Pamela Anderson asks PM to discuss seal hunt

Actress wants Justin Trudeau to discuss phasing out or ending federal subsidies

Pamela Anderson hugs a seal mascot as she launches PETA's new anti-sealing campaign in Toronto on Friday October 23, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Pamela Anderson hugs a seal mascot as she launched PETA’s new anti-sealing campaign in, 2009. (Frank Gunn, CP)

OTTAWA — Pamela Anderson is hoping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hear her out on behalf of seals.

In a letter to Trudeau, the Canadian-born actress asks him to meet her to discuss phasing out or ending federal subsidies for the East Coast commercial seal hunt.

Anderson writes in the letter obtained by The Canadian Press that Ottawa has poured millions of taxpayers’ dollars into propping up the fading industry.

The honorary director of the PETA animal-rights group says the money could be better spent promoting businesses with a brighter future that would help the world see Canada as a sophisticated, enlightened country.

The former star of “Baywatch” is among several prominent figures such as U.S. President Barack Obama and music legend Paul McCartney who have spoken out against the hunt.

Anderson notes that major markets such as the European Union, the United States and Russia have all banned seal-fur products over animal-welfare concerns.

The former Conservative government steadfastly defended the commercial hunt as beneficial for local economies, humane and well regulated.

In recent years, the federal government has invested in programs to promote seal meat in domestic and foreign markets.

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Pamela Anderson asks PM to discuss seal hunt

  1. If Pamela Anderson was really concerned about the environment, she wouldn’t have spent so much money injecting silicone and rubber bits into her body. Those man-made chemicals will remain in the environment LONG AFTER they are no longer inside of her.

    In fact, the seal skins she doesn’t want us to use, will decompose and return to nature 100 times faster than Pamela’s plastic titts.

    • Pamela Anderson is a multi millionaire

      Are you?

  2. next selfie…trudeau, Pam, a baby seal, all sitting on an ice-floe

  3. Pamela is right! There are no remaining markets for seal fur, and letting this dying industry limp along is not fair to either the sealers or the seals.

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