Ontario says parents opposed to sex ed can pull kids from class

Ontario says parents opposed to sex ed curriculum can pull kids from class

Liz Sandals notes (again) that the curriculum was created in extensive consultation with 70 health organizations

Liz Sandals (CP Photo)

Liz Sandals (CP Photo)

TORONTO — Ontario’s education minister says those parents who are still opposed to the province’s new sex-ed curriculum being taught in public schools this year can pull their kids from class.

Liz Sandals says each board has its own policies about withdrawing kids from certain classes, but she hopes parents first talk to teachers and principals about the curriculum because a lot of “misinformation” is still being circulated.

In the spring Sandals suggested Conservative groups were behind some of the opposition to the curriculum and today she says there are Conservative candidates campaigning in the federal election on sex-ed opposition.

Progressive Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton is still hammering the issue at the legislature, urging Premier Kathleen Wynne to shelve the curriculum and start over by consulting parents.

But Sandals says the curriculum was created in extensive consultation with 70 health organizations as well as parents and will be taught this school year.

For all the opposition, Sandals says she has heard far more support for the curriculum, as students need to understand the concept of consent, meaning no means no, and the dangers of sexting.

Meanwhile, contract talks continue today between the province and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Its members won’t plan fundraising activities or field trips or attend open houses after school hours in the next step of a work-to-rule campaign that began in the spring.

Negotiations also continue with Ontario’s Francophone teachers and support workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees. That union has said those workers will stage their own work-to-rule campaign until they get a new agreement.

The previous school year ended with the possibility of all major teachers’ unions being on some form of strike this fall, but agreements were recently forged with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the Ontario’s English Catholic Teachers Association.



Ontario says parents opposed to sex ed curriculum can pull kids from class

  1. Ignorance is child abuse.

    • If ignorance is child abuse then there are plenty who are guilty. Consent addressed in the grade 1 curriculum. The issue of consent to allow another person to touch the genitalia of a child should be raised by parents far earlier than grade 1. A child as young as 3 years old can understand that it isn’t okay for a person to touch them inappropriately and that they should report it to a safe adult. Perhaps we should scrap those maternity and child birth classes that don’t even reflect what happens in the delivery room and go straight to child-rearing 101. Why are we counting on the government and teaches to educate our children? Don’t we know the information? Don’t we know it is okay to masturbate? We are going to wait until grade 6 to tell a kid that its okay. How ridiculous.

  2. So is forcing 8 year olds to learn about blowjobs and anal sex.

    • No, better to let them have pregnancies or diseases instead eh?

      And next time look at the curriculum before answering.

      • I did look at the curriculum and perhaps they should be teaching the information to parents first. As for blow jobs, I am with Dr. Phil…don’t do it. Boys aren’t that clean. They tell everyone you did it. It increases the coolness of the boy and the person who gave the blow job gets mocked though out their school career. Anal sex is a conversation to have privately with your physician…you can do a lot of damage if you don’t prepare properly.

        • If you don’t know that curriculum stuff, you shouldn’t be allowed out of your house.

      • Emily,

        How many pregnant 8 year olds do you know?

        sounds like you want the kiddies to engage in the two acts described above, to prevent what you describe below.

        time and a place for everything Emily…and it is the parents of the kids who should be given the option of what to teach their kids.

        • Youngest mother in the world was 5

          We just had one in Paraguay that was 9

          Molesting and rape occur even without a pregnancy.

          What to teach your kids?

          How about the truth?

          • Emily,

            Parents already teach their kids about these issues. The question is should the STATE do it?

            Particularly, if the state isn’t interesed in the “birds and the bees” but more in the intracacies of gay sex, and the idea that a little boy or girl isn’t a particular gender…….only another option open to them depending upon how they feel that particular day.

            I’m all for teaching kids the”truth” about sex, but I’m opposed to trying to make kids think that every perceived sexual act is perfectly normal. They are not.