From the Maclean’s issue on Ottawa’s powerful, five people who are no longer

Power is fleeting. As Paul Wells reports, for some, it’s already fled


Watch later this morning for the Maclean’s Power List. In the meantime, here are five who did not make the list:

Sean Kilpatrick/CP; CP; Reuters

1. Cheryl Gallant: Conservative MP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. Once tweeted, “No carbon tax please, Igafi!” A reference to the leaders of the Liberal party and Libya. Deleted the tweet later. Doesn’t talk much in public these days.

2. Scott Reid: Another eastern Ontario Conservative. Vegan. Said the wrong thing about bilingualism in 2004. Hasn’t really recovered. Snappy dresser.

3. Jim Karygiannis: Liberal MP for Scarborough-Agincourt. Believes he holds the key to a Liberal resurgence in ethnic communities. Can’t get anyone to ask for the key.

4. Bloc Québécois: Campaign slogan in 2011 was “Let’s Talk About Quebec.” Lost 43 seats. Quebec was talking about the NDP. Leader Daniel Paillé isn’t an MP.

5. Norman Spector: Former Mulroney chief of staff. Lives in Victoria. Tweets about what’s going on in Ottawa. Gets most of it wrong.


From the Maclean’s issue on Ottawa’s powerful, five people who are no longer

  1. Fess up. You wrote this just to take a shot at Spector; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Do these guys have a history? Is Spector so often wrong? I do remember he made an ass of himself over the BM inquiry thing.

      • Spector gets up at dawn every morning to mostly chip at journalists via twitter. He has tried to be a big wheel here in Victoria, with no luck.

        • Misses the limelight eh.

        • Really? He’s lowkey but he does a very entertaining regular Monday radio segment opposite former NDP candidate Mike Byers, on Bill Good’s show.

          • He used to be on a mickey mouse local show up against Moe Sihota – what’s your point?

  2. Why isn’t Karygiannis taking a stab at the LPC leadership? Confess i don’t know much about him, but what i have seen i like. He doesn’t strike me as being in the mode of your fairly typical modern day liberal – bit feisty and independent – the kind of person the party used to attract back in the day. The kind they need more of again. Just look at some the well meaning non entities that are running. For the party of multicultralism they sure aren’t attracting a lot of leadership diversity at the moment. That’s a pity.

  3. Well’s little stick in the eye of Spector is a tad surprising and predictably arrogant. For entertainment was Wells reading the tweets yesterday whereby Ottawa-centric Cheadle was left to run away from the twitterverse when cornered on the lack of PPG pontification on the legendary Mr. Carney’s wife and her recent very public editorializing. The UK media took all of two hours to lay out the full monty. The ‘Victoria Spectator’ sure noticed. Wells?

    • British journalism is in a state of disgrace at the moment. Are you sure you want their level of intrusion into personal lives?

      • Are you implying that Cdn journos don’t do that?

        • They are mere triflers compared to the Brits.

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