Photo gallery: Riot in Vancouver -

Photo gallery: Riot in Vancouver

Canucks fans torch cars, break windows after loss to Bruins



Photo gallery: Riot in Vancouver

  1. These people are disgraceful. I would hope to assume that alcohol was the key factor (after the loss, of course).

    • Agree… If alcohol is NOT a factor, then this disgraceful behaviour would be their normal behaviour. I’m hoping it is abnormal behaviour, to be remembered by the participants with shame after they sober up.

  2. I think these pictures prove that some people will look for any excuse to break things and start fires. They will claim that it was because the canucks lost, or that Canada has become a “Capitalist police state,“ and some will blame alcohol and peer pressure. The truth, however, is much more grim. For some, there is no better high than tyranny. It`s the kind of feeling that drives arsonists, murderers and rapists. Sure, most of these people have no criminal records and might never cause trouble again, but that primordial instinct for destruction is still there. And it WILL show itself again if ever there is another opportunity. This isn`t a Vancouver problem, or even a Canadian problem. It`s a people problem and it lurks in the shadows of every society the globe over.