Petition calls for Justin Bieber’s deportation

More than 113,000 have signed … so far


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Petition calls for Justin Bieber’s deportation

  1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting from that cult classic, Slapshot: “This young man has had a very trying rookie season, what with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country’s refusal to accept him…Well, I guess that’s more than most 21-year-olds can handle.” JB is of course 19 … how do you handle an international embarrassment and deportation threats at 19?

  2. Can we deport him from Canada? I hate all the tweets, can’t be bothered to read them.

  3. LoL, the american record/media corps are making way too much money with JB.
    The last thing they’re ever gonna do, is deport him, unless of course his “sales” drop significantly.
    Which will likely coincide with JB finally reaching (mental) puberty.?

  4. The American entertainment industry created this little monster.

    “You break it, you buy it”.

  5. ya go back