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Our readers see red over Justin

Reaction to our recent Trudeau profile


Our readers see red over Justin

Aaron Wherry’s Jan. 12 profile of Justin Trudeau (“A Star Rookie’s shot”) sparked plenty of reader reaction—and not a lot of fan mail. Here’s a sampling from our inbox:

Oh come on you guys! I challenge you to publish four consecutive issues without a photograph of Justin Trudeau. He may one day be the leader of the Liberal Party and possibly follow in daddy’s footsteps but until then give us a break. Hopefully I will have dropped off the twig by then.

Michael J. Broderick
Surrey, B.C.

Enough of Justin Trudeau! Can we not have an issue without a picture of him engaged somewhere in some form of self-promotion. The guy is a lightweight and he has accomplished little so far in his life so why all the free publicity for him? Remember very many of us never did and never would vote for his father if that is the reason for his apparent entitlement to the ongoing attention.

E. M. Elstner
Waterloo, Ont.

Haven’t we had enough of the Trudeaus to last a couple of generations? I must admit that I also got sucked into the Trudeaumania cyclone way back when. But now, when I realize the damages this arrogant man did to our country, I hang my head in shame. Not only was his overbearing and inflexible attitude towards Quebec cause for the rise of separatism and the formation of the Bloc Quebecois, but his handling of our money was shameful. And now we have Justin dancing around trying to imitate his father. Please, give us a break and do not continue to encourage this youngster.

Arne Rasmussen
Quebec City

Enough! Enough already!! Just as it was thought safe to read Capital Diary in the Jan 19th Maclean’s without a mention or picture of Justin Trudeau or his mother Margaret, we got side-swiped with a three-page spread about Justin a little further into the magazine.

Michael Clark

What is this fascination you seem to have with Justin Trudeau? His face appears on pages 1, 26, 27 and 28 (the Prime Minister only gets three pages). He regularly appears in Maclean’s (almost every issue). Justin Trudeau is an arrogant and useless twit! He has made no meaningful contribution to society and would be totally unknown if his family name was other than Trudeau. Pierre Elliot Trudeau did more damage to this country than any previous Prime Minister. We are still living with the destructive results of the Trudeau regime and will be for many more years to come. I have never been able to understand the fascination some people seem to have with the Trudeau family, both past and present. I (and many other Canadians) am getting sick and tired of your efforts to foist Justin Trudeau on us! The very thought of Justin Trudeau ever becoming Prime Minister is absolutely terrifying! If and when he does something useful or noteworthy (and you require some inane filler), please feel free to let us know. Until then, I would ask you to cease and desist!!! We don’t need a Canadian version of Sarah Palin!!

Reginald Overing
Lorraine, Quebec

One has to wonder why Maclean’s would devote three pages to Justin Trudeau? What does this trust fund child have to offer Canadians? Aside from three years teaching at a posh private school in British Columbia, Mr. Trudeau’s work and life experiences are somewhat thin. Politicians who have it handed to them at birth will never understand the problems average Canadians face. Nor will they ever be able to solve them.

Stephen Burkholder
Whitby, Ont.

It appears Maclean’s is banking too heavy on the Trudeau Rookie. For the last several months every issue I receive in my mail box has him in focus, somewhere. What is it with the young “pup”? Are there no other higher profile MP’s that can take centre stage? Enough is enough, leave him alone until he has proven himself a somebody!

Harry De Vries
Beamsville, On.

I was fascinated to read that our young parliamentary star Justin Trudeau is so conversant on Syrian politics, the Druze, Christian, Shia, and Sunni minorities in Lebanon, and Iranian nuclear proliferation. I read Thomas Friedman’s From Beirut to Jerusalem as well. Does our star rookie have any new ideas on these issues, or has he simply completed a graduate course on the Middle East? I would hope that any politician representing Canada abroad would be able to have an intelligent conversation on topics of such region.

Sarah Savolaine

Give us a break! Justin Trudeau has done nothing to warrant the excessive coverage your magazine devotes to him. Other than being born the son of a former PM, thereby living a very privileged lifestyle, there is nothing to separate him from other elected members. It is foolish to think that he has any ability to be the leader of the Liberal party now or anytime in the near future. In truth, I would prefer to see articles on other MP’s who did not start their careers with the advantages Trudeau had—the Canadians from normal hard working families, who worked their way up the ladder of success. They have a much better sense of how to represent the voting public. Justin Trudeau is too far removed from most Canadians to understand what life is like in the real world. Finally, the last thing this country needs is another “Pierre Trudeau” running the country—we will never recover from the damage his father did.

David Collinson
Victoria, B.C.

And this…

I for one cannot get enough coverage about Justin Trudeau. I have fervent hope that he will be among the statesmanlike leaders of the future that this country so sorely needs. His pedigree suggests that he might be. Until then, I just like to look at him, and read about him. If you are, as accused, attempting to promote a Trudeau dynasty, please keep it up.

Susan Bracken
Barrie, Ont.

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Our readers see red over Justin

  1. Loove him, leave him alone !! Remember he isn’t only Pierre’s son but Margaret’s too and it is an irresistible combination of intelligence, charm, looks, diplomacy, manners and a good heart… he will stand out not only because of his father but because he is a good man!!

  2. I kind of like coverage of him as I have to give the guy credit where credit is due. He could have taken after his old man and let the LPC parachute him into easy soft touch seat (provided they offered him the opportunity) but he didn’t instead he ran in a riding that was by no way a cake walk. This in and of itself lends some credence to his sincerity and integrity.

    • Agreed.

      I for one am happy to read any articles your publication may write on this young MP. For someone who could have strolled into federal politics with nothing more than his name tag, he seems to want to lay his own ground work. He worked damn hard for his seat.

      He gets a bravo from me.

  3. He seems more like his mom than his dad.

  4. The last three prime ministers of Japan (Abe, Fukuda, Aso) have all been utter failures.

    What did they have in common?

    Their father or grandfathers were all prime minister or cadidate for prime minister.

    Hmm… we don’t have to look as far as Japan for other examples..think George Bush or Paul Martin..

    Does anybody still think Justin deservs to be PM just based on his pedigree? I don’t..

    • No, but he (Justin) deserves the benefit of the doubt.
      I do agree that Bush was a great mistake, he is a dictator!! Blows my mind that he was re elected even…ugh!!

  5. You remind me of the American so-called ‘mainstream’ media slobbering all over Obama. What did the one ‘baston of objectivity’ working for CNN say, something about a tingle running up and down his leg over Obama. Cute.
    Why is it the left is so enamoured with ‘star’ quality.
    This kid is an emptier suit than Obama.

    • It’s just so cute when the right worries about the left, i feel a tingle running up and down my leg.

      • kc “tingle”

        Check your depends!

        As far as JT goes, Iggy’s IQ would keep JT’s IQ as a pet. We only worry about the left when they make leadership decisions that would affect us all.

    • Yes, this kid is an emptier suit than Obama by far and I can’t believe you’d insult those who voted for Obama by thinking they’ve only been bamboozled by hype. There is no comparison here.

    • The tingle-legged fellow was Chris Matthews at MSNBC. CNN was more neutral. And I’m pretty sure the star quality thing cuts across the political spectrum. If not, explain Sarah Palin.

      • I don’t even know how to start to explain Sarah Pallin, it blows you away that they couldn’t see how she wasn’t prepared at all for such a job..
        My point with Justin is the same as Obama’s. I do not want to insult anyone out there but Obama is a beautiful speaker, with big dreams who seems to have some really nice genuine desire to change America, but he is not a Pro he is a rookie politician still, so he is going to have to learn his way and probably will make a lot of mistakes , Justin is not a pro, as a matter of fact he didn’t for a long time wanted to run for office , for some reason he changed his mind, just clicked with him and wants to make a change, it doesn’t matter where he has come from he seems genuine and needs to learn.

  6. Actually, I do dislike very much the covering of Obama, I wouldn’t not voted for him, I think that they were better choices. I am just saying that Justin has chance and he has a right to find his way without being judge about who his dad was By the way, I voted for Harper and probably would do it again!!

  7. justin trudeau is the paris hilton of Canadian politics … every country needs one, we have justin!

    • And i bet it just makes you feel so good all over, doesn’t it?

  8. There is a much bigger problem at hand than having Trudeau’s offspring constantly shoved in our faces by the media, who seem to hope that he’s the second coming. The larger, more important problem is that the media outlets in this country are owned by too few individuals, who are constantly reporting news (and non-news) in a way that serves their interests only. So, for example, if you are CTV.ca, you print headlines telling people that the new Federal Budget is $85 billion, despite the fact that the other media headlines describe a $35B or $40B, or $45 budget. (if you want the truth about the budget from CTV, you have to read the fine print). Or, how about the ridiculous image of Ignatieff that so many media are portraying: you know, the tight-lipped, tough-talking, gun-slinger who’s spoiling for a fight because he’s the new law in town & he’s going to show us all how it’s done. The fact is, he’s a bumbling fool with an impressive resume, who has spent so much of his life outside of this country (in his ivory tower) that he can’t possibly be in touch with average Canadians (sound familiar to all of you Trudeau lovers?); a vainglorious intellectual drama queen, who likes to pose for the camera.
    I’ve grown accustomed to the B.S. that is shoveled at us by the media in this country. Lately, I have found that some of the best sources for Canadian news are foreign media sources. They seem to have fewer axes to grind than the politically motivated media owners in this country. They tend to leave out much of the bull, while reporting the facts, with clarity, and without grinding axes.

  9. the gays and women love him, the sane people laugh

    to bad were in a minority here in Canukistan

    • let’s see now! You don’t like gays or women. What does that make you? Apart from an imbecile, that is!

  10. Lol, you are probably right!!!

  11. Trudeau, let him find his own way.Hopefully Canadians will not ever have to put up with another Trudeau as PM.

  12. Actually I hope he does become the leader of the Liberal party. With an arrogant ass at its head, we can finally destroy it. (I know, I know, we’ve already had two. But this beast will need at least three to finally go down)


    It has been said that some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

    Justin, your country, Canada, is standing at a crossroads. On December 4, our date of national shame, when Mr. Harper suspended Parliament to avoid a vote of non-confidence, we have been living under a dictatorship.

    On that day, the man you supported for the Liberal leadership, Bob Rae, spoke to the media and expressed his outrage at that affront to our democracy. I thought at the time that he was speaking from the heart.

    Today, he seems to be back-pedalling. I find that extremely puzzling and disappointing.

    Justin, I believe I know what your father would be doing if he were in Mr. Ignatieff’s position. I believe he would be bringing this illegitimate government down.

    You are still young, but this may be your moment to have “greatness thrust upon you”. If you are your father’s son – if you believe wholeheartedly in democracy – you will use every means at your considerable command to persuade your party to do the right thing, defeat this government, and replace it with a coalition.

  14. I wasn’t around when the “Trudeaumania” swept up Canada, but from what I saw of the guy, he seemed fun but yes, arrogant. I don’t think Justin has any of that arrogance though, he does look like a genuine person and I think the last persons in the world we should ever bash are young politicians.

    Are there any greater idealists than young politicians? Give him the benefit of the doubt I say.

    • Well said!!! I agree…

      • There is not a hope or a prayer that JT would be one of those “young politicians” if he didn’t have a famous last name!
        As we saw with Caroline Kennedy, they merely ask for consideration and they handed opportunity.
        Please stop being in awe of celebrities and vet people on their vision and accomplishments.

        • Every so often though, sometimes it is simply a coincidence. Kennedy proved that she is not capable of being a lawmaker, not even an appointed one. Maybe Trudeau shouldn’t get a bonus for being from his lineage, but you can’t just punish him for it either. Every politician uses every edge they can to get ahead. Maybe the media is overcovering him, or maybe, just maybe, there is something of substance there.

          The media obivously does it to get the ratings when they talk about him. But don’t blame Trudeau for that.

  15. We should be so lucky as to have another Trudeau for Prime Minister. I don’t know if Justin will turn out to be PM material, but he’s doing alright so far. As for P. E. T., at least he ruled by principle, not just by polls as seems to be the case now. I didn’t agree with everything he did either, but with him you knew where he stood on issues. Sadly missing these days!

  16. I am in complete agreement over the “over-exposure” of Justin Trudeau in macleans, But I think alot of this has to do with the fact that he attends so many capitol hill functions, and purposely puts himself in the limelight to get coverage(capitol diary). I do not beleive this to be an act of vanity on his part. I think this is what a polotician(especially a rookie) needs to do to meet all the people important in making decisions in Ottawa. Personally, I would rather have coverage on someone who has something to say about an issue, rather than hear our prime minister talk for 20 minutes without making any relevant statements about his policy except that he’s against gay marriage and provincial equalization. I can safely say that when I develop a firm opinion about whether I would vote for Justin or not,(should he be in the leadership role some day) My decision will NOT be influenced by “Trudeaumania”. I am only 21 years of age and was not alive to be influenced by it. The future voters of Canada(whenever my generation gets off thier asses and starts voting) will develop thier own opinions about Justin based on his character, honesty and his actions, Not because of his family name.

  17. On another note, does anyone else notice the glut of negative comments about Justin by mail, Versus the amount of positive responses by email? As we all know, The demographics of web repliers are alot younger than mail-in respondants. I beleive that older people have alot of negative stigma attatched to the Trudeau name while the younger people are warming to Justin. I still beleive Justin has to put in at least ten years of proving himself to me before he would get my vote in any hypothetical elecxtion in the future. All this talk reminds me of a book my grandfather gave me titled “WHAT PIERRE TRUDEAU DID FOR CANADA”. I opened it up to read it one day and found 156 completely blank pages. I had to laugh about that one.

  18. Stephen Burkholder…you are an annoying man who knows nothing! Stop commenting on things that are way over you unintelligent head!

  19. It would be a saddest day in Canadian history if Justin Trudeau become the leader of the liberal party.I would wear a black tie for whole week in my work (as a doctor in medicine )’I I have no political connection and since I have been living in Canada for 60 years I have never voted for any one and the reason is all politician are corrupt.No one has ever given me. a name of a honest politician.? Does not exist.The only solution for our political mess is they should be allowed to run for only 4 year,After their service they should not have any governments job or connection for 10 years .Then Canadian would trust them.They should be paid well for their service and do what they have promise. good luck Canada.