Parliamentarians of the year

Maclean’s Exclusive: From the hardest working to most knowledgeable, best orator to rising star, here are Canada’s top MPs—as selected by their peers


Between the bluster and the blarney, there is a lot of good work done on Parliament Hill. And so for the fourth year in a row, we asked MPs to nominate the best among their peers. Nearly 70 per cent answered our call. Here are the results.



How we did it: Ipsos Reid asked all members of Parliament to nominate the best MPs in each of seven categories. This year, 202 MPs responded, casting votes for members both in and outside their parties. The votes were converted to a point system to ensure that larger parties did not have an advantage. The MP who received the most points in each category won. The MP who earned the highest number of total points was named Parliamentarian of the Year.


Parliamentarians of the year

  1. John Baird is a bully who should be given a brown shirt not an award. His storming of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the delays in compliance with Freedom of Information requests is indicative of the complete disrespect this Member has for the institution, and of the contempt which he and his Party have for democracy in this country. If he is the Parliamentarian of the Year then we are on the brink of the totalitarianism in Canada.

    • I'll bet Harper dictated his MPs to vote for Baird; you know, like all the talking points he enforces.

      • Maclean's you have been duped. They managed to rig the result. They don't let anything like this slip by. You can work from now till next year and you'll never find a way to beat the PMO on this. Drop it.
        Parliamentarian of the Year?? They don't fool around with half measures do they?

      • yes all 144 of them, the other 58 opposition MP's he must have blackmailed right? Or , or , or he must jhave stuffed th ballot box right, because that's what conservatives do, I mean George bush did it right? Am I right?

        Becasue all you f&*^ing whiners can do is grasp at conspiracies.

        • Hey DPT, it is no conspiracy; we have all observed very clear patterns in how Harper's MPs and staffers behave. It's apparent Harper has very strict control of much of their political behaviours. Why wouldn't he have control of how they vote for Parlimentarian of the Year?

          Read Tom Flanagan's speach in Montreal dated today: http://www.cpsa-acsp.ca/papers-2010/Flanagan.pdf

          "…always being prepared for political warfare, message discipline is naturally carried to great lengths. Loose lips sink political ships. Conservative staffers and operatives almost never talk to the press and risk loss of employment if they do. MPs religiously follow official talking points. Even, maybe I should say especially, Ministers are carefully controlled through the PMO."

          "…the party is focused on election readiness rather than policy development. Message discipline is carefully enforced at all levels, and a high level of secrecy surrounds internal deliberations. The overall atmosphere is almost military, as befits an era of permanent campaign."

          Conspiracy you say?

          • "it is no conspiracy; we have all observed very clear patterns in how Harper's MPs and staffers behave. It's apparent Harper has very strict control of much of their political behaviours. Why wouldn't he have control of how they vote for Parlimentarian of the Year?"

            you seem to be missing the point, if 202 votes were cast where did the other 58 come from? Probably opus dei. Furthermore what bugs me is that because so many here work themselves into a lather over what impressions they get of Baird and others form the media they assume that they know the man. Did you follow him through the halls and record his interactions with others? Did you listen to his contributions instead of sound bites from the likes of gossipy Jane Taber and the sarcastic Aaron Wherry? And to wrap up, if you think that he has a monopoly on over the top rhetoric then look at the oppo benches, Holland, Pablo whats his name, Bennett, layton, Pat Martin. God I could go on and on, why won't you just admit that there might be more to the man than your tainted lefty echo chamber allows.

          • Who says all 202 voted for Baird? All he had to do to win was have more votes than anyone else.

      • Would you like some cheese with that whine?….or is it just sour grapes?

    • John Baird as Parlimentarian of the year? Clearly this is a farce!

    • Whipped vote. Sheep. Not secret.

  2. john baird?!. as chosen by 202 of his peers?! time to stop the maclean's awards exercise. editors, have you seen the man speak in public? what a neanderthal

  3. Baird? Come on! He ain't a parliamentarian. Lots of other terms could be used to describe him – using this one is an insult to the actual parliamentarians.

  4. John Baird as parlimentarian of the year?

    I just watched his performance during the committee meeting, if that is the best we got, then we are in deep, deep trouble in this country. What I seen was a thug, not a parlimentarian.

    You know some things are so ludicrous, they leave a person totally speechless, this is one of them.

    I would strongly suggest McLeans cancel their contest, it's making them look like complete bozos. Just a thought.

  5. John Baird. Is this some sort of a joke or are you serious?.

  6. When an elected representative of Canadians who has such obvious disdain for accepted Parliamentary procedures (like Committee meetings), can be celebrated with an award for Parliamentarian of the Year I worry about our future. As for Macleans: Not just reporting this debacle but supporting it should make their objective journalists reconsider their venue.

  7. Oooh, Macleans, you're in for it now. The Whiners Cometh.

    • Because we have nothing to have a serious gripe over? We have a right to be concerned, and not pushed aside as mere whiners, thank you very much.

    • LOL!

    • Well, since we taxpayers have to pay this guy to be an absolute **shole, I think we have a right to whine – and we'd like cheese with that.

      • I completely agree we have to right to whine. This is a democracy, after all.

    • The whiners cometh? Had they ever gone away?

      Friendly amendment: The Whiners Remaineth.

  8. What a joke! This makes a mockery of Parliamentary behaviour to give an award of this kind to a jerk like John Baird. He is a bully through and through and no doubt his Tory cronies voted for him because they are happy to hide behind his blustering, bullying ways. His performance in the Parliamentary Committee today was despicable. Would someone please tell him that Parliament does not belong to him. Shame on Macleans and shame on this government that has turned democracy in this country upside down.

  9. seriously?!?!? Baird?!?!
    He who makes the most noise isn't necessarily the best….or right

  10. John Baird isn't a parliamentarian. John Baird is a natioinal disgrace, the very icon of a man willing to turn partisanship into a cult.

  11. if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny!

  12. So Minister Baird is a 'sweetheart' in private according to many peers. He likes negotiation. He lives and breathes politics and has a politician's memory.

    So … given that another aspect of 'politics' is how the public responds to both the individual and the institution … isn't Minister Baird failing to be a 'good Parliamentarian' in key areas?

    Isn't it possible that someone with all of Minister Baird's admirable abilities could, after all these years, be skilled enough to shred his opponents by facts, by wit, by using that memory? All we ever see is his shouting 'and you know who said that, Mr. Speaker? … ' or shouting at committee 'point of order, point of order, point of order' – 'you don't know the rules' … which was an inaccurate statement as he was playing games in violation of them.

    Rated by his peers, he is Parliamentarian of the Year. But given the *narrow* focus expressed in the testimony of his judges, he is simply the best of a bad lot.

    • I can vouch for Baird being a "sweetheart" in private. A very thoughtful and caring person who takes his commitments to his constituents seriously. He is much maligned because of his combative style. As far as I am concerned this is the nature of the business — especially in a minority Parliament. Parliament is filled with competitiveness; bullies, and attempts to undermine the other side — fairly or not. They all throw their weight around given an opportunity. The Opposition is most successful at doing this in the context of Committees. Baird is simply defending his turf. Baird is a strong player on the Conservative side. He is criticized by his opponents because he performs well. I think people should stop expecting politicians to behave like a friendly neighbor and recognize the cut-throat atmosphere that pervades the political arena.

  13. Well, at least the man isn't a thief or crook…….which makes him better than any Liberal MP as an alternative.

    Is he a blowhard……yes he is.
    Is he partisan……of course.

    Is he sitting on a secret bank account with $40 million dollars of stolen money (from the taxpayers)…..no. That's what the Liberals are doing.

    • You sound like a replica of Baird in the Question period–he can't come up with intelligent comments–he just keeps transferring current issues that are happening now and that are wrong now with the 40 million story from 12 years ago–simple conservative trick of–"yeah I know I am stealing–but your brother did 12 years ago so lets not talk about me lets talk about you brother BLAH-BLAH-BLAH….." You forgot to mention one other thing he is—he is a conservative!

      • Kelli2 wrote:
        "transferring current issues that are happening now and that are wrong now with the 40 million story from 12 years ago"

        Sorry, Kelli2……but the last time I looked that $40 MILLION dollars is still missing. Since it was STOLEN by Liberals, and they haven't returned it…..the story is still BRAND SPANKING NEW to most people.

        Return the stolen money….jail the thieves (who will no doubt end up as cabinet ministers if the Libs win the next election) and clean the rot from the party. …then perhaps you can climb above 25% in the polls.

      • No, but he, along with his other Con goons are sitting on over $1,000,000,000 of stolen 'Summitscam' taxpayers' money, which is a whole lot more than 40 million, 25 times more to be exact.

        • Conservatives are being advised by security experts. I have no doubt that they would have avoided this exorbitant cost if they could have. It is an outrageous expenditure, but may be entirely justifiable. (We will know once the auditor has a look at things.) Stealing and pocketing 40 million for yourself and your friends is an entirely different matter.

    • Right on James!

    • No, but Baird and his Con cronies/goons are sitting on over $1 billion of stolen 'Summitscam' taxpayers' money.

    • More of our hard earned tax dollars being wasted by conservative staffers who should be doing government work instead of on websites posting to continue their propoganda machine twist on reality….Brand spanking new to most people–yeah right–for those of you who have lived in a cave for the last 10 years…….

    • –yeah like we can take their word for financial accuracy…(there is no financial Crisis-harper fall 2008 through to winter 2009)–( there is no deficit Flarhety)…. (I never accepted money from Schreiber Mulroney for the last 10 years…)..( I never overcharged mortgages–Devinder Shory)… and so on…..__Your message is simply too blantantly conservative storyline ….you probably are working in Bairds Office……surely they know about this stroy and are monitoring this website feedback site today–most likely some young, brainwashable, right out of universit,y too easily fooled, manure cart pusher–your slanted version of reality can't fool those of us who have our own brains.–Tell Baird and the hhter two clowns in your office that EVERYONE has watched hsi antics and see the vulgar actions and screaming he does every day. We are sick of him!

    • I'm always amazed at how comfortable you are with libelling people.

      • filturd wrote:
        "his other Con goons are sitting on over $1,000,000,000 of stolen 'Summitscam' taxpayers' money, which is a whole lot more than 40 million"

        sorry fil…….but security costing $1B is not the same as stealing $40 and stashing it in your own personal bank accounts, which is what the Liberals (and their hacks) have done. They won't say where it is, or where it went, but you can be sure that the costs of the summit will be available for the AG to see.

        Do I think it is a lot of money……yep, you betcha. Especially if it is only there to protect the folks of Toronto…..many of whom are supporters of the guys our soldiers are fighting against in Afghanistan. What do our security folks know? Why so much security? Why the extra police? Why the extra equipment and barriers? Why the security perimeter and requirements for bomb sniffing dogs?

        • Could be due to the fact that the threat of today is so much more serious than we have seen in the past.

          On another note……if anyone has ever been to the overpasses along the "highway of heroes"…..you will notice a preponderance of Canadian Flags….and "support our troops" stickers.

          What you won't see………are muslims.

          Ask yourself why that is?

          • Sir, are you attempting to incite a dislike of muslims because they don't line the bridges when Canadian soldiers are carried along the 401?

          • LynnTO asked:
            "Sir, are you attempting to incite a dislike of muslims because they don't line the bridges when Canadian soldiers are carried along the 401?"

            To which I respond,

            No Lynn, I am merely pointing out the obvious and asking readers to come to their own conclusions.
            I don't think I have to write anyting to make Muslim's look bad, or arouse suspicions. I think Muslim's do that themselves….every time they fly a plane into a building, cut off a head and post it to youtube, proclaim a fatwa against a journalist or writer, murder a film director in Holland, stone people to death, hang gays, beat women who show their ankles, dance in the streets when Jews are killed, make kids shows proclaiming martyrdom is the way to go…etc…etc…etc….

            So you see LynnTO……not standing on a bridge to honour the fallen is not as telling an action as those mentioned above.

        • Why not ask yourself the simple question–who are the IDIOTS that decided to hold the G20 in Downtown Toronto where the risks and costs are both at least 50 times more than it it were held in a smaller community !!

          Don't give us the bull crap about needing the room…..there have been conferences of 10,000 held in other locations!

          Plus it would not directly infringe on tens of thousands of Torontonians rights to move freely as well as not hurt the hundreds of small businesses.

          Complete mismanagement and waste of hundreds of millions of dollars. Where is the transparencies–show us the costs breakdown now. Oh I bet the conservatives will cry national security–can't tell you about the $200,000 throatsinger trips etc…..

  14. John Baird would look good in a Brown Uniform.

  15. You really should have done a reality check on this one, Macleans. This is a crazy result that says more about the voting system employed, and the judgement of people who would run with it.

  16. Boy Macleans, you are in doo doo now. I've been reading the comments section of articles on Baird's behaviour – most common comment is that they will no longer buy Macleans.

    They believe Macleans picked Baird.

  17. The votes are in and counted and Mr Baird has won.
    I'm somewhat mystified, but seeing how the vote was weighted, above board and the ballots cast by his peers/colleagues, the only thing to do is offer a hearty "congratulations Mr Baird".
    Also, congratulations to the other winners, with a special tip of that hat to Gilles Duceppe as the only party leader on the winners podium.

    Nearly 70 per cent answered our call

    Imagine if we had such a turnout in federal elections

    • Sorry but: "votes were converted to a point system to ensure that larger parties did not have an advantage" is not a detailed explanation of how the vote-weighting was done. It would be nice if Maclean's actually gave these details.

  18. Baird is a loud mouthed bully who disgusts me and is an embarrasment to all men of Canada.
    This aggressive and overbearing man never answerrs questions in parliament, then has the gall to accuse others of doing it.
    He bukllies and tries to overshout anyone who wishes to speak.
    He is sickening and MacLeans should shake their head.

  19. John Baird as best parliamentarian?!?!? And didn't they have Jason Kenney in that spot last year??

  20. The peers, they're a sarcastic bunch.

  21. John Baird you say? Huh?

    Well at least it wasn't PMO Pitbull Pierre Poilievre,

  22. I would imagine out of the 202 members who voted-the majority were conservatives?-how many were PC"S? 190? As a news article, it is missing key facts and disclosure about the voting process to lewt readers decide what is right and wrong on their own. Hmmm. seems like processes adopted by the conservative party..there any special common demoniator we should know about?–whoops!! How foolish of me, I don't have the right to ask these types of questions–I can almost hear Baird yelling overtop my voice now…..common consrvatove dribble–where that 40 million (while they blow 1.2 BILLION on a 3 day meeting……..22,000 for flowers…200,000 to fly to the territories to hear throat singers…..(PC's too stupid to fly the throat singers in at about 10,000)….

  23. I love John Baird, but Bob snooze Rae, really?

  24. Hey….let Bob Rae have his day.

    We'll call it, "Rae Day"

    Wait a minute……..

    • Been there done that!!

  25. Is there a list of the results somewhere? How many votes did Baird get, and how many did the runners-up get? And who were the runners-up? There's always the possibility that Baird got something like 8 votes, and nobody else got more than 6.

    And it could have been worse. The PMO could have ordered all Conservatives to vote for Harper as Parliamentarian of the Year.

  26. Way to go Johnny Boy! well deserved honour. When it comes to PM attack dogs he is excellent .. reminds me of Chretien when ol Pierre would unloose his leash and say go get em …

  27. It Is obvious that we have some fresh out of university, placements in Baird costituency office who are monitoring the news feedback lines today to continue the conservation propoganda message. Or many of the posters here are directly working for a PR firm hired to do this by the conservatives. Somne of these comments are way too directly from the conservative message book.
    As usual, the conservatives think we ordinary Canadians are too stupid and incompetent to think for ourselves and therefore they either want to shout us down, bully us in to their way of thinking, threaten us, fire the independent watchdogs, prorogue parliament when they face inquiries, and hire expensive PR firms to attack everyone who does not support their views. Baird is a Bully and a national disgrace.

  28. A million bucks is a pretty good deal for that level of exposure. And they'll have saved $999,000,000 on security!

  29. Yes, the man who has done the most to make parliamentary debate offensive as well as irrelevant deserves to be recognized as the "Best Parliamentarian" of this Parliament.

    It is past time to take out the garbage.

  30. Maybe next time Andy is on "At Issue" he can attempt to explain how the ape ended up man of the year, should be good for a chuckle or two. Maybe I'm wrong but I think Canada has to be the only country in the world to chose a primate as it's best parliamentarian. And I went and cancelled my subscription to Mcleans back when the "Western Report" boys moved in.

    • "ape", "primate"

      ah, that famous left-wing tolerance and respect.

  31. Why do they have to get awards? Do all you folks get to vote for bestest, prettiest and mostest at work and then get a party?

    This is childish.

  32. It takes money to make money…good on them, quite a score!

  33. When you have Coyne as one of your stars what other type of results would one expect. Hopefully no news service outside Canada picks this up, it is so embarrassing in our country but to have the rest of the world think this is our best, we will need bags to put over our head when we leave Canadian air space.

  34. Baird's a buffoon and nothing more than the main con pitbull. Time for these social conservative lunatics to ride the pine.

    I stopped reading MacLean's a long time ago when it went from a fairly centrist Canadian version of time, to the equivalent of our very own version of Fox in print format.

    • you stopped reading this magazine, eh? clearly.

  35. People, MacLeans is in the business to make money. Controversy and sex sells the most, that's why he was picked for this now dubious honour. We'll just have to take their word for it that they jury-rigged it properly. It could be worse, I bet they would foam at the mouth to get a photo of the Gorilla in lingerie!

  36. I'm old, I drink to much, I smoke roll me owns and also the wonderful weed on occassion, actually quite often. I do fool around on my good wife on occassion, shave once a month and shower twice a month whether I need it or not. My lawn is full of dandelions and I have two rottweillers. I haven't worked in ten years and quit school in grade 8. My mother in law says I stink and wife telle me I'm a complete ass. The last time I went to church I had a terrible hangover and threw up. I love blondes, Pil, pot and the Roughriders. My wife is my 1st cousin
    and I have a confederate flag in my front window.

    John Baird has changed my whole look on life, he has shown me I to can do it, after a bit of consideration and er thought, I have decided to run for Prime Minister.

      • Do you want to go to the dog fights with me?

        • sounds like he's describing an NDP voter, no?

    • incredible admitted:
      "I'm old, I drink to much, I smoke roll me owns and also the wonderful weed on occassion, actually quite often. I do fool around on my good wife on occassion, shave once a month and shower twice a month whether I need it or not. My lawn is full of dandelions and I have two rottweillers. I haven't worked in ten years and quit school in grade 8. My mother in law says I stink and wife telle me I'm a complete ass. The last time I went to church I had a terrible hangover and threw up. I love blondes, Pil, pot and the Roughriders. My wife is my 1st cousin
      and I have a confederate flag in my front window."

      Is that you Dad?

  37. It amazes me that people here are calling John Baird a Nazi (I can't think of a more derogatory term and would not use that one on my worst enemy), a Neanderthal and a bully but his Peers, the people he works with the ones who actually know him and see him in actions other than the ones our cycloptic mass media focuses on actually nominated him for this honour.

    Well done Mr. Baird. As for the rest, the world hates poor loosers.

  38. John Baird? This is not April 1, Maclean's people!

    "John Baird: An Embarrassment to the Species"

  39. I'm a Conservative supporter, but even I don't understand Baird getting this recognition. Frankly, I think much of his outrage is just as feigned as the Liberals' phoney issue du jour.

    I respect true outrage…..that is passion.

    Phoney outrage………..just looking for a soundbite. (cue any NDP'er or Marlene Jennings)

  40. The Conference Board of Canada released its ratings of the trustworthiness of various professions. Out of 41 selected professions, politicians came in 39th just ahead of car salespeople and telemarketers. It is interesting to note that lawyers came in 29th and psychics and astrologers came in 35th, well ahead of politicians. The professions at the low end of the scale are those that most people feel that they could do just as well or better than those currently employed in those occupations.

    In light of the preceding, I would agree that John Baird is Canada's best politician.


  41. This is a disgrace. On the day he was so called 'awarded' this dubious recognition, his showed by his disgraceful, thuggish, juvenile behaviour, that he is the least likely to be an example of a good parliamentarian. I am so glad that there was film of this event. Now we get to see how these people really behave, and it is appalling. Shame on them. This group of conservatives are in the process of ruining parliament.

  42. Awarding Baird Parliamentarian of the Year is akin to bestowing "Best in Show" on a rabid rottweiler.

    In the interests of Maclean's (rapidly diminishing) credibility, perhaps you would like to share how the "votes were converted to a point system" and how many MPs from the various parties actually voted.

    • Now, now, Dee, you know full well as I do that's insulting the rottweiler.

  43. Well, so much for Ipsos Reid surveys. reminds me of when I did the Census………..very skewered.
    John Baird, the Parliamentary Pit Bull. I don't think so! So many things I could say I find repugnant about this man.
    McCleans, we know you are skewered also.

  44. This has to be extreme sarcasm, right? He's even obnoxious when he's "out" at night clubs. Everyone ignores him. I see him regularly in Toronto. The man is a pompous, loud mouthed, obnoxious pig.This award is either sarcasm, or as mentioned, they've finally figured out how to stuff the ballot box. Makes you wonder about the quality of work done at Macleans.

  45. I figured it out.. One person never voted for her/himself.

  46. If I recall "At Issue" is on the "National" tonite. I have heard from very good sources that Peter will be asking Andy to explain the McLean's
    Magazine political pageant and the fact a primate, more specifically
    an ape, got to wear the silk banner and multiple diamond studded crown. If I was Andy I would book off sick.

  47. I feel unclean just saying the name John Baird.

  48. waaaaaah.

    you lefties are insufferable whiners.

    the funny part is,like the sun rises in the east, the second they have a real job, a house, and a family, they suddenly become conservatives.

    there will always be whiny 20-somethings, and victims, and losers, so there will always be "liberals". sad, but such is life.

    • John Baird, is that you?

  49. 25% of the population tend to be losers, whiners or fools. 15% tend to be free-riders. 33% work and live honest lives.

    it would certainly explain recent polls.

    • You stay classy, jane.

  50. What a bloody joke.

  51. I think it should be Bob Rae.Three cheers for Bob sugesting the government stay on in Khanduhar and clean up PMO Martins mess.
    No point in standing up to the USA like Harper did.Hey lets just bend over for Hillary. Right on Bob.Hip-hip hooray!!

  52. John Baird, parliamentarian of the year…
    What a delicious piece of satire, congratulations Macleans.

  53. You must be kidding! JOHN BULLYBOY BARKER-BAIRD?!!! The House's Pitbull?

    Surely, Macleans needs to attend a Metaphysics 101 course to determine where Reality lies and where Illusion ends! How could Macleans give the Prize to this disgusting Schoolyard Bully?!

    To think that this overgrown baby-bully with ADD and Anger issues, inter alia, has managed to get respect from Maclean's editors (remember how Duffy of CTV spinned his way to Senator and CTV had to post a disclaimer about their political bias!) is unfathomable to anyone who's watched Question Period longer than 5 minutes!

    To think that this moron is on Taxpayer Welfare getting over $275,000 per year to froth at the mouth and attack female members of a committee (he carries his personal misogyny on his sleeve!) with his blather and shouts….

    Baird needs PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT. And put a leash on him and a mouthguard….

  54. Ontario Town…..

    I agree….We should STOP BUYING MACLEANS…It's a Humour magazine. For surely, only a humourist would have given this HOUSE PITBULL AND SCHOOL YARD BULLY the Prize! Macleans gets it for sheer stupidity and lack of journalistic integrity.

  55. What an ignorant bunch most of you are. You all sound brainless or Liberal. That's one and the same. You neglected to say how partisan this committee is and they are not digging for the truth but to find something on the Conservatives. They are desperate. This committee should have been wrapped up long ago.
    I haven't heard a word about the ignorance of Pat Martin or Shiban Coty or the deceptiveness of Bob Rae stabbing his own leader in the back. John Baird says it like it is. These committees are a national embarassment and good that someone is telling them so.

  56. "Ipsos Reid asked all members of Parliament to nominate the best MPs…[t]he votes were converted to a point system to ensure that larger parties did not have an advantage."
    It's to bad that parliamentarians view John Baird as their role model!

  57. I thought this was a satirical article at first. John Baird could only be named Parliamentarian of the Year with the aid of mushrooms. To think that this puffed up, preening frat boy whose mother no doubt told him on a daily basis that "he was special" is the poster boy of parliament. It beggars imagination. What a crude, nasty little country we've become.

  58. Congratulations to all the winners – but it seems that the responders overlooked a hard working, knowledgeable, collegial, rising star – the well spoken Jeff Watson who is our very own Parliamentarian of the Year best representing the constituents of Essex.

  59. Maclean's may not resurrect Stanley Knowles but he stirred in his final resting place.

  60. How thoroughly and absolutely disgusting that John Baird received this award. It sullies the idea of Parliamentarianism the world over!

  61. Bob Fife said today that they should have shown the ranting and screaming of one of the NDP members and a liberal from that committee for they were every bit as bad as John Baird but they only put out the picture of John. John Baird is a great MP in his riding and in the House during question period I find he always answers the questions that are screamed at him from the opposition across the floor. I was reading some of the comments in the Globe and Mail blog related to this appointment and several comments were thoroughly disgusting and many referred to sexual orientation. Neandrathal is a term that could be used by most of you bloggers. You are the bullies.

    • I live in the pitbull's riding. (Apologies to pitbulls everywhere.) "John Baird is a great MP in his riding". Really? How so? Invisible maybe, but great? Well, considering who he is, I'll take invisible.

      As for Bob Fife's comments. I bet what he said was true. I heard him too. BUT, unless those other MPs have a reputation for consistently behaving like spoiled, entitled brats, it's a moot point. Baird has risen the bar so high on immature behavior that there should be no surprise that he got the air-time. He has put himself out there as the bully he is. And as for "answering questions", this guy invented rhetoric and "buzz lines" to say on every occasion so as to avoid an actual answer. I will give him credit, he is excellent at it. But Roberta, WE are the bullies? I don't think so. We're just telling it the way Baird lays it out for himself. The only defense I will stand up for in his case is that his sexual orientation is none of our business and attacking it is a low blow. But otherwise……..bye-bye John.

  62. I'd like to see the formulae used to derive this and the questions posed to Parliamentarians. Where can I get this information?

  63. Baird is just a back-alley thug in a suit and tie. Let him loose in a swarm of real back-alley thugs and they'd grind him into dust.

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