Photo gallery: The Conjoined Twins -

Photo gallery: The Conjoined Twins

Photographs by Simon Hayter



Photo gallery: The Conjoined Twins

  1. Is someone looking for a TLC special….

  2. Beautiful family.. I was really impressed at the love the twins receive (and give) within their family. A very inspirational story. Keep up the good work.. all of you. God teaches us in many ways.. world.. learn from this story of Love & Compassion. It's a real tribute to the human heart.

    Sincerely, with Love & Light , Primrose Anne Wylde (retired teacher)

  3. Amazing. I wish them the best;)

  4. This is truly inspirational. I couldnt belive my eyes when i saw the photo gallery. Good job parents!! God bless u a whole bunch and give u a lot of strength to keep ur children happy.