Canadians AND Quebecers? Ignatieff NOT divisive? Give your head a shake!

        • Umm, no. Ignatieff is not so bad, Ignatieff is terrible. WHy would any Canadian ever vote Liberal again after ADSCAM???? They ripped us off !!!! HELLLOOOOOOOO

  3. Harper really sucks. And you all are idiots.

    • Incidentally, Mr. Reality, you need to be a little more subtle before people know it's not you.

      That said, trying to steal someone else's identity is really the last refuge of the completely pathetic.

    • Looks like Mike T. has a doppelganger…how original

    • I just gave Mike T a thumbs up. So he went from -16 to -15. A positive trend he can rejoice in. Probably the highlight of his day. Which makes me glad to have done it. Just a small gesture Mike T. It's nothing really.

  4. I respect the long journey that brought Stephen Harper to power. Uniting the right in the face of Liberal dominance was a remarkable feat of hard work, determination, timing and luck.
    But the brash rule bending and confrontational approach is divisive and, to me, very alienating. I also abhor his genuine contempt for Parliament.

    As Wayne Gretzky says No one is bigger than the game

    So, yes, I do fear him getting a majority and I don't think I am alone.

    • Very well said.

    • .
      Harper is a student of fiscal minimalism and is applying minimalism to optics, with remarkable success.

      With a majority, the Government of Harper will feel very secure in adapting Beijing's recent disappearing policy toward dissidents, pioneered by the great real-politician Augusto Pinochet.

      Complainers will just…vanish.

      • -2 rating, as of 9:20AM PST.

        As I live on the West Coast, I suppose the Government of Harper will most cheaply dump me in the Pacific.

    • Well said Danby. I just wish the youngsters[ i assume many are young. If you're not, and you truly hold theses views, you should be ashamed of yourself] on here would cool their rhetoric a bit. SH abuses his power from time to time, and he hasn't a clue how to deal with legit dissent; his view of parliament is a standing joke among those who actually study such things.But disappearances, China , Hitler…stop this stuff, you aren't helping at all. In fact you're feeding the fire of his supporters…that is no way to appeal to people who's minds you need to change. It just confirms their bias.

      • Danby, while I don't agree with your politics, I gave you a thumbs up. We can all have our viewpoints, but don't need, lies, slander, or hateful remarks to make our point. The truth will always win. :)

      • Thanks TA. I think Mr Harper's base reflex to dissent is to attack attack attack, and I don't think it serves him well. Quite honestly, the man is pretty much bereft of charm, and though this should not disqualify him from public office, it certainly hinders his ability to deal with dissent.
        New initiatives require "salesmanship", and when you look at issues like the census and the jets, even Conservative partisans should acknowledge that this is a great weakness of Stephen Harper, the leader. He tends to make decisions and "that is that" – like it or lump it. You need charm to sell ideas, and Mr Harper would be far a more effective politician if he traded some confrontation for a little more persuasion.

        • Isn't that true. If SH was a car saleman his preferred technique would be to smash your old car, take every model off the lot but his and tell you to take your pick.

          • What's the problem with that? You get your choice of colour, don't you?

            PS When I say choice of colour, I, of course, mean shade of blue. ;-)

  5. I'll tell you what I fear the most. I fear Ignatieff's recently announced CAP & TRADE TAX. I fear more of McGuinty's hydro hikes, which is a fact. I fear losing my home due to these incredible liberal tax grab schemes.
    I fear the liberals forcing the last of our private sector employers leaving our country for good, creating massive unemployment, forcing people to either UI or welfare. I FEAR THE LIBERALS POLICE/NANNY STATE REACHING INTO MY HOME FORCING ME TO EAT, DRINK & THINK WHAT THEY FEEL IS GOOD FOR ME.
    I fear the liberal corruption on every level of gov't.

    I DO NOT FEAR HARPER. Why? Bcos Harper does not believe that gov't should be controlling peoples lives.
    The media had a feeding frenzy with attacks on Mayor Rob Ford. Why? Bcos he wanted to expose city hall corruption and give "Respect to Taxpayers". They did the same fear mongering on Ford that they are doing on Harper. Mayor Ford is doing an excellent job for ALL of us. And those that want to bash this statement, well, all I can say is that your part of the entitlement group that gets subsidizes from the sweat of our hard working tax dollars.


    • Respect to Taxpayers

      I'm all for it.

      But my government also has to have respect for Parliament, and in that regard, the Conservatives under Stephen Harper get an epic fail

      • @danby

        Your gov't (liberal) has more respect for parliament? Yeah right!

        McGuinty BANNED municipalities from making decisions about his forced upon us wind turbines. Democracy at its best.

        Ignatieff finally reveals the true reason that he came back to Canada…….AL GORE'S CAP & TRADE!

        Teachers union demanding $60 from it's members to ensure a Conservative doesn't get elected this Oct.

        Heck, I would actually dig up loads of Liberal lack of respect for parliament, and post the links for you to read, but I thing that is something that you brainwashed young kids should do, bcos us baby boomer have actually lived thru way to many years of the corrupt Liberal ways and all you have done is chat about them!

        Mark my words…..one day, you too will have a family. Lets see what tune you sing when your Liberals tax your pay check for all it's worth, for their crazy schemes that don't benefit you. :)

        Proverbs never lie: "To thine own self be true". Code for: Think for yourself.

        • Missy

          You seem to forget that in a minority Parliament, it is the majority of MP's that call the shots. That is democracy.

          The Afghan papers?
          Bev Oda lying?
          Stephen Harper and the Conservatives being found in contempt of Parliament for not supplying the figures requested by the majority of MP's in order to fairly evaluate a financial policy?

          Those are all fine examples of the Conservative lack of respect for Parliament; and yes, it matters.

        • And Missy…you obviously think for yourself less than your posting pronounces.
          I have a family of 4. I work hard. I watch my $$. I pay taxes.
          But I am not a sycophant for Steven Harper. I have a deep respect for the processes and procedures of parliamentary democracy (as imperfect as it maybe). I am looking at the evidence that exists now, not in the past.
          That evidence shows Mr. Harper is incredibly inadequate in terms of economic foresight and planning for a sustainable canada on all fronts. It shows his strong contempt for other people, by allowing and employing various types of fear mongering and denigration of political opponents–truly a lack of respect for other human beings. He runs that show…it falls on him…what kind of person would allow that. For all his moralistic and religious bombast/ideology he would seem to be ethically incompetent. His call for transparency and ethical behaviour are laughable in light of his various actions and promises. Perhaps the liberals will be as bad but based on the evidence so far, Mr. Harper should be tossed on his butt out of office. If those that follow don't get it "right" enough…they too should get booted out. 300 million here and there to find some leaders who are actually and honestly guided by the challenges faced by Canadians and less by political and religious ideology would be welcome. I am sure Canadians can afford several elections if they don't have to shell out for unwarranted futuristic fighter jets to defend against the US (?), Russia (?)???.
          Ignatieff? I don't know. Layton? I don't know. But I know for sure…Mr. Harper is far from the type of leader Canada needs.

    • You must agree, then, with Plato's ordering of government.

    • Now run along and pick up your post-dependent paycheque from the CPC.

    • Typical partisan coward- just enough guts to comment anonymously.

    • you are living in a dream world. this guy Harper is dangerous to canada. no two ways about it. you need to do research. you want to lose health care & cpp ? You want a neo-con coaltion take over of Canada ? Any vote for harper is a vote for corporatocracy. …and the war pig economy. you want to jail old ladies for growing pot ? You want more bankruptcy and people eating out of dumpsters ? keep voting conservative if you have zero respect for Canadian democracy. Any vote for these guys is a vote for contempt. Any vote for contempt is a vote against Canada.

      • hi five sista!!!!

    • Well Said!! How are so many Canadians so oblivious to what is so obvious. If you like a big socialist gov't that taxes the crap out of you then vote for Count Ignatieff.

  6. Needs more caps lock.

  7. I am a little surprised that the Conservatives have narrowed their options so tightly. Their relationship with the press has always been adversarial, but in the past the media have conveyed the image of Harper as a smart, effective, tough leader with a big streak of nasty. As long as the nasty was directed at hapless Dion, or remote Ignatieff there was a streak of admiration. Most importantly, Harper was seen to project very little of the paranoia that is associated with elements of his base (^). Now he is afraid of questions, afraid of the press, afraid of voters, afraid of little girls. Even worse, his defense is that he is out of control, something that undermines his principle strength.

    • I don`t think I would call Harper`s actions as paranoia but rather time management. Harper may be ahead of Layton and Ignatieff in the polls but he also knows that his supporters are more likely to quietly sit at home and write cheques than go to his rallies or certainly go to Lib or NDP rallies.
      He knows he has very few friends in the media so why bother repeating the same answer to the same question that is usually posed in the hope of a Harper slip-up rather than a search for truth.
      Yesterday a media person asked Layton what would the NDP do to aid Aboriginals ?—Can you imagine Harper receiving such a softball question at one of his news events ?

      • As far as the incident in London, it should never have happened—-an overzealous campaign worker or RCMP making a bad judgment call and the young people should be apologized to.
        They say Harper has more security around him than any other PM and I can see why the RCMP feel they have to be so careful at public events. There is an element to the far left in this country that believe that extreme action is excusable if used against Harper. For example, just look at some of the comments made by Mike T above.
        I suspect that there are many threats made against Harper that are never made public. These threats may be harmless, however it is the job of the Security to take all of them serious.
        That may explain the security around the PM and why unfortunate mistakes are made like that in London.

        • If you really believe those are by Mike T, you're more clueless than even I took you for.

          • My apologies to him if the comments were not made by him, but you gotta admit, with his past history, they coulda been.
            By the way, how do I know you are the real Thwim ?—–Oh it is you, I just noticed the insulting " clueless " remark.

          • Two ways. First, the name is in red and linked. That means I'm registered, so ID keeps anybody else from using the name.

            Second, I point out facts that others find insulting.

        • actually I have to agree about the threats – I am a 50 something mother of one who has often thought i'd like to auf the PM – especially after having to fast forward through another one of his hateful adversarial ads.

      • Harper got a lot of softball questions in the sweatervest campaign and has benefited from many positive interactions while PM (such as those Manbridge one-on-one's). Generally, the press runs with a controversy and drops it after the news cycle, both the Liberals & Conservatives take the heat. It does not matter if a controversy is resolved or not, once it is stale it is forgotten. Harper has benefited (as Chretien before him) by simply stonewalling til the press's attention span is up. Look back at the sweatervest campaign. The press made fun of it, but duly displayed all the examples of Harper the good dad, good guy, etc. Dion tried to talk policy, the press's story was that the policy was too complicated to explain. Harper ran attack ads, the story was how the attack ads were destroying Dion. My point above was that in 2008, the Conservatives were never boxed in, they could switch from warm & fuzzy, to ruthless & efficient on a dime. Dion was completely boxed in shortly after the election call, he really couldn't change his campaign's direction which amounted to lecturing the public.

        • For the best results a political leader should always be portrayed as the champion of that group that he best identifies with. For Duceppe, it is Quebec nationalists, for Layton it is the minimum wage worker with the big Visa bill, for Harper it is the suburbia middle-class, middle-age family, because that is what he is if he wasn`t PM…….I know, I know….work with me here, and for Ignatieff it is_____________I`ll let you fill in that.

          So it is a difficult balancing act to appeal to those elements of society that identifies with you, without turning off those that are not seen as traditional supporters, and at the same time avoid wasting your time in confrontations with those that will never vote for you while always appearing " just happy to be here ".

        • Also, Dion was a laughing stock in most of the country. It was easier to sell stories ridiculing him, than explaining him.

          • what a shame that was – a decent smart man – torn apart by the bully Harper – horrifying to watch that go down – terrible example for our kids of fair & decent behavior.

      • Are you kidding? Harper would never let a reporter from an Aboriginal news organization within 100 feet of him….never mind give her or him one of his precious 4 questions.

      • Holy making excuses batman!

      • Sure sure sure ….. and lying is just a way to get to an answer without having to go through explaining the truth!

        The election is really about CONTEMPT that Harper has continually shown! If Harper hates how our political system works then why does he continue to want to be in the political arena!

        Harper seems to like hockey so let me try and related Harper's ignorances to that sport. It would be like an NHL player thinking why do I have to skate and stick handle and shoot, why not just grab the puck in hand and run down the ice and throw the black round disc into the net and if the refs by the rules blow the whistle and give you a penalty you disregard the call that was made based on those rules you don't believe in and then complain the refs are all against you and tell the fans that the NHL rules are illegal and the fans should vote on allowing the goal to stand!

        This idiot Harper either reads the rules of Parliamentary democracy and abides by then or he should stop signing up to play in Parliament!

  8. In Ontario poor families and seniors are getting quarterly bank deposits for the Ontario sales and property tax credit and on the deposit slip or on the check it is marked…PROCANADA ..just like the HST rebates that all in Ontario received in three equal payments over the last year since HST was brought in….the last one to come this June….this implies the deposits or cheques are coming from the Canadian government when actually they are comng from DALTON MCGUINTY and for which he gets no credit but instead Harper is getting the kudos from poor people…..why PROCANADA why not PRO-ONTARIO…maybe this is why poor people are supporting him as a little to them means a lot when U have naught.

    • Sorry, my bifocals confused PROCANADA with PROPAGANDA.

    • Are you serious? The money is actually coming from Dalton McGuinty? I don't think he has that much in his bank account. Last time I checked, Ontario was a 'have not' province; so, some of the money is coming from CANADA. Also, it could be that the CANDIAN gov't negotiated that on your behalf, so that is why it says what it says. The Ontario Gov't might have wanted to not give it out. Hmmm.

      • Ontario may be have not in terms of equalization but I believe more money still departs Ontario headed for the ROC than comes back in. I hope I'm wrong and I hope someone will correct me.

        • You're not wrong.

    • You do realize that your pay stub has the same thing don't you? Take a look. It doesn't show Ontario Income Tax and Federal Income Tax. It just shows "Income Tax – Federal". So is the federal government trying to take all the credit for taxing you as well? No. It's just that the CRA – a federal agency – administers the income tax system for both Canada and Ontario. Therefore they collect the amounts and itemize them as a single line on your tax stub. Ditto for your tax return. It is a combined refund of federal and provincial income taxes, but only the federal government appears on the cheque, because the agency writing the cheque is federal. Ditto for the HST – which is also administered by the CRA. Therefore, the HST rebates are written on federal cheques.

  9. The Harper party is in court for years now with regards to cheating by overspending the legal limit in campaign advertising in the so called in and out scheme election 2006. His entourage is filled with questionable individuals that have either been thrown under his bus or have taken that fall for those that should have been fired. He's fired anyone that speaks out in crticism and has people in his offices (Rae called them jihadis and I agree) comb through peoples private lives trying to find ways to discredit them. He has redacted documents in order to keep Canadians in the dark and obstructed our access to information. You have to be have been living in a monastery to not know that this party, this Harper party cannot be trusted and should be the very thing voters throw under the bus in the upcoming election. Retaining any one of the is at our peril.

  10. I'm more scared of Stephen Harper now than I ever was, and I've always voted Conservative. Not a chance that will happen this election. I'll be joining other reasonable, compassionate, intelligent people inside the big red tent.

    • Heh. That's kinda funny. Since everybody knows about concern trolls, now they're going for the obvious fake-flipper.

      Sad part is, it looks like it might work.

      Macleans really needs to insist on registered commenters only, I think.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your comment!

    • This is a funny comment, because it is so blatantly false. You are 'more' scared of Harper. You were scared of him, yet you 'always voted Conservative'. Come on. No one believes this.
      Also, you are calling your previous support: 'unreasonable', uncompassionate', and 'unintelligent'. I don't think so.
      Fakers like you make all Liberals look foolish. The truth will win out.

      • I don't think his labeling of himself as 'unreasonable', uncompassionate', and 'unintelligent' is very far off the mark. He's being honest about that much at least.

    • And while I give you the fact that the reds are compassionate (not more compassionate, just one of the three that is true), they are in no way reasonable or intelligent. I am referring to their policies and the direction that they want to take our country.

      • Agreed!

      • What direction could be worse than the one your great leader harper has taken us this past 5years? record deficit, Cont.empt of Parliament, G20, Stripergate, Afghan. detainee, Document alteration, untendered F35 purchase, Mega prison, Corporate tax cut during recession, creeping just to name a few. Please remove your head from the sand and see reality. Harper is the worst PM. in the history of this great Country and you can take that to the bank

    • There is a big GREEN tent too, ya know. I am a "small-c" conservative but I just can't bring myself to vote Lib. May sounds very intelligent, if disorganized policy-wise, so she gets my protest vote.

  11. Meanwhile, the media gleefully reports when "Harper campaign beset by opponents, recieves jeers at rally".

    While the media holds Harper's hands behind his back, the Hero Iggy comes in a starts the punching, declaring Harper "un Canadian' for wanting to stop Liberal hecklers.

    And what does the media do? They gladly parrot Iggy's "un-Candadian" charge.

    The scandal of our times to be sure.

    • While the media holds Harper's hands behind his back, the Hero Iggy comes in a starts the punching, declaring Harper "un Canadian' for wanting to stop Liberal hecklers.

      …you do know about the Sun chain's editorial viewpoint, don't you?

      • Chet/biff always makes things up. If he says something you know it is untrue.

      • There were no Liberal hecklers.

      • And the National Post, macleans, CTV, Calgary herald.

    • "The scandal of our times to be sure."

      Again with the ridiculously over-the-top rhetoric. You still haven't answered the question I put to you yesterday when you made the same fatuous statement: Do you seriously believe that QMI with its huge string of dailies and tabloids is part of this alleged anti-Harper media cartel you keep imagining?

      At least, you do seem to have moved on from your tiresome insistence that adscam is "the scandal of our times". I guess that's growth.

      • If ADSCAM is the scandal of our tine, where is the $1B G20 spending ranked?

  12. Pooooooooooor chet

  13. Harper, grumpy old man.

    Check out Harper's Twitter acconut and see who he's following….scroll downfar enough and check the 3rd account under Brad Lavigne….pretty interesting.

    • He is following 13,000+ people. How can we possibly find 'brad lavigne'? Sure you got the right account, or did you get one of the fakes set up to make him look bad? The truth will always win.

  14. I took part in this poll and, frankly, I found it to be biased toward the Liberals. The reason I felt so was that it asked if Stephen Harper or Jack Layton scared me or are "too extreme for me," but it didn't ask the same for Ignatieff. I found that to be a pretty glaring omission. I've taken part in the 20/20 surveys for a while but might not again. If the polls aren't totally neutral then what's the point of them?

    • Is that actually true. Certainly they should have asked the same question of everyone. Anyone else find this to be true?

      • This surprises you, TimesArrow? How so?

        For years, and years, Peter Mansbridge goes something like this: "Many voters in Canada are still very fearfull of Harper. They believe he has a hidden agenda.'


        "Why do voters think that Harper has a hidden agenda"

        Of course, Peter Mansbridge manages to hide behind the so-called sentiment of the voter, for Peter is not, of course,saying that such is his opinion, he merely reports what he 'hears ' around him. What a farce. And, yes, it has been going on for years.

        The other day I listened to CCcheckup and two guests opined that the voters are turned off by the Tories having run negative adds about Ignatieff for so long. But what about the negative drip, drip effect of a man like Peter Mansbridge repeating over and over again, that voters don't trust Harper's so-called "hidden agenda' but never does Peter reveal to anyone, what this so-called 'hidden agenda' amounts to. What it does in fact amount to, is his repeat of empty slogans and further playing the innocent card. Pathetic.

        • Mansbridge is a God of impartiality compared to some of the monkeys writing stories for the CTV website. The leading headline on CTV.com last night? Harper under fire for unfriending teen on Facebook. Seriously, if you're going to hire 19-year-old journalism students to write copy for your website, shouldn't you at least have a more mature editor (say, a 23-year-old journalism student) overseeing what they're doing?

          • so agree with you – CTV is very pro-conservative – guess their thinking about those senate seats – big fat Duffy now proudly fills one – hmmmmm

    • the truth will always win.

  15. Give me a break folks…..for Canada hes a right winger. If he was running in the US he'd a be a socialist communist. He's done an ok job. I wouldn't say the greatest PM exactly, but certainly not the worst. Liberals haven't really proved they would do a better job. Frankly all the parties are full of it and anytime I see a release or ad from any party I roll my eyes.

    • who is giving you thumbs down? What you say is true.

    • Drewno,
      The only place you can prove anything is in mathematics.
      The liberals, this group anyway, can't "prove" anything until they actually hold power and have a chance to royally screw up like Harper.
      Then I suppose you can say they have "proved" something (or not).
      In any case I don't trust Harper, based on his party's performance.
      I will agree most of the parties are full of it….the question is, I guess, which party is less full of it (?)

    • He has done an ok job according to Drewno. Like refusing to acknowledge there was a recession when everyone else already saw it coming, largest deficit in Canadian history, $1B for G20, Contempt of Parliament, spending money like a drunken sailor, untendered contracts, Bruce Carson, Corporate tax cuts while the rest of us wait until the budget is balanced. Please don't buy some intelligence when commenting on issues critical to our great Country.

  16. She wasn't wearing an "I love Ignatieff shirt" and she wasn't heckling.

    • Yes, but she had that "I love Ignatieff" look on her face, and goddamit, that's enough!

  17. If Ignatieff somehow gets to become Prime Minister of Canada will he stand for election as leader of the Liberal party?

    Right now Dion has a more legitimate right to be considered as leader of a coalition and PM. He won the last democratic Liberal Leadership election.

    • Sigh. You know the CPC are in trouble when they send their minions out to push this one.

    • Keen. So can I decide how the CPC gets to choose their leaders too? After all, you seem comfortable doing it for the Liberals.

    • "If Ignatieff somehow gets to become Prime Minister of Canada will he stand for election as leader of the Liberal party?"

      Do some homework before putting out such drivel. In the UK in recent times, party leaders, including sitting prime ministers have assumed office as a result of caucus selection, similar to the process that chose Ignatieff.

      See, for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_Party_%… and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_blair#Events_pr

      Ignatieff's selection differs from some of the examples in the UK only in the fact that he was unopposed within the caucus, after Rae made it clear he wouldn't contest the selection.

    • Are you really concerned with how the Liberals select their leader? Should anyone else be? In the Westminster tradition, MPs elect their party leader in the House, from among sitting MPs, with no input from the wider party. If you feel that is "undemocratic" somehow, you've just labeled every sitting British PM since Disraeli as illegitimate.

  18. The POLITICS OF FEAR AND CRIME … works … very well.

    Its seriously HARMING our country CANADA.

  19. Mr Harper speaks … aka BOO.

  20. Harper still ahead in the polls … his main election platform is the BLOC COALITION LIE, the same LIE he USED in Dec 2008 to get his PROROGATION (it worked very well back then) … we have a PM who LIES to us (and of course citizens believe their PM, why shouldn't they).

    WHY do BLOC MP votes NOT count if we have a Liberal/NDP Coalition Minority Government (as proposed in Dec 2008) YET COUNT when the Harper Minority Government needs BLOC MP votes to carry him through TWO Budget Bills with Government non confidence votes, the BLOC votes COUNT ? WHY is it like that ?

    There is NO REASON other than I MAKE THE RULES.

    Perhaps the same reason CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT does NOT COUNT either, perhaps its BLOC MP votes that do NOT COUNT (or maybe he is NOT COUNTING the LIBs or NDP MP votes either).

    Perhaps the same reason he ordered all KING's MEN in the Senate (his 38 appointed UNELECTED Senators, I won't appoint ONE Senator, just 38 (Baa, Baa) of them) to DEFEAT a Bill that the MAJORITY of OUR ELECTED MPs voted for (passed) in the House, without even reading or debate the Bills ? Whose vote didn't count then, the BLOC MPS votes or the LIBs or NDP MP votes too ?

    Or when he RAMMED though 35 of his BILLs with Government non confidence votes in spring 2008 trying to FORCE the Liberals to trigger an election when polls showed Canadians did NOT want an election and polls showed he could win the COVETED MAJORITY (he made all votes a vote for an election, NOT the important BILLs before them, basically again saying our MP votes do NOT COUNT and rejecting the Minority we gave him). Failing this he broke his own 4 year election law (saying even CON MP votes do NOT COUNT) to get his COVETED MAJORITY.

    When do OUR MP votes COUNT and NOT count Mr Harper ?

    How much abuse can a DEMOCRACY take (by its PM) ? Can YOU imagine with a MAJORITY ?

    Are WE all SHEEP now ?


    TIME to EXIT the Harper FISH BOWL.


    • needs more capitalization, and some valid points.

      • Ooops. Didn't see your comment before leaving my own. I said almost the identical thing. I'm not a plagarist. HONEST!!

    • You really need to use more capital letters. I'm having real difficulty determining which parts you want to emphasize.

  21. I am waiting for the debates, its three against one.I am betting the PM wins! Iggy- not so much

    • You think PM ChickenMan will show up?

      • What does that even mean?

        • It means he's mistaking Warren Kinsella's hecklers in chicken suits for actual candidates.

    • The last debate Duceppe dominated him. I mean really he did. Too bad Duceppe is a separatist, he might actually have been a strong, no "bull" prime minister.
      Now there's an interesting scenario….a coalition led by the bloc with Duceppe as PM.
      It likely couldn't lie less than the current government or be in contempt as much as the current government.
      At least the level of ineptitude might go down.
      Just a thought…

    • by answering only four questions.

  22. Harper leads with the BIG LIE … the BLOC COALITION aka BOO LIE … the POLITICS of FEAR at work … FANNING THE FLAMES of SEPARATISM for pure partisanship purposes/pandering.

    WE know the Liberals and NDP are TRAITORS, WE know they will SELL out us all to the SEPARATISTS … LOL … yea … WE KNOW … yea … a SECRET … yea … HE knows BEST you know.

    Welcome to Canada of the near future …

    Newspeak Warning: COALITION = BOO.

    WHY is a LIB/NDP Majority (i.e. they have enough MPs/seats to form a MAJORITY) Coalition Government NOT allowed anymore in OUR DEMOCRACY ?

    There is NO REASON other than I MAKE THE RULES.

    Come on … is this OUR country CANADA or LYING KING Harper's ?

    I think its horrible that the LYING KING Harper has so SUBVERTED the PUBLIC DEBATE with his LIES on coalitions (aka BOO) that the Liberal Opposition Leader has to remove the possibility of a Liberal/NDP Coalition. What if the NDP and LIberals together have enough seats to form a MAJORITY ?

    Its one thing to say the party with the most seats gets 1st chance (and I assume Mr Harper has to implicitly agreed to this by his silence i.e. like in the scenario where the Liberals get they most seats but the Conservatives and NDP have enough together to form a Majority … would KING Harper claim that since they are ALREADY the Government that the GG should give HIM 1st chance) but to remove what is an option of a potential future coalition is NOT right (HE STEALS ALL OUR RIGHTS for HARPERLAND rules … I MAKE UP THE RULES).

    I do think what Mr Ignatieff said about the other option of working with ALL parties was good, that is what we need and we ALL know KING Harper can NOT do that … EVER.

    What if the NDP and Liberals can form a Majority YET the NDP say they will NOT do it unless its an official Coalition ? WHY has MR Ignatieff been FORCED to give up this option ?

    KING Harper has already SUBVERTED this election with his coalition LIES and our DEMOCRACY … that is why he is in CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT.

    DEMOCRACIES depend on an INFORMED POPULATION, NOT MISINFORMED by their PM of a DEMOCRACY (while OUR MILITARY fights for it in the Middle East).


    TIME to EXIT the Harper FISH BOWL.


    • needs more capitalization, and some valid points. The Libs/NDP can't form a majority without the Bloc.

    • Your USE of CAPitalization seems quite ranDOM and dISjointed. I'm wonDERINg if you don't SUFFER FRom some form of DYSlexia. Or is yOUR SHIft key just sticKING?

  23. Dictators are FEARED.

    Democratically elected representatives work for the people that elected them, not the other way around.

    Ontarians and all Canadians should not fear government because government leaders were put there by an election of the people and can be removed from office by the people.

    For Harper to accept that his fear mongering to hold power in our democratic society is inexcusable!

    Canadians owb the government and need to make sure that democracy in Canada is shown respect and is followed.

    Do not let Harper continue down this path of putting fear into Canadians about their own government! Show him the door. Exercise the right to get rid of a government that uses fear!

    • Dictators are FEARED – Ya like the little guy from Shawinagin

      • actually Chretien got someone else to crack heads when necessary…Harper seems to take a peculiar pleasure in doing it himself.

  24. .
    Harper is doing well: fiscal minimalism, optics minimalism.

    And if he wins a majority:

    dissident minimalism.

    Give him a mandate, and he will disappear the complainers that won't.

  25. Ontario should fear the combine prospect of a federal and provincial Liberal hold on there financial well being. But of course, like the idiots they are, they will vote Liberal every time!

    The propaganda from the left is getting pretty thick and far fetched.

    • It's been 40 years since regime change in AB…just saying

      • What makes you think that he is from Alberta? And if Alberta does a change, it will probably be to more conservative, not less.

        • just pointing out that Ontario isn't the only part of the country to have its traditional favourites.

          Not only the future is con in AB, but pretty well all its past. Although i liked and respected Lougheed.

    • Thanks to Ontario, only God knows how far harper would have gone with his secret agenda. He has a minority and acts like a dictator with a majority. You in the west like Alberta can continue to have your Ralph Kleins. Look what it got you inspite of oil boom, you guys still run deficits and put patients in tim hortins.

  26. "For fun, try getting into a Liberal rally with an I Love Haper t-shirt, see how many seconds you'll be there for."

    Of course the inference that can be drawn is that's exactly what these folks were doing. No heckling involved…do you ever tire of being wrong?

    I've said it before. You're either extremely dense or a troll of low virtue.

  27. As a participant in th survey, I would like to say that the results show that the surveyed, in general, are not much better informed than the general public

    It reflects the ignorance and apathy of Canadians that there is any respect for Harper. The core "Social values" of Harper and the CPC are those of the Family Action Coalition and Harper's confidante, Charles Mcvety. The fiscal values are those of the Chicago School in the USA that inspired the policies of the Bush administration though Bush himself was far more liberal.

    A citizen who is found in contempt of Parliament goes to prison. Harper gets the possibility of a mandate to lead Canada further into the wilderness.

    Harper wants to withdraw the federal government from Healthcare. He said so in the Reform Party Caucus statement of 1989.

    Harper wants to fragment the country into semi autonomous regions. "One government; two government; or ten governments, it does not matter."

    Harper told an American audience that Canada is a second rate nation because it did not support the Iraq invasion.

    Harper lies to the nation about coalitions. He lies about the Gun Registry and its costs. He lies about the economic state. This regime inherited a $13 billion surplus from Martin and plunged us into a $6 billion deficit BEFORE the recession while assuring the nation in that election that we were in surplus.

    Harper is a serial liar, a rabid Provincialist (Firewall Alberta), an authoritarian bully, and an economic poseur..

    This is the first administration in the history of Parliamentary Democracy to be found in Contempt of Parliament. It is the only administration in that same frame to Prorogue a Parliamentary session before that session has completed it business. He did it twice. The first time to shut down the committee investigating the government's complicity in covering up the torture of the Afghan detainees: the second was to avoid defeat in Parliament.

    It is the worst and most dangerous government in Canada's history. Hell bent on reshaping the country in accordance with the fantasies of Harper's fevered mind.

    And the Canadian media, including Maclean's lets him get away with it.

    • Just wait for the paid Cons poster to start throwing vile and mean stuffs at you for stating the truth. Hang in there and continue to throw the truth at their faces.

  28. You are right. And why is Harper giving tax cuts to corporations, including banks but not asked them to repay these $75 billions to us, the taxpayers? Mind you, the others in the election do not ask for that to happen either.

    • Maybe he will, after the grits repay the money they stole from us during their time in power, starting with Adscam,

      • Umm….adscam =$150 million (or thereabouts), bank bailout = $75 billion. I think your sense for proportion is a little off. Besides, the Liberals also voted for the budget that included that bailout. NDP and Bloc did not.
        2008 budget $1.1 billions deficit – 2009 budget $55.6 billion deficit.
        2005 (last Liberal budget) $13.2 billion surplus. Inicidentally those surplusses steadily decreased with every Harper government.
        I would love to hear your opinion. But if you're only going to offer partisan hackery, then leave it out.

  29. I guess that attack ad the Liberals ran came true. Soldiers. With Guns. In our streets. I suppose the conservative bootlickers can't complain about that unaired ad anymore.

  30. I am 45 years old man Iranian Artist awarded former journalist single no job I have no hops I have I learn to became best handyman home painter in Canada no jobs here in Ottawa I do not know what to do where to go ? going to boring French class is hard to learn others languages why Canada did this to me and others and asking to people landed in this junk wild politics country ?destroying my life my future …every where I go from Canada art council to local news paper to look for job or support or as editorial cartoonist work as animators or as art teacher as handyman or as painter all ignore. more and more promising and spending on G8 or G20 or on war and junk American fighter jet more showing us on TV junk advertising elections ?

  31. When a poll asks for a response to the statement "Stephen Harper scares me", it is known as pushing the poll to secure the desired answer. It is akin to asking "have you stopped beating your wife?" I suggest the sponsors of the poll and the pollster got the answer they were seeking.

  32. The sampling is not big enough to warrant serious attention and the methodology of e-mail contact only reminds me of why Dewey was so far ahead of the poll vs Truman he was declared winner before the election night was over. The confidence was based on a telephone poll when many Amerians did not have such a contraption. Most polls are produced to a preconceived notion and the headline of fear vs respect seems a good reason to tune your question accordingly. The story is bogus.

  33. what's the difference between Harper, Bush and Hitler? I don't know tell me

    • I don't know, all I can come up with is the mustache. If you stuck that on Harper I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Thier views and beliefs are indistinguishable. I thought about this for the past couple of hours and again the only thing I can think of is the mustache, very good question. Please don't vote me down Harper hicks and slaves, the long gun registry is a good thing.

  34. He doesnt scare me, and I am a female, All ths tired worn out older men must be quacking in their boots over what, Harper? come on, really? LOL

  35. We've gone from "soldiers in our streets with guns" to "roving Harper death squads."

    I think being out of power has made some political types stark raving mad.

  36. She wasn't wearing anything that would identify her as a fan of Ignatieff….and we don't yet even know that she is. That Harper feels he has to run identity check on all who come anywhere close is frightening. The oild folks won't understand the concern, but the young adults sure will. This puts Harper overe the line and into the 'definitely scary' category. 'Creepy' might be a better descriptor. What's next…..people looking through our windows at night ?

  37. Why was that a sin? It's not an election issue because it's not really an issue at all. There was no secret about it, nor any attempt to keep it quiet. In fact the action was quite widely publicized in an effort to calm jittery financial markets. It was done to keep the credit system from seizing up, not to bail the banks out. And you don't even have the figure right. A total of $108 billion in mortgages were purchased from the banks (out of $125 billion total that was made available). Those mortgages were all CMHC-insured, which means the government was already on the hook for them if they defaulted. The default risk is not any higher now than before they were purchased. The only difference is now CMHC collects the interest on the mortgages, not the banks.

    If it really was a "bailout" (i.e. giving the banks taxpayers' money) the deficit should have been $163 billion last year, not $55 billion. So how do you explain that discrepancy? If you are suggesting the government did some sleight of hand to hide $108 billion in expenditures, why is it that neither Kevin Page nor Sheila Frazer ever said anything about it? Why has the Opposition not raised the issue? $108 billion is a lot of dough. Perhaps the Liberals are in the pockets of the big banks just like the Conservatives. But the NDP? The Greens? The Bloc? Seems unlikely they're in on the conspiracy. Your issue is more a figment of your imagination than anything else.

  38. My favourite was the leading headline on CTV.com last night. Harper under fire for unfriending teen on Facebook. Five years ago, 'unfriending' wasn't even a word. Now it's enough to create a fake scandal for the evening news.

  39. You know why he hasn't replied yet? He's dead, that's why. Eliminated by Harper's minions for daring to speak out. My God man, can't you see how SERIOUS this is?????

    • LOL. That was funny.

  40. you are living in a dream world if you think this guy Harper is not dangerous to canada. no two ways about it. you need to do research. you want to lose health care & cpp ? You want a neo-con coaltion take over of Canada ? Any vote for harper is a vote for corporatocracy. …and the war pig economy. you want to jail old ladies for growing pot ? You want more bankruptcy and people eating out of dumpsters ? keep voting conservative if you have zero respect for Canadian democracy. Any vote for these guys is a vote for contempt. Any vote for contempt is a vote against Canada. Dump this CEO.

  41. Yea it's kind of a joke that this guy is leading the polls right now. I mean seriously you know how many people smoke pot in canada? Canada has the highest % of pot smokers/per population in the world (4 times the world average), and this clown wants to throw us in jail for that. If your a parent on here don't "kid" yourself your kids probably do/or probably will smoke pot at some point in their life whether you like it or not. Do you want your kids futures ruined for experimentation? Furthermore, Harper's plan isn't even an original one he's just adopting the american's criminal policy for drug use, and we all know how that went…..it has failed and will continues to do so. I love the way he tells us that ignatief is trying to sell us out to the us, when almost every single policy of his coincides with Us. scrap long gun registration, poor health care, imprisoning people for minor "offences" (what he believes is an offence), lying about military spending, hiring crooked assistants, lying about tax use, not answering questions, etc. He will be the worst primeminister this country has ever seen if he gets a majority.

  42. What Conservative riding was this poll taken in? No other self-respecting, thinking Canadian could respect this immature bully who runs & hides at the lst sign of losing – shuts down Parliament – is coached/mentored by US extreme religious right (that's an oxymoron), loses Canada's UN seat; has more bodyguards than Osama bin Laden; reneged on every 'promise' (if his lips move – he lies); leaves veterans twisting in the gutter; puts military in harm's way to feed US war machine; allows Cdn. teenager to be tortured. Respect is earned. He has not earned any after all this time. Canada can no longer afford a Reform/Alliance (that's a coalition for you) govt!

  43. Blimey, you Canadians don't half talk a load of bollocks. So Harper is scary, has a hidden agenda and can't be trusted? Please, it's obvious that real politics doesn't exist in Canada. What does the opposition have to offer?

    Ignatieff: A 'professor of human rights' who spent 34 years of his life outside the country and is promising to tax us all to death to pay for more Trudeau-esque social programs.

    Layton: A Marxist do-nothing who will never become Prime minister

    Duceppe: A traitor who, along with his equally treacherous Bloc MPs, is somehow allowed to sit in the Canadian Parliament, earning tax payers dollars while seeking the break-up of the country.

    May: An American-born Kyoto nut with no parliamentary seats.

    Before Harper you had a comic opera dictator called Chretien who broke every promise he ever made to Canadians, followed by Paul Martin, the former owner of a great lakes shipping company who hit Canadians with countless tax increases while avoiding paying millions of dollars in taxes of his own in Canada, a country he claims to 'love.'

    Harper is at least a trained economist who has carefully guided the economy through tough economic times. Ans most of you lot in here want to get rid of him?

    Dumb colonial bastards, all of you.

    • Sorry mate, but reading your lists of who is worse and why, Stephen Harper still comes out worst in my view …

      So Stephen Harper is scary and has a hidden agenda and cannot be trusted, so what? So what, we shouldn't vote for him. A wanna-be dictator that only wants power and god knows what he will do with it or who he will screw when he gets it? That's bad enough for me.

      • Gregg Randles…you have hit it right on the money. Chretien was an international embarassment to Canada for years and years…we actually kept voting this friggin loser into power, unreal. I was embarrassed for Canada every time I saw him on the news, such a thieving, lying, idiot he was. Why Canadians will still vote for the Fiberals who stole from us and raped us blind is beyond me-they offer absolutely nothing for Canada and would also probably form a coalition with a party who wants to destroy Canada. They tried to before without telling us beforehand, what makes people think they won't again? Then we will be in a ton of debt if that coalition of jokers gets control of our money. Do I believe Iggy when he says "I won't try to form a coalition this time around, honest" No way, I don't believe a word out of that snakes mouth.

      • Worse than a guy who admittedly wants to destroy Canada? Duceppe? Please, think before you make a remark Katie.

  44. Ontarians should fear Harper …he has in his cabinet – the Harrisites Flaherty, Clement, Baird. The Common Sense Revolution is in sight. A minority government prevented Harper from launching a federal Common Sense Revolution. With a majority, there is nothing to stop him
    This bunch of Conservatives are not Progressive Conservatives. It is a takeover of the PC by the Albertan Reform Party.
    Harper is more right-wing than any of the Albertan Premier.
    His goal in life is to dismantle the capability of the Federal government to run national programs. Minority rule did not afford him that ability to do it directly. But he was still able to do that with massive tax cuts. Everybody is happy with tax cuts but forgot that it comes with a price. The payback comes when he gets a majority government.

    • Wow, a string of lies! nicely done Kev! Enjoy your cheque from the Fiberals, the money they're paying you with is the money they stole from the taxpayers back in 1999 or thereabouts, awesome, at least it's finally getting back to the Canadian taxpayer.

  45. The Liberals (Iggy) caused this election purely as a long shot to get into power. The sooner he goes back to his university Ivory tower the better.

    • Go home Iggy, the country that you said you loved (U.S.A.-not Canada) is awaiting patiently for your return!

      • "Canada) is awaiting patiently for your return!"

        Hey, i can take quotes out of context too!

        Seriously you guys are morons if you don't realize he is cherry picking things Iggy has said and taking them completely out of context.

        And seriously, are you people really trying to imply that the fact that Iggy is a renowned Havard professor is a bad thing? Is there an IQ limit for the PM?

  46. I love how some of you people think Harper stands a chance in the debate against Iggy.

    He is not a public speaker plain and simple, and Iggy was a Harvard professor who debates stuff like this for a living.

    Like it or not, Iggy is a smart man, and I can pretty much guarantee you he is smarter than Harper.

    There is a reason why Harper would not go on a 1 v 1 debate vs Iggy, Canada would have finally found out who the real harper really is.

  47. Greg Lyle's "innovative research" is a despicable poll. In almost every poll, he asks the question: "Does Harper scare you?" He is grooming for the desired answer. Besides, there is no other "scary" alternative (Ignatieff, Layton, Duceppe, May), which makes it a leading question.

    Shame on Greg Lyle and shame on Maclean's for associating themselves with such an unprofessional company.