PHOTO GALLERY: Col. Russell Williams, a timeline -

PHOTO GALLERY: Col. Russell Williams, a timeline

The busy schedule of an accused killer


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PHOTO GALLERY: Col. Russell Williams, a timeline

  1. Having proudly served a career in the CAF I am appalled but not shocked to hear of this story. The vetting of personnel prior to promotion has as much to do with visible community secondary duties, second language proficiency and kissing babies as it does with professional proficiency. Come on Canada's military, wake up. Lets put the people in these positions of power we can rely on to hopefully look after the lives of our children who elect to serve their country.

  2. “The Canadian Forces are the victim here… as of course are the direct victims of these terrible events.”
    – Steven Harper, October 22nd, 2010

    • Funny how Harper asserts that the CF is the collective victim here, as if THEY were the ones that we all 'neglected' as the primary victims, and the murdered victims of this monster secondary!!!!! WTF???

  3. This isnt his first kick at the cat. He must have done this before. Did they have a look at his log book and check if there were other victims. What a shame for his wife, the families he victimized in Ottawa and Trenton

  4. Fascinating story.

  5. i wonder if he is wearing panties and bras in jail. his he the little bitch in jail, i hope he gets the taste of rape and abuse like he gave to the women he killed and tortured and raped.

  6. Hang him by his balls.Save taxpayers money.Who needs scum like this alive anyway ?

  7. wow