Photos: The Liberal leadership showcase

A gallery of photographs from Peter Bregg


Peter Bregg’s photos from the Liberal Party’s leadership showcase in Toronto on Saturday.

In the quiet before the chaos, Joyce Murray arrives for the showcase. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

Murray is one of six candidates left in the leadership race. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

While it's still a race until the votes are tallied, there's still no denying who is in the lead.

Bob Rae and former prime minister Paul Martin exchange greetings. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

First up in the afternoon, Liberals thanked Rae for his tenure at the helm of the party. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

'As long as Liberals look for short-cuts, we are doomed to wander in the wilderness,' candidate Deborah Coyne warned the party. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

Karen McCrimmon advised the party to stop listening to naysayers. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

Joyce Murray said she wants Liberals to win the next election for a purpose. 'To reform Canada's ailing electoral system.' (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

'I stand before you, a son of Quebec,' Trudeau said, 'a grandson of British Columbia, but a servant of Canada.' (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)

Martha Hall Findlay urged the Liberals to pick a no-nonsense leader. (Peter Bregg, Maclean's)


[<a href=”//storify.com/MacleansMag/live-from-the-floor-of-the-lpc-2013-showcase-showd” target=”_blank”>View the story “Live from the floor of the LPC 2013 showcase showdown” on Storify]         </p> <h1>Live from the floor of the LPC 2013 showcase showdown</h1> <h2></h2> <p>Storified by <a href=”http://storify.com/MacleansMag”>Maclean’s Magazine</a>· Sat, Apr 06 2013 13:17:24</p> <div>Where the Grits hope the #LPCLdr magic happens pic.twitter.com/TpL24gIB4FRebecca Lindell</div> <div>Brunch with the NLWC/OWLC. Thrilled to have #lpcldr candidates Deborah Coyne and Karen McCrimmon with us. pic.twitter.com/r605y87tL4Leanne Bourassa</div> <div>David Bertschi has arrives at #lpcldr pic.twitter.com/Mzmi1bb8xXAlison Crawford</div> <div>RT “@AdamScotti: And so it begins – et sa commence @JustinTrudeau #lpcldr #cdnpoIi pic.twitter.com/Z70JnqrbzX”Semra Sevi</div> <div>#teamjpjt hard at work. #lpcldr pic.twitter.com/q380Wf9eyISuzanne Cowan</div> <div>And he’s Justin #LPCLdr pic.twitter.com/s5zEqSbxOvRebecca Lindell</div> <div>Simon joins other @TeamJPJT volunteers at #lpcldr showcase #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/rXvYQSW5cWQuito Maggi</div> <div>Guess who’s here? #lpcldr pic.twitter.com/YWqtKoqY1kAlison Crawford</div> <div>Rt. Hon Paul Martin stops to hug the ones from Windsor! Never forgets where he comes from! #LPCldr pic.twitter.com/05c7FQMXdbSandra Pupatello</div> <div>With my friend Laura – we #StandWithMartha at #lpcldr pic.twitter.com/FnUd1V21ziErin</div> <div>Martin Cauchon arrives at the National Showcase. #vote4JT #lpcldr #BRBs4JT pic.twitter.com/lGvYmrRKROJanice Nicholson</div> <div>It’s @joycemurray ready for a big day! #lpcldr pic.twitter.com/cQYYOj6N8INancy Leblanc</div> <div>Merci Bob #lpcJenn Phillips</div> <div>!! #lpc #toronto #canada #politics #red #liberalMarlowe Szuberwood</div> <div>From the bagpipe entrance to a passionate and funny speech from a veteran, Karen McCrimmon is one impressive lady. Can’t deny that #lpcJenn Phillips</div> <div>Not many maple leafs in #AB. Come to think of it, not many Libs “@kady: Note the Y as Maple Tree motif. #LPCldr pic.twitter.com/BEPzuxkqm0”Deb Solberg</div> <div>Backstage with @JustinTrudeau and his most important advisors. #lpcldr #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/7yrvfMDVOqGerald Butts</div> <div>Crowd is quiet as Trudeau speaks. #cdnpoli #lpcldr #fb pic.twitter.com/9GsB5TnqfdAnnie BergeronOliver</div> <div>The boy wonder/prodigal son. @justintrudeau #yyz #toronto #cdnpoli #liberals #speech #igerstoronto #igtorontoGiordano Ciampini</div> <div>martha hall findlay asks “where did our confidence go?” #LPCLdr pic.twitter.com/1jvTUOrTNGSteve Paikin</div> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Related reading:


Photos: The Liberal leadership showcase

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